The Cheltonian

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Norman and Sons, 1867

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Strana 118 - Half-grown as yet, a child, and vain — She cannot fight the fear of death. What is she, cut from love and faith, But some wild Pallas from the brain Of demons ? fiery-hot to burst All barriers in her onward race For power. Let her know her place ; She is the second, not the first. A higher hand must make her mild, If all be not in vain, and guide Her footsteps, moving side by side With Wisdom, like the younger child ; For she is earthly of the mind, But Wisdom heavenly of the soul.
Strana 305 - The heights by great men reached and kept Were not attained by sudden flight, But they, while their companions slept. Were toiling upward in the night.
Strana 165 - O FONS Bandusiae, splendidior vitro, Dulci digne mero non sine floribus, Cras donaberis haedo, Cui frons turgida cornibus Primis et venerem et proelia destinat; 5 Frustra: nam gelidos inficiet tibi Rubro sanguine rivos Lascivi suboles gregis.
Strana 118 - WHO loves not Knowledge ? Who shall rail Against her beauty ? May she mix With men and prosper ! Who shall fix Her pillars ? Let her work prevail.
Strana 230 - Du bist wie eine Blume So hold und schon und rein; Ich schau' dich an und Wehmuth Schleicht mir in's Herz hinein. Mir ist, als ob ich die Hande Auf's Haupt dir legen sollt', Betend, dass Gott dich erhalte So rein und schon und hold.
Strana 165 - ... venerem et proelia destinat frustra: nam gelidos inficiet tibi rubro sanguine rivos lascivi suboles gregis. te flagrantis atrox hora Caniculae nescit tangere, tu frigus amabile 10 fessis vomere tauris praebes et pecori vago. fies nobilium tu quoque fontium, me dicente cavis impositam ilicem saxis, unde loquaces lymphae desiliunt tuae.
Strana 116 - Thence to the famous orators repair, Those ancient, whose resistless eloquence Wielded at will that fierce democratic, Shook the arsenal, and fulmined over Greece To Macedon and Artaxerxes...
Strana 47 - I was sitting one morning very quietly at my breakfast-table doing nothing, and thinking of nothing, when I was startled by a singular shadowy appearance at the outside corner, of the field of vision of the left eye. It gradually advanced into the field of view, and then appeared to be a pattern in...
Strana 62 - For one of us was born a twin, And not a soul knew which. One day, to make the matter worse, Before our names were fixed, As we were being washed by nurse, We got completely mixed ; And thus, you see, by fate's decree, Or rather nurse's whim, My brother John got christened me, And I got christened him. This fatal likeness...
Strana 46 - A great many years ago, when recovering from fever, my chief amusement for two or three days consisted in the exercise of a power of calling up representations both of scenes and persons, which appeared with almost the distinctness of reality. One of these scenes I perfectly recollect. A crowd was assembled round a hole in the ice, into which a youth had fallen. His mother was standing in agony on the brink, and there were the floating fragments and something of a shadowy form under the blue transparent...

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