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- Baron Von Boots, a Tale of “Blood,"
by, 394
Buckingham, Humphrey Stafford, Duke of,

Buenos Ayres, revolutions in, 283
Byron, Lord, quoted, 280,

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ADVENTURER, Scenes in the Life of an, 526
Africa, Expedition of Discovery into the

Inierior of, by Capt. Alexander, review-

ed, 13)
Agincourt, battle of, 263–270
Alexander, Capt., his Expedition of Dis-

covery into the Interior of Africa, re-

viewed, 139
Alexandria, population of, 142
Algiers in the Spring of 1837, 166
America, Expedition to the North Coast of,
by Capt. Back, 422

South, Republics of, 281
American Bobadil, the, by T. C. Grattan,

Esq., 29
Ancel, the Story of Mary, 185
Andryane, Alexander, Memoirs of, review-

ed, 283
Ango, Le Manoir d', 471

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Cade, Jack, insurrection of, 509, 510)
Cadiz, city and costumes of, 112
Cagliostro, Count, an Historical Novel, re-

viewed, 279
Cambridge, Earl of, conspiracy of, with

Scrope and Grey, against Henry the

Fifth, 257-389
Campbell, Thomas, Esq, his Poem on the

liberation of an English Sailor by Napo-

leon Bonaparte, 431
Campion, Miss, afterwards Mrs. Pope,

Actress, 102
Canal, the Great Western, in North Ame-

rica, 483
Carlos Segundo el Hechizado; or King

Charles The Second the Bewitched, 339
Castles in the Air, by Miss Twiss, 178
Caucasus, Travels in the Western, by Ed-

mund Spencer, Esq., reviewed, 424
Caunter and Daniell's Oriental Annual,

noticed, 429
Charles the Second of England, anecdotes

of, 88, &c.
Chichester, Bishop of, death of the, 287
Choruses to the play of King Henry the

Fifth, the, 260, 264, 270-Mr. Camp-

bell's opinion of, 272
Cibber, Colley, from the Manager's Note

Book, 355
Circassia, the war in, 424-valour of the

Circassians, 425-description of the ro-

mantic region of, ib.
Clemenza di Tito, La, 409
Cobbett, William, trial of, 135
Confalioneri, Count, imprisoned in the

fortress of Spielberg, 286
Constitutional History, &c., by Hallam,

noticed, 421
Conversazione, the 132, 277, 421, 563
Cork, County of, election for the, 14
Cosrew Pasha, the Seraskier, his

Cossacks, attack by, 533
Courtenay, the Right Hon. T. P., Shak-

Jean, history of, 472
Annual, Oriental, Caunter's and Daniells's,
noticed, 429

the, of British Landscape Scenery,
by Louisa A. Twamley, noticed, 430
Arabs, the, 167—their songs, 169
Arques, visit to, in Normandy, 468
Arsonville, M. D, his death at Algiers, 174
Austria, Emperor of, amnesty granted to

State Prisoners by the, 287


Banti, Signora, 353
Baron Von Boots ; a Tale of " Blood,” hy

Henry Brownrigg, Esq., 394
Barrow, Dr., his Life of Dr. Edward Jenner,

reviewed, 277
Beaufort, Cardinal, 385, 386, 391-death

of, 305, 506—his wealth, 507
Bedford, Duke of, Regent of France, 380,

381, 385, 387
Bernadotte (King of Sweden), alluded to,

Billington, Mrs., Life of, from the Mana-

ger's Note Book, 345
Bolza, Signor, Police functionary at Milan,

Booth, Barton, the Actor, 353
Brougham, Henry Lord, Speeches of, re-

viewed, 134
Brownrigg, Henry, Esq., Papers of a “ Gen-

tleman-at-Arms,” by, No. V., 108 –
Some Account of a Stage Devil, by, 242

2 p

speare's Historical Plays considered His- Glena, mountain and woods of, 18-the cot.
torically, by, Nos. IV., 42; V., 251; VI.,

tage of, 19
375; VII., 494

Gloucester, Humphrey, Duke of, in the mi-
Counter Irritation, by Dr. Granville, re- nority of Henry the Sixth, 379, 381, 385,
viewed, 287

387, 393, 494, 497, 500-his death, 503
Crotchets in the Air, by John Poole, Esq.,

Eleanor Duchess of, accusation
reviewed, 426

against, 498

Goat Island, on the Niagara, 487
Dalton, John, Esq. History of the County Grandfather's Papers, My, 515
of Dublin, by, noticed, 288

Granville, Dr., Counter Irritation, by,
Damremont, General, 175, 177

reviewed, 287
Daniell, Mr., drawings in India, by the late, Grassini, Signora, 353

