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Parrot, F., exertions of, as Professor at
Dorpat, 31.

Partridge's Almanac, astrological predic-
tions old and new contrasted, 154.
Pavia, constitution of the University of,
19-Number of students at, 20-col-
leges attached to, ib.-libraries of, ib.
commencement of lectures at, 172.
Peacock's Treatise on Algebra, notice of,

Pearl-fisheries of Ceylon, antiquity of
the, 358.

Pedro de Ponce, instruction of the deaf
and dumb by, in 1584, 204.

Penny Magazine of the Society for the
Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, ob-
ject of the, 381.

Pereire, M., successful instance of his
instruction of the deaf and dumb, 206.
Persian war, errors of Goldsmith respect-
ing, 291.

Perugia, University of, 23.
Pestalozzian principle of education, re-
marks on, 129.

Pierpont's National Reader, notice of,

Pliny, notice of the account of Ceylon
by, 353.

Plymouth Provident Society, account of
the, 186.

Poetry, review of selections of for the use
of schools, 332.

Polish exiles, provision for the education
of, in Paris, 361.
Polish seminary for governesses, notice
of the, 369.

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Royal Naval School, on the plan for con-
ducting, 42, et seq.-reported alloca-
tion of the, 183.

Russia, state of education in, 25-civili-
zation of first derived from the Greeks,
26-organization of public instruction
in, 27-Universities of, ib.-elemen-
tary instruction in, 28-constitution of
the Universities of, 29-course of study
at, 30-variations at different Univer-
sities, 35-elementary schools of, 40—
boarding schools in, 41-notice of the
school of arts and trades established
in, 177-regulation in, respecting stu-
dents in the Universities, 370.

St. Petersburg, state of the University
of, 32, 370.

Sandwich Islands, state of education in
the, 376.

Santry charter school, treatment of the
students at, 244.

Sardinia, state of education in the king-
dom of, 21-improvements effected by
education in the island of, 22.
Schaffhausen, provision for education at,

Schneider's Greek Lexicon, notice of, 94.
School poetry, review of collections of,

Schools of Ireland, sums supplied by the

state to, 258-number of, ib.-propor
tional numbers of the different creeds
of the children in, 259.
Schrevelius' Greek Lexicon, notice of, 94.
Schwartzenburg-Sonderhausen, regulation

for enforcing education in, 366.

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Sunday-schools, beneficial effects of in

Switzerland, 196.

Sunday-school Society (Ireland), objects
of the, 256-beneficial effects of, 257.
Surgical science in Spain, state of, 229.
Sweden, association for the education of
the poor in, 178.
Switzerland, account of M. Vernet's agri-
cultural school in, 171-state of educa-
tion in, 193, et seq.-population and
religion of, 193-salary of schoolmas-
ters in, 194-state of morals in, 195—
physical education in, 196-colleges
and higher schools of, 197-diversity
of languages in, 202-literature and
literary characters of, ib.
Syracuse, omission of, in Goldsmith's
History of Greece, 301.

Technological Institution at St. Peters-
burg, notice of the, 177.
Thackeray, Mr., opinion of, respecting the
charter-schools of Ireland, 246, 248.

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