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Vacuity, God's omnipresence an argument against it, vii. 168.
Valour, or heroic virtue, the common notion of it censured, xi. 688.
Virtue, &c. with loss of freedom degenerates, xi. 797. Reason
and virtue are the same, xii. 98.
Union conjugal. See Conjugal Union.
Uriel (the Angel of the sun) iii. 622.
Directs him to the world, iii. 724.
scends thither himself, and informs Gabriel of Satan's pre-descent,
iv. 555, 561. Encounters Adramelech, (a fallen Angel) wounds
and puts to flight, vi. 365. See Similies.

His answer to Satan, iii. 694.
And Paradise, iii. 733. De-

Uzzicl (a guardian Angel of Paradise) iv, 782.


War, property the original of it, xi. 638. The corruptions of peace
equal to its wastes, xi. 783.

Waters separated from the earth, part of the third day's creation, vii.
282. See Similies.

Wife, her duty in danger, distress, &c. ix. 267. xi. 290.

Wind, the tempestuous power of it, an effect of Adam's fall, x.
664, 695.

Wisdom, the sum of it, the love, &c. of God, xii. 575.

Wolves, (or false teachers,) the Apostles successors, described, xii.

Woman, conjugal obedience her happiness, &c. iv. 635. Man's
love towards her, how consistent with his superiority, viii. 567.
Two of her loveliest qualities, ix. 232. The effect of leaving her
to her own will, ix. 1182. His superiority over her given him by
God, x. 145, 195. A novelty, defect of nature, &c. (sarcasti-
cally) x. 888. The advantage of her social, over her artificial ac-
complishments, xi. 614. Every way the cause of man's misery,
(sarcastically) xi. 632.

Works, with faith in Christ, eternal life, xii. 420.

World, the convex of its outermost orb described, iii. 418. By whom
possessed (sarcastically) iii. 444, 463. The creation of the world
committed by God the Father to God the Son, vii. 163. De-

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scribed, vii. 218. Situation of it, respecting Heaven and Hell,
X. 320. See Earth.


Zephon (a guardian Angel of Paradise) iv. 788. Reprehends Satan's
first attempt on Eve there, iv. 823. Reply to his answer, iv.

Zophiel (a cherub) vi. 535. Alarms the celestial army on the ap
proach of Satan's, to renew the battle, vi. 537.




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