Constitutiones Societatis Iesu, anno 1558

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Strana 123 - ... no one be permitted to infringe, or by an audacious temerity to oppose any part of this ordinance; and that should any one take upon him to attempt it, let him know that he will thereby incur the indignation of Almighty God, and of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul.
Strana 110 - Sicily, — -found themselves reduced to the necessity of expelling and driving from their states, kingdoms, and provinces, these very companions of Jesus; persuaded that there remained no other remedy...
Strana 119 - Kareu (then living) and other secular priests resident for many years in the vast empire of Russia, and who had been members of the Company of Jesus suppressed by Clement XIV. of happy memory, had supplicated our permission to unite in a body, for the purpose of being able to apply themselves more easily, in conformity with their institution, to the instruction of youth in religion and good morals, to devote...
Strana 122 - We ordain that the present letters be inviolably observed according to their form and tenour, in all time coming ; that they enjoy their full and entire effect ; that they shall never be submitted to the judgment or revision of any judge, with whatever power he may be clothed ; declaring null and of no effect any encroachment on the present regulations, either knowingly or from ignorance ; and this notwithstanding any apostolical constitutions and ordinances, especially the Brief of Clement XIV.
Strana 120 - Jesus might be re-established in his dominions and states as it was in Russia, from a conviction that in these deplorable times, the Jesuits were instructors most capable of forming youth to Christian piety and the fear of God, which is the beginning of wisdom, and to instruct them in science and letters.
Strana 115 - Further, we will, that if any of those who have heretofore professed the institute of the Company, shall be desirous of dedicating themselves to the instruction of youth in any college or school, care be taken that they have no part in the government or direction of the same, and that the liberty of teaching be granted to such only whose labours promise a happy issue, and who shall shew themselves averse to all spirit of dispute, and untainted with any doctrines which may occasion or stir up frivolous...
Strana 124 - AN OUTLINE OF THE PRESENT CONDITION OF THE ROMISH CHURCH IN THIS KINGDOM, being the Appendix to a Sermon preached in Canterbury Cathedral, 17th Sept.
Strana 98 - ... presume to attempt this, let him know that he will incur the indignation of Almighty God, and of his blessed apostles Peter and Paul. Given at Rome in St. Peter's on the 25th of February in the second year of our Pontificate.
Strana 73 - Visum est nobis in Domino, praeter expressum votum,quo Societas Summo Pontifici pro tempore existenti tenetur, ac tria alia essentialia, Paupertatis, Castitatis et Obedientiae, nullas Constitutiones, Declarationes, vel Ordinem ullum vivendi posse obligationem ad peccatum mortale vel veniale inducere, nisi Superior ea in nomine Domini Nostri Jesu Christi, vel in virtute Obedientiae juberet...
Strana 61 - A tu& ergo immensa bonitate et dementia per Jesu Christi sanguinem peto suppliciter, ut hoc holocaustum in odorem suavitatis admittere digneris: et ut largitus es ad hoc desiderandum et offerendum, sic etiam ad explendum, gratiam uberem largiaris. — Romae (vel alibi, tali loco, die, mense et anno).

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