The Baviad: A Paraphrastic Imitation of the First Satire of Persius

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R. Faulder, 1793 - 55 strán (strany)

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Strana 44 - ORACLE, a paper honoured— as the grateful editor very properly has it— by the effusions of this " artless" gentleman above all others. NB On looking again, I find the OWL to be a nightingale !— N'imporle. It was said of Theophilus Gibber, (I think by Goldsmith,) that as he grew older, he grew never the better. Much the same (mutatis mutandis) may be said of the gentlemen of the Baviad. After an interval of two years, I find the " mellifluous
Strana 47 - Come then, around their works a circle draw, And near it plant the dragons of the law ; With labels writ, " Critics far hence remove, Nor dare to censure what the great approve.
Strana 15 - Emma's eyes ; doom for a breath A hundred reafoning hecatombs to death. A hecatomb is a facrifice of a hundred head of oxen. Where did this gentleman hear of their...
Strana 6 - Peg, cries fat Madam Dump, from Wapping Wall, " I don't love plays no longer not at all, " They're now so vulgar, and begin so soon, " None but low people din. a till afternoon; " Then they mean summot, and the like o' that, " And Its impossible to sit and chat.
Strana 35 - Full of their theme, they spurned all idle art, And the plain tale was trusted to the heart, Now all is changed ! We fume and fret, poor elves — Less to display our subject than ourselves. Whate'er we paint — a grot, a...
Strana 49 - One bosom from this vile infection free), Thou who canst thrill with joy, or glow with ire, As the great masters of the song inspire ; Canst bend...
Strana viii - LAURA MARIA — She is the SAPPHO of the age. " I wrong her — The MONTHLY REVIEWERS read " GREEK, and they prefer our fair countrywoman. I " read Greek too, but I make no boast of it. I sell " Mrs. ROBINSON'S works, and I know their value— " ' It is the bright day that brings forth the adder.
Strana 39 - O injur'd bard ! accept the grateful strain, That I, the humblest of the tuneful train, With glowing heart, yet trembling hand, repay For many a pensive, many a sprightly lay...
Strana 41 - I know not; but certainly he is prone to run wild, die, &c. &c. Such indeed is the combustible nature of this gentleman, that he takes fire at every female signature in the papers; and I remember that when Olaudo Equiano (who, for a black, is not ill-featured) tried his hand at a soft sonnet, and by mistake subscribed it Olauda, Mr. Merry fell so desperately in love with him, and "yelled out such syllables of dolour...
Strana 31 - tis still the same vile thing, " Within, all brickdust — and without, all brass. " Then blot the name of Pasquin from thy page : " Thou seest it will not thy poor riff-raff sell. " Some other would' st thou take { I dare engage " John Williams, or Tom Fool, will do as well.

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