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Deatb, ii. 727. Answer to Sin's speech, ii. 737. To her re-
ply, ii. 817. Flight into Chaos, ii.917. Arrival at the court of
Chaos, ii. 951. Speech there, ii. 968. Brought Sin and Death
first into the world, ii. 1024. Ascent to light, &c. ii. 1034.
Alights on the convex of the world's outermost orb, iii. 418. ,
View of the world from the first step to Heaven-gate, iii. 540.
Descent to it described, iii. 561. Stops at the sun, iii. 588. Dis-
covers Uriel, the Angel of it, there, iji. 621. Transforms him.
self to a Cherub, iji. 634. Speech to Uriel, iii. 654. Deceives
him, iii. 581. Is directed by him to the world, iii. 724. And
Paradise, iii. 733. Alights on mount Niphates, iii. 739. Solilo-
quy, contemplating the sun, iv. 32. The first hypocrite, iv. 121.
Arrives at Paradise, iv. 131. Sits on the tree of life, iv. 194. So-
liloquy on view of Adam and Eve in Paradise, iv. 358. Descends
from the tree of life, and assumes several animal shapes, iv. 395.
Listers to Adam's discourse with Eve on God's prohibition of the
tree of knowledge, iy. 408. Soliloquy on the subject of it, iv.
505. Resolves then to tempt them to disobedience, ix. 512.
First attempt in the assumed shape of a toad, on Eve asleep, iv.
799. Answer to Ithuriel and Zephon, reprehending him thereon,
iv. 827. Reply to their answer, iv. 851. Answer to Gabriel, iv.
886. Reply to his answer, iv. 925. To another, iv. 968. The
inauguration of God the Son, the occasion of his revolt, v. 657.
Speech to the next subordinate Angel of his party thereon, v. 673.
The seat of his hierarchy before his fall described, v. 756. Speech
to the Angels of his hierarchy thereon, v. 772. Reply to Abdiel's
answer on his speech to the hierarchs of his party, v. 853. His
army described, vi. 79. His port, and post there, vi. 99. An-
swer to Abdiel's reply, vi. 150. Battle between his and the ce-
lestial army described, vi. 205–385. His prowess in the battle,
vi. 246. Encounters Michael, vi. 253. Answer to Michael's
speech thereon, vi. 281. The combat described, vi. 296.
Wounded by him, vi. 320. Carried off, vi. 335. His army de-
feated, vi.. 386. Retreats and calls a council, vi. 414. Speech
in council, vi. 418. Reply to Nisroch there, vi. 469. Gives
the word for renewing the battle, vi. 558. Renewed by his army,
and the second battle described, vi. 569, 670. Speech on the
celestial army's retreat, vi. 608. His army's entire defeat and
expulsion from Heaven described, vi. 831-877. Returns from
compassing the earth, to Paradise by night, in a mist, in order to
his temptation, ix. 53. His circuit, &c. described, ix. 62. Soli
loquy thereon, ix. 99. Enters the serpent, ix. 182. View (in
that shape) of Eve, ix. 424. Soliloquy thereon, ix. 473. Beha-
viour to her, ix. 523. Speech to her, ix. 532. Reply to her an-
swer, ix. 567. The discourse (his temptation of Eve to eat the
forbidden fruit) continued, ix. 732. Leaves her after eating it,
ix. 784. His sentence thereon (virtually) pronounced by God
the Son, X. 171. Returns to Hell to avoid his presence in Para-
dise, x. 337. Meets Sin and Death upon their journey to the
world on Adam's, &c. fall, X. 345. Answer to Sin's speech, x.
383. Parts with them, X. 410. Ascends his throne, at Panda-
monium, x. 443. Speech to the fallen Angels assembled there,
X. 459. Applauded with a hiss, X. 504. He and they trans-
formed to serpents, x. 510. Further punished with an illusion of
the forbidden fruit, x. 549. Both annually continued, x. 575.
Himself (the serpent) dragged in chains at the ascension of the
Messiah, xii. 453. Dissolution (with the world) at his coming

