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MILLIONS upon millions of books

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selected just the elements essential to a can grow—the publishers of the Daily fill the shelves of our libraries. cultured person's reading. And these Reading Guide offer this book on a nonWithin them are treasures richer than selections they arranged in a day-by-day profit making basis. That is, this handAli Baba's cave ever held. Here is program covering a full year. Each some book of nearly 200 pages, bound in knowledge, education, culture, entertain- day's reading is of timely interest.

rich blue cloth covers, will be sent on ment. The jewels of civilization are

The selections fall upon appropriate receipt of the coupon plus merely 25 within these books. What priceless beneanniversary dates. Thus, on February

cents to cover only the cost of handling fits we could obtain from them—if only 12 you read Abraham Lincoln's whim

and mailing. we had time to read them!

sical and little-known account of his own To avoid disappointment it is imporHow can we hope to read even a small life, besides a number of his most impor- tant to send NOW. Simply mail the fraction? Which are the books we tant speeches; on the 22nd you read

coupon to-day. should read, and where shall we begin? George Washington's account of his own life as contained in his personal letters.

NELSON DOUPLEDAY, Inc. An Unique New Plan Or, to take another date at random, July Dept. Y 341

Garden City, New York Here at last is the answer! The book 14th, you read then the best written

NELSON DOUBLEDAY, Inc. you see pictured above is the solution to about that date's most important event,

Dept. Y 341, Garden City, New York

Gentlemen: Please send me a copy of the reading problem of the busy man or the Fall of the Bastile. Each day is full

The Daily Reading Guide, containing nearly It contains the famous new of such timely interest.

200 pages, bound in rich blue cloth, which

contains the complete new plan for reading reading plan created by nine eminent In this interesting way you cover the the essential literature of the world in only

20 minutes a day. I enclose 25 cents (in men of letters—Dr. Lyman Abbott, John masterpieces of fiction, historical descrip

currency or stamps) to pay handling and Macy, Richard Le Gallienne, Asa Don tion, poetry, drama, essays, biography. shipping charges. There is to be no fur

ther cost. Dickinson, Dr. Bliss Perry, Thomas L. Only twenty minutes a day are required. Masson, Dr. Henry van Dyke, George

Iles, and Dr. Hamilton Wright Mabie.

Accept This Offer
The plan that these great authorities In order to stimulate and extend the

devised is absolutely unique. From the reading of good literature--the only firm
immortal literature of the world they basis on which the publishing business

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In this issue of The Outlook

January 7, 1925

No. 1

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announce as probably the most important autobiography

of 1925




BROWN, whom The Outlook sent out to inquire into the religious faith of his generation, continues in this issue the report of what he has found. Dr. Brown is a graduate

of Rochester University and took his Ph.D. at Harvard, where he also served as instructor in English.


Seventy Years of Life and Labor


A genuinely American story is this of the immigrant cigarmaker who, as the driving force in the organization of the American Federation of Labor, rose to enjoy a power


a respect which fall to few men in a generation. As a revelation of an interesting personality half dreamer and half shrewd business man the book is fascinating. And as a record of the long drama of the Labor Movement it is of exceptional importance to every American. In two illustrated volumes. $10.00 (subject to change).

HE OUTLOOK counts itself fortunate

in being able to publish an article from the pen of Dr. Walter B. James, who is one of the most prominent physicians in the country. Dr. James has been practicing in New York since 1883. He is consulting physician for Bellevue Hospital and the Hospital for Ruptured and Crippled, and is a trustee of Columbia University. For five years he was visiting physician at the Presbyterian Hospital.

New Fiction

Translated from the Russian Can you imagine standardization, state regulation brought to perfection?' Here is a powerful satire in which the social organization is seen functioning with all the rigidity of a machine with every action, even the most intimate, regulateduntil a number of imperfect beings develop the germs of emotion, imagination, in short of a soul. The author found it impossible to publish the work in Communistic Russia.


'HOMAS L. MASSON, for years manag

ing editor of “Life,” is now associate editor of the "Saturday Evening Post."

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PAUL VERREES is a native of Bruges, • but resides in America. His frequent journeys to his homeland have resulted in many etchings of Bruges, two of which appear in this issue. The “Church of Notre Dame”—taken from an unusual point of view—has appeared in several important exhibitions.


A blindingly vivid and forcible picture of the life of an Italian-American worknan, of the Slav boarding house where he lives, of i he shipyard where he works, of the waterfront-in terms so elemental that it is absolutely unforgetable. The book expresses the genuine

emotions of a class usually inarticulate.

E ROY JEFFERS, a mountaineer, wri

ter, and lecturer, is also Secretary of the Bureau of Associated Mountaineering Clubs of North America. He is a frequent contributor to magazines, and is the author of "The Call of the Mountains."


A first novel (f musual caliber by a successful playwright who combines vivid characterization, swift movement and an undercurrent of intrinsic nobility and interest with keen penetration into the contradictions produced by conflicting inherited tendencies.


PSYCHOLOGY Learn how the mind works. Study

this new science through Everett Dean Martin's remarkable course " What Psychology Has To Teach You About Yourself and Your World." Just as givenat Cooper Union, N.Y. You can now obtain it in printe i forin tchererer you live. Write today for complete "Outline of the Course” (sent

free) and unusually low price. Address : The People's Institute Pub. Co., Lox 51, 70 Fifth Ave., N.Y.


EORGE F. MILTON is an ardent fol

lower of McAdoo. He is the managing editor of the "News," of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and a frequent contributor to The Outlook on political

Safe subjects.

Deliciously Funny
With 130 drawings by E. Shepard.

$2.00 at any bookstore

Ask for Horlick's

The ORIGINAL Malted Milk



For Infants,
Children, Invalids,

Nursing Mothers Avoid Imitations

OHN HALL WHEELOCK is a member of

the staff of Charles Scribner's Sons. He is the author of several volumes of poetry.

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