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Moon and stars, their courses, influences, &c. iv. 661.

Moon and planets, their noxious motion, aspects, &c. an effect of
Adam's fall, x. 656.

Morning in Heaven described, vi. 12.

Morning, natural, described, v. 120. ix. 192. xi. 133.

Moses and Aaron, their mission to Egypt, xii. 170.

Mulciber (a fallen Angel,) i. 740.


Night in Heaven described, v. 642.

Night and Day in Heaven described, vi. 4.

Night, natural, described, iv. 604, 776. v. 38. ix. 48. At Adam's
fall, x. 846.

Nimrod, (the first monarch,) his tyranny described and censured,

xii. 24.

Nisroch, a fallen Angel, vi. 446. His answer to Satan in council
after their defeat by the celestial Angels, vi. 451.

Noah, his reprehension of the antediluvian world, xi. 719, 808.
Building the ark, &c. xi. 728. Entering it, with his family, the
creatures, &c. xi. 733. The flood described, xi. 738, 824. Its
abatement, the ark's resting, &c. xi. 841. His descent from it,
appearance of the rainbow, &c. xi. 861.

Noon described, v. 300.


Obedience, conjugal, woman's happiness, &c. iv. 635. Of will,
not necessity, only acceptable to God, v. 529.

Old age described, xi. 535.

Omens of Adam's expulsion from Paradise, xi. 182.

Opinion, or knowledge. See Knowledge, or opinion.

Orbs celestial and terrestrial, notions about their motions, appear-
ance, &c. doubtful, and not necessary to the improvement of
happiness, &c. viii. 70-178.

Orus (a fallen Angel,) i. 478.

Osiris, another, ib.


Pandemonium (the court of Hell) described, i. 710. See Similies.
Paradise, or the garden of Eden, described, iv. 131, 214. v. 291.

vii. 537. viii. 304. ix, 439.
Guarded by Gabriel, iv. 549.

The eastern gate of it, iv. 542.
The bower of Adam and Eve

there, iv, 690. The parade, watches, &c, of the guardian Angels
in Paradise, iv. 778, 782, 861, 977. The hill there, from
whence Michael discovers to Adam in vision what should happen
to the time of the flood, xi. 377. Adam and Eve's expulsion
from Paradise described, xii. 625. The flaming sword, &c.
guarding the east gate of it, xii. 632. The seat of it destroyed
by Noah's flood, xi. 829. See Similies.

Passions inordinate, an effect of Adam's fall, ix. 1120.

Patriarchal government, from the flood to Nimrod's tyranny, xii. 13.
Patriarchs, (Abraham's, &c.) their story related, xii. 113.

Peace, the corruptions of it equal to the wastes of war, xi. 783.
Peor, or Chemos, a fallen Angel, i. 412.

Persecution in matters spiritual, the rise of it, xii. 508-533. Its

effects, xii. 533.

Phlegethon, a river of Hell, ii. 580.

Plagues of Egypt described, xii. 173.

Planets and moon, their noxious motion, aspects, &c. an effect of
Adam's fall, x. 656.

Pleasure, sensual, censured, xi. 603.

Poles, north and south, perpetual day under both, but for Adam's
fall, x. 668, 680.

Prayer, the efficacy of its spirit, xi. 5, 14, 146. Unavailable against
God's absolute decrees, xi. 311.

Predestination defined, iii. 111.

Priests occasion the first dissension in the Jewish church and state,

xii. 353.

Prosopopeia on Eve's eating the forbidden fruit, ix. 782. On
Adam's, ix. 1000.