Grattan, T. C. Esq., the American Bobadil,
Diadem, the, a Book for the Boudoir, by by, 29-Old and New Friends, by, 417
Miss L. Sheridan, noticed, 431

Greeks, modern, described, 133
Dieppe, Excursions in the Environs of, 465 Green, Mr., the celebrated aeronaut, 427

--the Cité des Limes, ib.-Arques, 468 Gurney Papers, the, by Theodore Hook,
-Le Manoir d'Ango, 471

Esq., Author of “Sayings and Doings,"
Doggett, Thomas, Mr., 355

&c., Nos. XVIII., 1–XIX., 145-XX.,
Donnington Gibbet, a Legend of Berkshire, Chapter the Last, 289

Gwynn, Nell, Lise of, 87—Letter from, 91,
Drama of Italy, the, No. II., La Clemenza -Will of, 93

di Tito, 409
Dublin, the History of the County of, by Hagar, Stanzas, 107
John Dalton, Esq., noticed, 288

Halil Pasha, account of, 426
Dumps, Tristram, Esq., Personal Narrative Hallam, Mr., “ Constitutional History,"
of, Nos. I., 198; II., 360

&c., by, noticed, 421
Duty and Inclination, a Novel, reviewed Harvest home, the, 474

Henri IV., King of France, 469, 470, 471

Henry IV., the Second Part of, criticism on
East, the Spirit of the, by D. Urquhart, Shakspeare's, 42
Esq., reviewed, 132

V., his character portrayed by
Egypt, Edom, and the Holy Land, Letters Shakspeare, Stow, Holinshed, &c., 49, 51,

by Lord Lindsay from, reviewed, 141 376, &c.—the Historical Play of, consi-
Elberous, the, mountain in Circassia, 425 dered, 251
English History, particulars of, in “ Shak-

VI., the Historical Plays of, consi-
speare's Historical Plays, historically con- dered, 375–is crowned in France, 382—
sidered," 42, 251, 375

Second Part of Henry VI., 494
Etiquette, by m, 21

Herrick, quotation from, 477

Hill, Benson E., Esq., The Irish Quaker,
Falstaff, Sir John, allusions to the charac- by, 233--An Irish Incident in 1798, by,

ter of, 54—his banishment, 56-disgraced 368
in France, 382

Holinshed, quotations from, 42, &c.; 252,
Ferdinand the Fourth of Naples, charac- &c. ; 378, &c. ; 496, &c.
teristic anecdote of, 281

Hook, Theodore, Esq., The Gurney Papers,
Feret, M. P.J., librarian of Dieppe, 465 by, Nos. XVIII., 1-XIX., 145--XX.,
Florio, Signor, 229, 230, 231

France, Society in, before the Revolution, Howard, Edward, Esq., Memoir of, with a

279—wars of the English in, 263, 377, Portrait, 559
381, &c.

Hunter, John, menagerie kept by the cele-
Francia, Dr., dictator of Paraguay, 281

brated, 277-Extract of a letter from, 278
Gahagan's, Major, Historical Reminiscences, Indian Tradition, an, by James Sheridan

1804-1838-A Peep into Spain--Ser. Knowles, Esq., 329
vices of the Ahmednuggar Irregulars, 319 Ireland, Letters from, in the Summer and
-Historical Reminiscences, continued, Autumn of 1837, No. V., 14
543 – The Indian Camp, ib.—the Sortie

, Surveys of, 288
from the Fort, ib.—Holkar's Camp, 546 Irish Incident in Ninety-eight, an, by Ben-
Gallic Antiquities, No. I., the Kings of son E. Hill, Esq., 368
Yvetot, 273

Irritation, Counter, on, by Dr. Granville,
“ Gentleman-at-Arms," Papers of a, edited 287

by Henry Brownrigg, Esq., No. V., 108 Italy, the Drama of, No. XI., 409
Gibraltar, garrison, and people in, described, Conspiracies in, 283

Glanville Family, the, a novel, reviewed, Jenner, Edward, M.D., Life of, by Dr.

Barrow, reviewed, 277

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Jerrold, Douglas, Esq, the Lesson of Life

by, 71, 554
Joan of Arc, 61-She relieves the city of

Orleans, 380-and enters Rouen, 381–
accused of witchcraft and burnt, 385

Killarney, town, and lakes of, 15
Kitchener, Dr., dinner-parties of, 105
Knight, Mr. Thomas, comedian, 457
Knowles, James Sheridan, Esq., an Indian

Tradition, by, 329–The Maid of Marien-

dorpt, a play, by, 430
Leopold, King of the Belgians, 273
Lesson of Life, the, a Household Romance,

by Douglas Jerrold, Esq., 71, 554
Liberty, love of, on the Continent, charac-

terized, 284
Limes, the Cité des, 465
Lindsay, Lord, his Letters from Egypt,

Edom, and the Holy Land, reviewed, 141
Literature :-The Spirit of the East, by D.

