The World, by Adam Fitz-Adam, Zväzok 3

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Strana 28 - To advise the ignorant, relieve the needy, comfort the afflicted, are duties that fall in our way almost every day of our lives. A man has frequent opportunities of mitigating the fierceness of a party ; of doing justice to the character of a deserving man ; of softening the...
Strana 81 - What does he therefore, but resolves to give over toiling, and to find himself out some factor, to whose care and credit he may commit the whole managing of his religious affairs; some divine of note and estimation that must be. To him he adheres, resigns the whole warehouse of his religion, with all the locks and...
Strana 58 - In all other respects my friend is neither a fool nor a madman, and can talk very rationally upon any rational subject. But such is the inconsistency both of the human mind and the human heart, that one must not form a general judgment of either, from one glaring error, or one shining excellence.
Strana 12 - All attempts in direct opposition to her, are attended with ridicule; many with guilt. The woman to whom nature has denied beauty, in vain endeavours to make it by art : as the man to whom nature has denied wit, becomes ridiculous by the...
Strana 54 - The fact will appear so incredible, that it will certainly be believed; the only difficulty will be how to account for it ; and that, as it commonly does, will engross the attention of the learned.
Strana 9 - I have observed that many of the sagacious landlords of this great metropolis who let lodgings do at the beginning of the winter new vamp, paint, and stucco the fronts of their houses, in order to catch the eyes of passengers, and engage lodgers.
Strana 202 - She lived with us till she was turned of fourteen, at which time we were prevailed on by a friend to place her with a gentleman of fortune in the country (who had lately buried his lady) to be the companion of his daughters. The gentleman's character was too honourable, and the offer too advantageous, to suffer us to hesitate long about parting with a child, whom, dear to us as she was, we were not able to support.
Strana 211 - ... of the several counties of the united kingdom. That beautiful part of our species once engrossed my cares ; they still share them : I have been exceedingly affected all the summer with the thoughts * of their captivity, and have felt a sympathetic grief for them.
Strana 108 - ... all behind him, and to overtake, or pafs by, all who are before him : every one is flying from his inferiors, in purfuit of his fuperiors who fly from Him with equal alacrity.
Strana 123 - Bologna sausages, and another the dried tongues he had eaten, was some mitigation of his pain. If all men, when they are either out of health, or out of humour, would vent their rage after the manner of this Frenchman, the world would be a much quieter one than we see it at present. But dried tongues and...

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