Rainbow, its first appearance after Noah's flood, xi. 865. Sign
of God's covenant to destroy the world no more by water, xi. 895.
Ramiel, Ariel, and Arioch (fallen Angels) vanquished, vi. 369.
Raphael (the Arch-Angel) his descent to Paradise to warn Adam
against his fall, v. 247. His person described, v. 276. Answer
to Adam's invitation to his bower, and entertainment there, v.
371, 494. Salutation of Eve, v. 388. Discourse with Adam on
various subjects, v. 468-viii. 651. On the perfection, variety,
and gradual œconomy of the creation, v. 468-543. On obedi-
ence, as a duty of choice, not necessity, v. 520-543. On the

revolt and defeat of the fallen Angels, v. 577-897. Thence
warns him against Satan's temptations, vi. 893. Vanquishes
Asmadai, and puts him to flight, vi. 363. On the creation, &c.
vii. 111-640. On the motion, appearances, and influences of
the celestial and terrestrial bodies, viii. 15-178. Reply to
Adam's account of himself on his creation, &c. viii. 560. Reply to
his question concerning love, and the expression of it in spirits ce-
lestial, viii. 620. Advice to Adam at parting, and re-ascent to
Heaven, viii. 630. See Similies.

Reason and free-will the same, iv. 95, 108. ix. 350. The chief
faculty of the soul, v. 100. The being of the soul, discursive
of men, intuitive of Angels, v. 486. In animal creatures, viii.
369. The law of nature, ix. 653. Correlative with liberty, xii.
83. With virtue, xii. 97.

Redemption of man proposed by God the Father, iii. 203. Under-
taken by God the Son, iii. 227.

Repentance the grace of God, iii. 185. Sincere endeavours to-
wards it acceptable, iii. 191. An act of it, x. 1086. Its effi-
cacy, xi. 22.

Reprobation, the state of it, iii. 198.

Reptiles, part of the sixth day's creation, described, vii. 475-
Revolt and defeat of the fallen Angels, v. 577-vi. 892

Rimmon, a fallen Angel, i. 467.


Sabbath, its institution, the seventh after the six days creation, vii.
581. The solemnity of it described, vii. 594.

Salvation, not only to the sons of Abraham's loins, but his faith,

xii. 449.

Satan, (the prince of the fallen Angels,) his fall from Heaven, i.
34. Why so called, i. 81. v. 657. Speech to Beelzebub after
their fall, i. 84. Reply to Beelzebub's answer, i. 157. Ascent
from Hell, i. 192. His stature, looks, &c. described, i. 193. iv.
985. v. 706. Speech to Beelzebub thereon, i. 242. His shield
described, i. 284. His spear, i. 292. Speech to the other fallen
Angels, i. 315. His standard described, i. 531. Speech to the
fallen Angels re-imbattled, i. 622. Calls a council, i. 752.
Speech to them in council, ii. 11.
Undertakes an attempt on the
world (the result of it,) ii. 430, 465. Ascent to the gates of Hell,
ii. 629. Speech to Death there, ii. The father of Sin and


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Answer to Sin's speech, ii. 737. To her re-
Flight into Chaos, ii. 917.
Speech there, ii. 968.