to judgment, xii. 545. See Similies.
Saturn (a fallen Angel) i. 512.
Scriptures, how to be understood, xii. 511.
Seasons, their changes, respecting each clime, an effect of Adam's

fall, x. 677.
Serpent described, ix. 182. After entered by Satan, ix. 495. His

sentence (formally) pronounced by God the Son, as the assumed

tempter of Eve, X. 163, 175. See Similies.
Sideral blasts, &c. an effect of Adam's fall, x.692.
Adam and Eve, after their fall to the Americans, as first

seen by Columbus, ix. 1115. Their repentance to Deuca-
lion and Pyrrha's address to restore human race after their

flood, xi. 8.
Adam caressing Eveto Jupiter with Juno (May showers) iv.

449. His address to her sleeping to Zephyrus breathing on
Flora, v. 15. Bower to Pomona's arbour, v. 377. Desires
to know the story of the creation, prior to his own to thirst
unallayed, encreasing, vii. 66. Awaked after carnal fruition,
the first effect of his fall. to Samson shorn by Dalilah, ix.
1059. Sorrow on the vision of Noah's flood — to a father's
mourning his children all destroyed in his view at once,
xi. 760.

Satan's army

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Angels (celestial) the spears (of the guardians of Paradise) - to
ears of corn ripe for reaping, iv. 980. Their march against

to that of the birds in Paradise to receive
their names from Adam, vi, 72. Their Hallelujahs to
the sound of seas, x. 642. Appointed to expel Adam, &c.
from Paradise their faces to a double Janus (four) xi.
128. Their eyes to those of Argus, xi. 129. Their
appearance there to the angels appearing to Jacob in
Mahanaim, xi. 213. to those in Dothan against the king
of Assyria, xi. 216. Their motion to an evening mist,

xii. 628.
Angels (fallen or infernal) to autumnal leaves, i. 302.

To floating sea - sedge after a storm, i. 304. Rousing at Sa.
tan's command to centinels waking from sleep on duty, i.
331. Imbattling against the Angels celestial to the Egyp-
tian plague of locusts, i. 338. To the eruptions of the
northern barbarians, i. 351. Their disposition to engage
to that of the heroes of antiquity, i. 549. With them the
greatest armies in all ages since the creation pigmies, i.
573. Themselves to oaks or pines blasted, i. 612. Their
searching, &c. for the materials of Pandæmonium to
pioneers intrenching, &c. i. 675. Their manner of raising it,
- to the wind of an organ, i. 705. Assembling thereat
- to bees, i. 768. - to pigmies, i. 780. to fairies,
i. 781. Their applause of Mammon's speech in council
to the hollow wind after a storm, ii. 285. Their rising from
council to thunder afar off, ii. 476. Their pleasure on
the result to the evening sun after a foul day, ii. 488.
Their after various pursuits, passions, &c. -- to the Olympic
or Pythian games, ii. 530. To the phænomena of armies in
the clouds, ii. 533. -To Hercules on Oeta, ii. 543. Their
numbers composing Satan's army against the celestials — to
the stars, v. 745.
To the dew - drops, v.

746. Their
applause of Satan's reply to Abdiel to the sound of deep
waters, v. 872. Thronged together after their entire defeat
by God the Son to a herd of goats, vi. 856.

Their re.
treat to Pandämonium from the frontiers of Hell during Sa.
tan's expedition to the world to the Tartar's flight before

the Russ and the Persian from the Turk wasting the


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intermediate country, x. 431. Transformation to serpents
to those sprung from the Gorgon's blood, &c. X. 526. Their
appearance on the tree illusive of the forbidden fruit - to
the snaky hair of Megæra (one of the furies) x. 558. The
fruit — to the apples of Sodom, x. 561.
Chaos, atoms, their motion to the Lybian quicksands, ii.

