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Jupiter, his first proclamation about griefs and calamities, N. 588. His fecond, ibid. just diftribution of them, 559. Justice, the Spartan famous for it, N. 564.



bly, N. 630.

Lefbia's letter to the Spectator, giving an account how the was deluded by her lover, N. 611. Letter from the Bantam ambaffador to his mafter about the English, N. 557. From the dumb conjurer to the Spectator, 560. From the chit-chat club, ibid. From Oxford about his, recovering his fpeech, ibid. From Frank

care, ibid. valuable only as it prepares for another, ibid.

Love-cafuift, fome inftructions of his, N. 59,

Lover, an account of the life of one, N. 596.
A croffed one. retires, 627.

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AHOMETANS, their cleanlinefs, N. 631. Marcia's prayer in Cato, N. 593. Memoirs of a private country-gentleman's life,

N. 622.

Metaphors, when vicious, N. 595. An inftance of it, ibid.

ADIES, to party, N.

L Laughter indecent in any religious affem- Military education, a letter about it, N. 566.

Mifchief rather to be fuffered than an inconve-
nience, N. 564.
Montague, fond of fpeaking of himself, N. 562.
Scaliger's faying of him, ibid.
Mufic, church, recommended, N. 630.
Mufician, burlesque, an account of one, N. 570-


Man, the two views he is to be confidered in, N. 588. An Active being, 624. His ultimate end, ibid.

From Blank about his family, 563. About an angry husband, ibid. From Will Warly, about military education, 566. From an halfpay officer about a widow, ibid. From Peter Pub on the fame fubject, ibid. Against quacks, 572. From the prefident of the widows club, 573. From a man taken to be mad for reading of poetry aloud, 577A fecond letter about the ubiquity of the Godhead, 530. Seve. ral anfwered at once, 581. From Conftantio ibid. From Amanda ibid.

From Shalum the Chinese to the prince's before the flood, 584. From Hilpa to Shalum, 585. From John. Shadow, at Oxford, about reflecting at night on the paft day's actions, 586. About a vision of hearts, 587. About planting, 589. From John Shadow about dreams, 593. Of inconfiftent metaphors, 595. From Jeremy Lovemore, with an account of his life, 596. About making love, 602. From Fanny Fickle, 605. From an aunt about her niece's idleness, 606. About the vanity of fome clergymen wearing fcarves, 609. From Tom Nimble, about antipathies, ibid. From Cleora against the ladies work, ibid, From Lefbia a deluded lady, 611. About genealogy, 612, From Will Hopeless, about ambition, 613. From the Temple about beggars eloquence, ibid. From Monimia to recover a loft lover, ibid. From a country wit in the burlesque way, 616. From a pedant in his pedantic way on the fame fubject, 617. About the ftiles of letters, 618. Answers to feveral, 619. About flattery, 621 From the lovecafuift about the widows tenure, and the black ram, 622. From the fame about love queries, 625. From one who recommended himfelf for a news-monger, ibid. About the force of povelty, 626. About a croffed lover, 627. About eternity to come, 628. About church mufic, 630. About the rattling club's getting into church, ibid.

Merry part of the world amiable, N. 598. Mefiah, the Jews mistaken notion of his worldly grandeur, N. 610.

widows N

EEDLEWORK recommended to ladies, N. 606. A letter from Cleora against it,

Life, eternal, what we ought to be moft folicitous about, N. 575. Man's not worth his


News, the pleasure of it, N, 625.
Newton, Sir Ifaac, his noble way of confidering
infinite space, N. 564.

Night, a clear one defcribed, N. 565. Whimfi-
cally defcribed by William Ramsey, 582.
No, a word of great ufe to women in love-mat-
ters, N. 625.

Novelty, the force of it, N.,626.




Hilpa,URITY, often more illuftrious than Orator, what requifite to form one, N. 633. Ovid, his verfes on making love at the theatre tranflated by Mr. Dryden, N. 602. How t fucced in his manner, 618.



ASSIONS, the work of a philofopher t fubdue them, N. 564. Inftances of thei power, ibid. Patience, her power, N. 559Pedantic humour, N. 617. Penelope's web, the hiftory of it, N. 606. Perfon, the word defined by Mr. Locke, N. 57 Petition of John a Nokes, and John a Stiles,


Petition from a cavalier for a place, with h pretences to it, N. 629.

