A new and literal translation of Juvenal and Persius; with notes by M. Madan

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Brett Smith and Son, 1820

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Strana 2 - He runs through all the several heads of riches, honours, eloquence, fame for martial achievements, long life, and beauty; and gives instances, in each, how frequently they have proved the ruin of those that owned them.
Strana 167 - O holy nation, for whom are born in gardens These Deities ! every table abstains from animals bearing Wool ; it is there unlawful to kill the offspring of a she-goat, But lawful to be fed with human flesh.
Strana 222 - Quinti, cum trepida ante boves dictatorem induit uxor et tua aratra domum lictor tulit — euge poeta! 75 'est nunc Brisaei quem venosus liber Acci, sunt quos Pacuviusque et verrucosa moretur Antiopa aerumnis cor luctificabile fulta?
Strana 182 - Pone crucem servo: meruit quo crimine servus Supplicium ? quis testis adest ? quis detulit ? audi : Nulla unquam de morte hominis cunctatio longa est.
Strana 18 - ... exul ab octava Marius bibit et fruitur dis iratis, at tu victrix, provincia, ploras. 50 haec ego non credam Venusina digna lucerna? haec ego non agitem? sed quid magis? Heracleas aut Diomedeas aut mugitum labyrinthi...
Strana 286 - His ego centenas ausim deposcere voces, Ut, quantum mihi te sinuoso in pectore fixi, Voce traham pura; totumque hoc verba resignent, Quod latet arcana non enarrabile fibra.
Strana 3 - The satyrical Poets, Horace, Juvenal, and Persius, may contribute wonderfully to give a man a detestation of vice, and a contempt of the common methods of mankind; which they have set out in such true colours, that they must give a very generous sense to those who delight in reading them often. Persius his second satyr may well pass for one of the best lectures in divinity.
Strana 2 - ... twere the mirror up to nature ; to shew virtue her own feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure.
Strana 68 - Dum nova canities, dum prima et recta senectus, Dum superest Lachesi quod torqueat, et pedibus me Porto meis, nullo dextram subeunte bacillo.
Strana 326 - Age, si mihi nulla Jam reliqua ex amitis, patruelis nulla, proneptis Nulla manet patrui, sterilis matertera vixit, Deque avia nihilum superest ; accedo Bovillas, 55 Clivumque ad Virbi : praesto est mihi Manius haeres. ' Progenies terrae !' Quaere ex me, quis mihi quartus Sit pater : haud prompte, dicam tamen.

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