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Printed at the University Press, 1640 - 162 strán (strany)

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Strana 95 - A lily of a day Is fairer far in May; Although it fall and die that night, It was the plant and flower of light. In small proportions we just beauties see, And in short measures life may perfect be.
Strana 28 - tis the last key-stone That makes the arch ; the rest that there were put Are nothing till that comes to bind and shut. Then stands it a triumphal mark ! then men Observe the strength, the height, the why, and when It was erected ; and still walking under, Meet some new matter to look up and wonder ! Such notes are virtuous men ! they live as fast As they are high ; are rooted, and will last.
Strana 9 - See the chariot at hand here of Love, Wherein my lady rideth! Each that draws is a swan or a dove, And well the car Love guideth.
Strana 53 - Lover. COME, let us here enjoy the shade, For love in shadow best is made.
Strana 13 - For Love's sake, kiss me once again; I long, and should not beg in vain. Here's none to spy or see; Why do you doubt or stay? I'll taste as lightly as the bee, That doth but touch his flower, and flies away.
Strana 55 - I will not stand to justifie my fault, Or lay the excuse upon the Vintners vault; Or in confessing of the Crime be nice, Or goe about to countenance the vice, By naming in what companie 'twas in, As I would urge Authoritie for sinne. No, I will stand arraign'd...
Strana 124 - Twill be but fair to lean upon their fames ; For they are strong supporters : but, till then, The greatest are but growing gentlemen.
Strana 6 - Eternal King, That did us all salvation bring, And freed the soul from danger; He whom the whole world could not take, The Word, which heaven and earth did make, Was now laid in a manger.
Strana 13 - So to see a Lady tread, As might all the Graces lead, And was worthy (being so seene) To be envi'd of the Queene.
Strana 94 - And told forth fourscore years; He -vexed time, and busied the whole state, Troubled both foes and friends, But ever to no ends; What did this stirrer but die late? How well at twenty had he fallen or stood! For three of his fourscore he did no good.

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