Urquhart, Esq., 132—Speeches of Henry
Lord Brougham, 134 — The Glanville
Family, 137—Capt. Alexander's Expedi-
tion of Discovery into the Interior of
Africa, 139–Letters from Egypt, Edom,
and the Holy Land, by Lord Lindsay, 141
—The Life of Edward Jenner, M.D., by Dr.
Barrow, 277–Count Cagliostro, a Novel,
279—Notes on Naples, by a Traveller, ib.
-Letters on Paraguay, 281—Memoirs of
a Prisoner of State, 283–Counter Irri-
tation, by Dr. Granville, 287—The His-
tory of the County of Dublin, by John
Dalton, Esq., 288–A Historical Essay on
the Revolution of 1688, by C. Plumer
Ward, Esq., 421 Hallam's Constitu-
tional History, and the History of the
Revolution of 1688, ib.--Narrative of an
Expedition in H. M. S. Terror, by Capt.
Back, 422—Travels in the Western Cau.
casus, by Edmund Spencer, 424
Crotchets in the Air, by John Poole,
Esq., 426 – The Narrative of Arthur
Gordon Pym, of Nantucket, North
America, 428–Caunter's and Daniells's
Oriental Annual, 429—The Annual of
British Landscape Scenery, by Louisa A.
Twamley, 430—The Maid of Marien-
dorpt, a play, in five acts, by James She-
ridan Knowles, Esq., ib.-The Diadem, a
book for the boudoir, by Miss L. Sheridan,
431-Duty and Inclination, a Novel, ib.
Excursions in the Mountains of Ronda
and Granda, by Captain R. Scott, 563
- The Lite, Letters, and Journals of
Lord Byron, 564—The Forget Me Not,
566—The Misfortunes of the Dauphin,
567—The Oriental Annual, ib.-Motives
to the Study of Biblical Literature, 568
-A New Method of Learning to Read,
Write, and Speak a Language in Six
Months, adapted to the German, ib.--
Heath's Book of Beauty for 1839, 569–
The Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell,

edited by R. Vanghan, D.D., 569_A
Wreath of Wild Flowers from New
England, by Frances S. Osgood, 573—
Heath's Picturesque Annual, Versailles

London, viewed from a balloon, 427-In

the Autumn, described, 534
Love's Gifts, by Mrs. C, B. Wilson, 526
Lucy, Sir William, 383
th, Etiquette, by, 21-Ortolans and Cham-

pagne, by, 210—Something next to No.
thing, by, 312—Nobody in Town, by, 534
Mackintosh Sir James, fragment of the

History of England, noticed, 421--his
Speech on the trial of Peltier, ib.
Mahmoud IV., the Sultan, 426
Manager's Note Book, the, Nos. XI.-

Nell Gwynn, 87_Alexander Pope, 95
XII., Madame Mara, 217—XIII., Mrs.
Billington, 345–-Booth, Wilks, Cibber,
and Doggett, 355-XIV, T. Knight, 457
Mantes, visit to the town of, 68
Mara, Madame, Account of, from the Ma.

nager's Note-Book, 217
Margaret of Anjou, Queen of Henry the

Sixth, 392, 494, 504.
Mariendorpt, the Maid of, a play in five

acts, by James Sheridan Knowles, Esq.,

reviewed, 430
Martial in London, 311
Mehemet Ali, Viceroy of Egypt, 143, 126
Milan, Austrian police in, 283—the late

coronation at, 287
Missel-Thrush, on Hearing it Singing in

December at the Dawn of Morning, by

A. F. C., 177
Mizendeck's Narrative, Admiral Lord, by

the late Watty Cockney, Esq., edited by

the Author of “ Paul Pry," 119
Moors and other tribes inhabiting Algiers,

166, 168—converts made amongst, 172
Moscow, Napoleon's visit to, described, 532
Mucruss, Mr. Herbert's demesne, near

Killarney, 17
Music Mad, by J. S., 20
My last Tour, 433

Napoleon, the Emperor, allusions to, 282,

284, 427, 431
Naples, Notes on, by a Traveller, reviewed,

Navy Island, a visit to, 490
Nemours, the Duke of, 167
Niagara, a Day at the Falls of, 482
Nicholas, Emperor, projects of the, 424
Nobody in Town, by k, 534

