Publications of the Surtees Society, Zväzok 139

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Surtees Society, 1926
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Strana 8 - A list of the officers and members, together with an account of the receipts and expenses of the Society, shall be made up every year to the time of the annual meeting, and shall be submitted to the Society to be printed and published with the next succeeding volume. XVIII. — No alteration shall be made in these rules, except at an annual meeting. Notice of any...
Strana 10 - Matthew Hutton, Archbishop of York. With a selection from the Letters of Sir Timothy Hutton, Knt., his son, and Matthew Hutton, Esq., his grandson.
Strana 10 - Member.) 28. The Gospel of St. Matthew, from the Northumbrian Interlinear Gloss to the Gospels contained in the MS. Nero D. IV, among the Cottonian MSS. in the British Museum, commonly known as the Lindisfarne Gospels, collated with the Rushworth MS.
Strana 11 - Member). 42. Memorials of Fountains Abbey. Vol. I. Comprising the Chronicle relating to the Foundation of the House, written by Hugh de Kirkstall; the Chronicle of Abbats, &c., and an historical description of the Abbey, with illustrations.
Strana 11 - Member). 37. A Volume of Miscellanea, comprising the Letters of Dean Granville, the Account of the Siege of Pontefract by Nathan Drake, and Extracts from the Rokeby Correspondence. Edited by Rev. George Ornsby, Mr. WHD Longstaffe, and Rev.
Strana 9 - Sanctuarium Dunelmense et Sanctuarium Beverlacense ; or, Registers of the Sanctuaries of Durham and Beverley. Edited by Dr. Raine. The Preface by Rev. T. Chevalier. *6. The Charters of Endowment, Inventories, and Account Rolls of the Priory of Finchale in the County of Durham.
Strana 9 - Catalogues of the Library of Durham Cathedral at various periods, from the Conquest to the Dissolution ; including Catalogues of the Library of the Abbey of Hulme, and of the MSS.
Strana 10 - Stevenson. *21. Depositions respecting the Rebellion of* 1569, Witchcraft, and other Ecclesiastical Proceedings, from the Court of Durham, extending from 1311 to the reign of Elizabeth. Edited by Dr. Raine.
Strana 10 - Surtees, by the late George Taylor, Esq. Reprinted from the Fourth Vol. of the History of Durham, with additional Notes and Illustrations, together with an Appendix, comprising some of Mr. Surtees
Strana 8 - One volume at least, in a closely printed octavo form, shall be supplied to each member of the Society every year; free of expense. XIV. — If the funds of the Society in any year will permit, the Council shall be at liberty to print and furnish to the members, free of expense, any other volume or volumes of the same character, in the same or a different form. XV. — The number of copies of each publication, and the selection of a printer and publisher, shall be left to the Council, who shall also...

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