900. Confusion there to storming a town, ii. 920.

To Heaven and Earth (supposed) falling, &c. ii. 924.
Death and Sin, their making a bridge over Chaos to the world

- to polar winds, driving ice together in the (supposed)
north-east passage, x. 289. The work to Neptune fixing
the isle of Delos, x. 293. —To Xerxes making a bridge over

the Hellespont, x. 306.
Death's instinct of Adam's fall to the flight of birds of prey

to a field of battle, x. 273. His and Satan's frowns on each

other to two thunder-clouds meeting, ii. 714.
Eve her hair - to the vine's tendrils, iv. 305. Her looks

to the first blush of morning, v. 122. Herself to
Pandora, iv. 713. To a wood-nymph, or Venus, v. 379.

To a Dryad, or Delia (Diana) ix. 387.- To Pales or
Pomona, ix. 393. —To Ceres, ix. 395. Her temptation
by Satan-alluded to by the story of Ophion and Eurynome,

Flaming sword in Paradise, on Adam and Eve's expulsion thence

to a comet, xii. 632. Its heat, &c.- to the Lybian
air, xii. 634.
Hell to mount Ætna (in Sicily) i. 230. To the bog or

lake Serbonis (in Palestine) ii. 592.
Knowledge, the desires of it to a thirst unallayed, increas-

ing, vii. 66.
Michael, his combat with Satan to two planets (the frame of

nature, supposed, dissolved) rushing in opposition to each
other, vi. 310. Appearance to expel Adam, &c. from Para-

dise to a man in a military vest, &c. xi. 239.
Pandæmonium, or the court of Hell, its sudden rise to an ex-

halation, i. 710.
Paradise, the air of it to the effluvia from Arabia Felix, at
sea, iv. 159. Itself to the field of Enny (in Sicily) iv. 268.

to the grove of Daphne, &c. (in Thessaly) iv, 272,-


To the gar-

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To the isle of Nysa, where Bacchus was brought up, iv. 275.

To mount Amara (in Ethiopia) iv. 280.
dens of Adonis, ix. 439.

Of Alcinous, ix.


Solomon, ix. 442.
Raphael, his view of the world in his descent from Heaven to

Paradise to that of the moon through an optic glass, v.
261. — of Delos, or Samos, from the Cyclades (isles) v.
264. Himself to a phenix, v. 271. To Mercury,

v. 285.
Satan to Briarios, Typhon, and the Leviathan, i. 199, 201.

To the sun rising in a mist, i. 594. - In eclipse, i.
597. - To the longest train of a comet, ii. 707. – To the
mount Teneriff, or Atlas, iv. 985. His shield

to the moon,
i. 284. His spear

to a mast, i. 292. His standard
to a meteor, i. 337. The phænomenon of his ascent to Hell-
gates to a fleet in the offing, ii. 636. His and Death's
frowns on each other to two thunder-clouds meeting, ii.
714. Flight to the court of Chaos

to a griffon's in the
wilderness, ii. 943. Towards Heaven to (the ship)
Argo through the Thracian Bosphorus, ii. 1016. — To
Ulysses's voyage between Scylla and Charybdis, ii. 1019.
Arrival at light, &c. to a weather-beaten vessel towards port,

On the convex of the world's outermost orb
to a vulture seeking his prey, iii. 431. First view of the world
- to a scout's casual prospect after a dangerous journey,
of a new country or city, iii. 543.

Of the stars orbs
to the Hesperian gardens, &c. iii. 568. Appearance in the
sun's orb- to a spot in it differing from all astronomical ob-
servations, iii. 688. Meditation on his intended attempt on the
world — to a gun recoiling, iv. 14. In Paradise to a
wolf preying on a fold, iv, 183. To a thief breaking in at
a house-top, &c. iv. 188. To a tyger in view of a brace of
fawns, iv. 403. Detected by Ithuriel there to gunpow-
der taking fire, iv. 814. Reprehended by Zephon to a
steed reined, in a fret, iv. 857. His army against the celestials
in number to the stars, v. 745.

To the dew-drops,
v. 746. Their applause of his reply to Abdiel to the
sound of deep waters, v. 872. Himself recoiling on a blow re-
ceived from Michael to a mountain sinking by an earth,

ii. 1043•

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