Phebe and Colin, an original poem, N. 603.
Philofophers, Pagan, their boast of exalting hu
man nature, N. 634.
Pittacus, a wife faying of his about riches, N. 57.
Pity, the reafonablenefs of it, N. 538.
Places, the unreafonablenefs of party pretenc
to them, N. 629.
Planting recommended to country gentleme
N. 583. Again, 589..
Plato's faying of labour, N. 624.
Play-houfe, how improved in ftorms, N. 592.
Politicians, the mifchief they do, N. 556. Son
at the Royal Exchange, N. 168.
Pufs, fpeculations, on an old and a young c
N. 626.

Pythagoras, his advice to his fcholars about e

amining at night what they had done in the Sublime in writing, what it is, N. 592. day, N. 586.

Syncopifts, modern ones, N. 567.

Syracufan Prince, jealous of his wife, how he ferved her, N. 579.


UFRIES love anfwered,

QQueftion, a curious one started by a school

man about the choice of present and future happiness and mifery, N. 575. Quid-nunc, Tho', his letters to the Spectator, about news, N. 625.

Quacks, an effay against them, N. 572.


RAKE, in character of onthe church,

Rattling club got into the church, N. 630.
Ramfey, William, the aftrologer, his whimfical
defcription of night, N. 582.
Revelation, what light it gives into the joys of
Heaven, N. 600.

Revenge of a Spanish lady on a man who boast-
ed of her favours, N. 611.
Roficrucian, a pretended discovery made by one,
N. 574.

Royal progrefs, a poem, N. 620.

T. Paul's eloquence, N. 633.

Scribblers, the most offenfive, N. 582

Self-love, the narrowness and danger of it, N.


Hilpa before the flood, N. 584.
Sight, fecond, in Scotland, N. 604.
Singularity, when a virtue, N. 576. An inftance
of it in a north-conntry gentleman, ibid.
Socrates, his faying of misfortunes, N. 558.
Space, infinite, Sir Ifaac Newton's noble way of
confidering it, N. 564.

Spartan juftice, an inftance of it, N. 564.
Spectator breaks a fifty years filence, N. 756.


BIQUITY of the God-head confidered, N. 571. Farther confiderations about it, 583. Verfes by a despairing lover, N. 591. On Phebe and Colin, 603. Tranflation of verses pedantic out of Italian, 617. The royal progrefs, 620. To Mrs. on her grotto, 633.

turned into

one, N. 568.

Scarves, the vanity of fome clergymen wearing Vice as laborious as virtue, N. 604.
them, N. 609.
Vifion of human mifery, N. 604.
Vulcan's dogs, the fable of them, N. 579.



Seneca, his faying of drunkennefs, N. 569.
Shakespeare, his excellence, N. 562.

EST Enborne in Berkshire, a custom there for widows, N. 614. What Lord Coke faid of the widows tenure there, 623.

Shalum the Chinese, his letter to the Princefs Whichenovre Bacon Flitch, in Staffordshire, who

intitled to it, N. 607.

Whole Duty of Man, that excellent book turned into a fatire, N. 568.

Widows club, an account of it, N. 561. A letter from the prefident of it to the Spectator about her fuitors, 573. Duty of widows in. old times, 606. A cuftom to punish unchaste ones in Berkshire and Devonshire, 614. Instances of their riding the black ram there, 623. Writing, the difficulty of it to avoid cenfure, N.


Work neceffary for women, N. 606.

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How he recovered his fpeech, ibid. His politics, ibid. Loquacity, ibid. Of no party, ibid. A calamity of his, 558. Critics upon him, 568. He fleeps as well as wakes for the public, 599. His dream of Trophonius's the eighth

ed, 632.

Spleen, its effects, N. 558.

Stars, a contemplation of them, N. 565.


EMPER, ferious the advantage of it, N.

T2 598.

Tender hearts, an entertainment for them, N.

Tenure, the most flippery in England, N. 623.
Thales, his faying of truth and falfhood, N. 594.
Theatre, of making love there, N. 602.
Torre in Devonshire, how unchafte widows are
punished there, N. 614.

Townly, Frank, his letter to the Spectator, N. 560. Tully praises himfelf, N. 562. What he said of the immortality of the ful, 588. Of uttering a jeft, 616. Of the force of novelty, 626. What he required in his orator, 633.


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