Arrival at the court of

Brought Sin and Death

Death, ii. 727.
ply, ii. 817.
Chaos, ii. 951.
first into the world, ii. 1024. Ascent to light, &c. ii. 1034.
Alights on the convex of the world's outermost orb, iii. 418.
View of the world from the first step to Heaven-gate, iii. 540.
Descent to it described, iii. 561. Stops at the sun, iii. 588. Dis-
covers Uriel, the Angel of it, there, iii. 621. Transforms him-
self to a Cherub, iii. 634. Speech to Uriel, iii. 654. Deceives
him, iii. 581. Is directed by him to the world, iii. 724. And
Paradise, iii. 733. Alights on mount Niphates, iii. 739. Solilo-
quy, contemplating the sun, iv. 32. The first hypocrite, iv. 121.
Arrives at Paradise, iv. 131. Sits on the tree of life, iv. 194. So-
liloquy on view of Adam and Eve in Paradise, iv. 358. Descends
from the tree of life, and assumes several animal shapes, iv. 395.
Listens to Adam's discourse with Eve on God's prohibition of the
tree of knowledge, iv. 408. Soliloquy on the subject of it, iv.
505. Resolves then to tempt them to disobedience, ix. 512.
First attempt in the assumed shape of a toad, on Eve asleep, iv.
799. Answer to Ithuriel and Zephon, reprehending him thereon,
iv. 827. Reply to their answer, iv. 851. Answer to Gabriel, iv.
886. Reply to his answer, iv. 925. To another, iv. 968. The
inauguration of God the Son, the occasion of his revolt, v. 657.
Speech to the next subordinate Angel of his party thereon, v. 673.
The seat of his hierarchy before his fall described, v. 756. Speech
to the Angels of his hierarchy thereon, v. 772. Reply to Abdiel's
answer on his speech to the hierarchs of his party, v. 853. His
army described, vi. 79. His port, and post there, vi. 99. An-
swer to Abdiel's reply, vi. 150. Battle between his and the ce-
lestial army described, vi. 205-385. His prowess in the battle,
vi. 246. Encounters Michael, vi. 253. Answer to Michael's
speech thereon, vi. 281. The combat described, vi. 296.
Wounded by him, vi. 320. Carried off, vi. 335. His army de-
feated, vi. 386. Retreats and calls a council, vi. 414. Speech
in council, vi. 418. Reply to Nisroch there, vi. 469. Gives
the word for renewing the battle, vi. 558. Renewed by his army,
and the second battle described, vi. 569, 670. Speech on the
celestial army's retreat, vi. 608. His army's entire defeat and
expulsion from Heaven described, vi. 831-877. Returns from
compassing the earth, to Paradise by night, in a mist, in order to

his temptation, ix. 53. His circuit, &c. described, ix. 62. Soli-
loquy thereon, ix. 99. Enters the serpent, ix. 181. View (in
that shape) of Eve, ix. 424. Soliloquy thereon, ix. 473. Beha-
viour to her, ix. 523. Speech to her, ix. 532. Reply to her an-
swer, ix. 567. The discourse (his temptation of Eve to eat the
forbidden fruit) continued, ix. 732. Leaves her after eating it,
ix. 784. His sentence thereon (virtually) pronounced by God
the Son, x. 171. Returns to Hell to avoid his presence in Para-
dise, x. 337. Meets Sin and Death upon their journey to the
world on Adam's, &c. fall, x. 345. Answer to Sin's speech, x.
383. Parts with them, x. 410. Ascends his throne, at Panda-
monium, x. 443. Speech to the fallen Angels assembled there,
x. 459. Applauded with a hiss, x. 504. He and they trans-
formed to serpents, x. 510. Further punished with an illusion of
the forbidden fruit, x. 549.
Himself (the serpent) dragged in chains at the ascension of the
Messiah, xii. 453. Dissolution (with the world) at his coming
to judgment, xii. 545. See Similies.

Saturn (a fallen Angel) i. 512.

Both annually continued, x. 575.

Scriptures, how to be understood, xii. 511.

Seasons, their changes, respecting each clime, an effect of Adam's
fall, x. 677.

Serpent described, ix. 182. After entered by Satan, ix. 495. His
sentence (formally) pronounced by God the Son, as the assumed
tempter of Eve, x. 163, 175. See Similies.

Sideral blasts, &c. an effect of Adam's fall, x. 692.

Adam and Eve, after their fall

to the Americans, as first
seen by Columbus, ix. 1115. Their repentance-to Deuca-
lion and Pyrrha's address to restore human race after their
flood, xi. 8.

Adam caressing Eve-to Jupiter with Juno (May showers) iv.
449. His address to her sleeping-to Zephyrus breathing on
Flora, v. 15. Bower — to Pomona's arbour, v. 377. Desires
to know the story of the creation, prior to his own-to thirst
unallayed, encreasing, vii. 66. Awaked after carnal fruition,
the first effect of his fall to Samson shorn by Dalilah, ix.
1059. Sorrow on the vision of Noah's flood- to a father's
mourning his children all destroyed in his view at once,
xi. 760.

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