Memoirs of Charles Mathews, Comedian, Zväzok 1

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Strana 134 - Was ever woman in this humour wooed? Was ever woman in this humour won ? I'll have her; but I will not keep her long.
Strana 271 - Meanwhile the play proceeded, and on the boy's return with the frothed pitcher, he looked about for the person who had sent him on his errand, and not seeing her, inquired, "Where is Mrs. Siddons?'' The scene-shifter whom he questioned, pointing his finger to the stage, where she was performing the sleeping scene of Lady Macbeth, replied, —
Strana 44 - Croucher, a shoemaker in Shepherd's Market, who told me a parcel was left there for me, but what it was he knew not. I opened it, and behold there was a pair of leather breeches, with a note in them ! the substance of which was, to the best of my remembrance, as follows : " Sir, I have sent you a pair of breeches, and hope they will fit.
Strana 43 - that I had more work for my faith now than heretofore ; for the horse would cost half as much to keep him as my whole family. In answer to which this scripture came to my mind with power and comfort, " Dwell in the land and do good, and verily thou shalt be fed.
Strana 12 - Dear ! how like its father !" no doubt made some commonplace observation ; but my father often declared that he burst into a fit of laughter, and said, " Why, his face laughs all over, but certainly on the wrong side of his mouth...
Strana 270 - Siddons,' at the same time charging him to be quick, as Mrs Siddons was in a hurry for it. Mean while the play proceeded, and on the boy's return with the frothed pitcher, he looked about for the person who had sent him on his errand; and not seeing her, inquired 'Where is Mrs Siddons?
Strana 115 - Shannon. There's no sea there, you tief o' the world. Did he jump in ?' — ' Sure, he went a swimming, and had never learnt ?' — ' He had one lesson only, I heard, and that was to teach him how to sink.
Strana 44 - Sir, I received your present, and thank you for it. I was going to order a pair of leather breeches to be made, because I did not know till now that my Master had bespoke them of you. They fit very well ; which fully convinces me that the same God who moved thy heart to give, guided thy hand to cut : because He perfectly knows my size, having clothed me in a miraculous manner for near five years.
Strana 44 - I was determined to go to a friend of mine at Kingston, who is of that branch of business, to bespeak a pair; and to get him to trust me until my Master sent me money to pay him. I was that day going to London, fully determined to bespeak them, as I rode through the town. However, when I passed the shop I forgot it; but when I came to London I called on Mr. Croucher, a shoemaker...
Strana 132 - Look again, sir !" he exclaimed, in a terrific voice ; and he then made up a hideous face, compounded of malignity and the leering of a drunken satyr, which he insisted upon being guessed ; and his visiter, trembling for the consequences of another mistake, hesitatingly pronounced it to be,

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