Uncommon Common Sense: An Anatomy of Peril

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Author House, 24. 5. 2005 - 416 strán (strany)

This book is a primer on unsafe and deviant human behavior, the body language of those that would harm you, and the danger signs of mishap. It is a must read for those who intend to become more self-reliant in their safety by recognizing accidents and crime before they occur. With examples and preventive methods, this book will change for the better your awareness and perception that allows you to recognize the risks, threats, and perils in your everyday life. This book is also a study of sexual lust, negligence, victims, and predators. The different types of criminals such as burglars, Carjackers, pedophiles, rapists, murderers, mass murderers, workplace violence and serial sexual killers, stalkers, kidnappers, and terrorists are discussed.

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