Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts, Zväzok 1

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Robert Baldwin, 1813

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Strana 60 - ... of urine appears to cease, and no heat is generated; notwithstanding the functions of respiration, and the circulation of the blood, continue to be performed ; and the usual changes in the appearance of the blood are produced in the lungs. 4. That when the air respired is colder than the natural temperature of the animal, the effect of respiration is not to generate but to diminish animal heat.
Strana 360 - ... to be a mixture of those prejudices and conceits which cleave to workmen whom experience has afforded a partial insight into the nature and peculiarities of their profession, and not to be grounded on any memory of facts, or to result from a knowledge of the connection between causes and effects; and on this account, as soon as the leaders of the outcry could be brought to listen with patience to a relation of the appearances that attended this accident, and to hear the reasons assigned for the...
Strana 437 - Here 21 bodies, from number 15 to 36, lay in .ghastly confusion: some like mummies, scorched as dry as if they had been baked. One wanted its head, another an arm. The scene was truly frightful. The power of the fire was visible upon them all ; but its effects were extremely various: while some were almost torn to pieces there were others who appeared as if they had sunk down overpowered with sleep.
Strana 357 - ... when the air has proceeded lazily for several days through a colliery, and an extensive magazine of fire-damp is ignited in the wastes, then the whole mine is instantly illuminated with the most brilliant lightning — the expanded fluid drives before it a roaring whirlwind of flaming air, which tears up...
Strana 15 - Society, contrived a method of determining the density of the earth, by rendering sensible the attraction of small quantities of matter; but, as he was engaged in other pursuits, he did not complete the apparatus till a short time before his death, and did not live to make any experiments with it.
Strana 361 - The report of these last adventurers partly succeeded in convincing the people that there was no possibility of any of their friends being found alive. Some, indeed, went away silent, but not satisfied; others with pitiable importunity besought that measures to recover their friends might even yet be adopted and persevered in; and many, as if grief and rage had some necessary connection, went about loading the conducts ts of the mine with execrations.
Strana 122 - Settlement at regularity, the chance of reformation must be infinitely greater than when they are worked in gangs, living with each other amidst all the inducements to vice which such a town as Sydney must afford to them...
Strana 441 - All these persons (except numbers 1, 4, 5, and 50, who were buried in single graves) were interred in Heworth Chapel-yard, in a trench, side by side, two coffin deep, with a partition of brick and lime between every four coffins. Those entered as " unknown" in the burial register have had names added to them since the search was discontinued.
Strana 441 - September, when the 91st body was dug from under a heap of stones. At six o'clock in the morning the pit was visited by candle-light, which had not been used in it for the space of 117 days; and at eleven o'clock in the morning the tube-furnace was lighted. From this time the colliery has been regularly at work; but the 92d body has never yet been found.
Strana 360 - The crowd from all sides soon collected to the number of several hundreds, some crying out for a husband, others for a parent or a son, and all deeply affected with an admixture of horror, anxiety, and grief.

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