The Best of DQR, Zväzky 1–10

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Flor Aarts
Rodopi, 1984 - 332 strán (strany)

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In Search of Reality Two American Heroes
An Uncommon Language Crossing
The Greatness of the Bostonians
Otello and Othello The Modernity
The Famous Clerk Erasmus
Literature and Linguistics 19501970
Victims and History and Agents
Literary Criticism and Linguistic
A Dutch Grammarians English A Reas
Chaucer The Nuns Priests Tale
Evelyn Waughs Sword of Volgograd
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Strana 64 - All strength, all terror, single or in bands, That ever was put forth in personal form — Jehovah, with his thunder, and the choir Of shouting Angels, and the empyreal thrones, — I pass them unalarmed.
Strana 59 - O goodness infinite, goodness immense ! That all this good of evil shall produce, And evil turn to good ; more wonderful Than that which by creation first brought forth Light out of darkness ! full of doubt I stand, Whether I should repent me now of sin By me done and occasion'd, or rejoice Much more, that much more good thereof shall spring.
Strana 208 - The soldiers' music and the rites of war Speak loudly for him. Take up the bodies : such a sight as this Becomes the field, but here shows much amiss. Go, bid the soldiers shoot.
Strana 73 - Saw the reflection of the summer sky in the water, Had my eyes dazzled by the shimmering track of beams...
Strana 78 - You have waited, you always wait, you dumb, beautiful ministers, We receive you with free sense at last, and are insatiate henceforward, Not you any more shall be able to foil us, or withhold yourselves from us, We use you, and do not cast you aside— we plant you permanently within us, We fathom you not— we love you— there is perfection in you also, You furnish your parts toward eternity, Great or small, you furnish your parts toward the soul.
Strana 107 - I had been happy, if the general camp, Pioners and all, had tasted her sweet body, So I had nothing known. O, now, for ever Farewell the tranquil mind ! farewell content...
Strana 60 - As being the contrary to his high will Whom we resist. If then his providence Out of our evil seek to bring forth good, Our labour must be to pervert that end, And out of good still to find means of evil...

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