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I SOON grew weary of this land of contention and uneafinefs; and having recourse to the old excuse of urgent business, I took my leave, and went post to town; reflecting all the way with surprise on the ingenuity of mankind, to render themselves at once miferable and ridiculous; and lamenting that the happiness and innocence of rural life are now fcarce any where to be found.



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With an additional Preface, and some explanatory Notes.




HE author of the following letters is too well acquainted with human nature, to be in the leaft furprised at the reception they have met with; that is, that they have been much liked, much cenfured, and little affented to: Truth, he knows, has at all times been so received; for, tho' by her native beauty fhe is fure to charm, yet from her repugnancy to most men's interests, fhe is feldom welcome: politicians are afraid of her, parties deteft her, and all profeffions agree, that he is mad, and very dangerous if fuffered to go about in public: he knows, that mankind live all in masquerade, and that whoever prefumes to come amongst them barefaced muft expect to be abused by the whole affembly: he could there fore have no motive for thus imparting his free fentiments to the public, except the dictates of his own heart, which tell him, that it is every man's duty, who comes into the world, to ufe his best endea.


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