Old and New Friends, by T. C. Grattan

Esq., 417
Ortolans and Champagne, by k, 210
Outward Bound, noticed, 560

Paraguay, Letters on, reviewed, 281
Paris, humorous description of, 360—the
Louvre, 361—the Halle, 365—the Me-

2 p 2

a, 431

thodist Preacher, ib.- the Watch-house, Sailor, British, verses by Mr. Campbeil on

Perils of Passion, the, a Domestic Tragedy Scenes in the Life of an Adventurer, 526
in heroic metre, by G. D., 372

Seine, steam navigation of the river, 58
Poetry :- Music Mad, by J.S., 20–Retro- Shakspeare's Historical Plays considered
spection, by M. W. M., 70–Hagar, 107 Historically, by the Right Hon. T. P.

– The Summer Night, hy A. F. C., 118 Courtenay, Nos. IV., 42, V., 251, VI.,
-On Hearing a Missel-Thrush Singing 375–VII. 494
in December at the Dawn of Morning, Sheridan, Miss L., the Diadem, a book fur
by A. F. C., 177--The Quarrel, by M. W. the boudoir, by, 431
M., 197—The Rocking. Horse, hy D. J., Something next to Nothing, by H, 312
208—Martial in London, to a Lady, 311 Spencer, Edmund, Esq., Travels in the
--Youth, 359 - The Perils of Passion, a Western Caucasus, by, reviewed, 424
Domestic Tragedy in heroic metre, by G. Spitz, the Abbé, 171, 172
D., 372--On the Liberation of a British Stage Devil, some account of a, by Henry
Sailor, by T. Campbell, Esq., an extract, Brownrigg, Esq., 242
43]— Broken Faith, 473— Love's Gifts, Steam Voyage from London to Paris, by
by Mrs. C. B. Wilson, 526-To Rattlin Michael J. Quin, Esq., No. II., 58
the Reeler, 560 - Address written by Suffolk, Duke of, in the reign of Henry
T. Dibdin, 461-Farewell Address of the Sixth, 495—banished, 504--murder
T. Knight, 462—Song from the German of, 507
of Goethe, by W. M. H., 553

Summer Night, the, by A. F. C., 118
Polar Sea, the North, 422
Pont-de-l'Arche, described, 62

Talbot, John, Earl of Shrewsbury, his
Pope, Alexander, the Actor, Life of, 95

valour and fame, 380, 382 - slain in
Poole, John, Esq., Admiral Lord Mizen-

France, 383_his titles, 384
deck's Narrative, edited by, 119-

Terror, H. M. Ship, Narrative of an Ex.
Crotchets in the Air, by, reviewed, 426 pedition in, by Captain Back, reviewed,
Prisoner of State, Memoirs of a, reviewed, 422

Turkish manners, 132, 166
Prout, Samuel, Esq., drawings in Normandy Twamley, Louisa A., the Annual of British
of, 62

Landscape Scenery, by, noticed, 430
Pym, Arthur Gordon, of Nantucket, North

Twiss, Miss, Castles in the Air, by, 178
America, review of the Narrative of, 428

Tzchenesstzquali, the river, described, 425
Quaker, the Irish, by Benson F. Hill, Esq.,

Urquhart, D., Esq., the Spirit of the East,
Quarrel, the, by M. W. M., 197

by, reviewed, 132
Quin, Michael J., Esq., Steam Voyage from
London to Paris, by, No. 11, 58

Vaccination, opinions of eminent physicians

01, 278
Ramadan, fast of the, 166—succeeded by

Vernon, town of, described, 63
the festival of the Beiram, 168

Vesuvius, described, 280
Rastopchin, General, 532
Retrospection, by M. W. M., 70

Wakes and Rural Festivals, 478
Revolution of 1688, a Historical Essay on

Warwick, Earl of, 387, 388, 391, 497
the, by C. Plumer Ward, Esq., reviewed,

Whitnay, General, of Niagara, 487, 489
421–History of the, by Sir James Mack-

Wilks, Robert, 355
intosh, noticed, ib.

Wilson, Mrs. C. B., Love's Gifts, by, 526
Rhinoceros, the white and the black, de.
scribed, 141

York, Edmund Duke of, 494, 500, 509, 512
Rocking-Horse, the, by D. Jerrold, 208 Younge, Miss Elizabeth, (Mrs. Pope,] 95
Roscoe, Mr., allusion to his “ Lorenzo de - letter from Garrick to, 96—from H.
Medici, 137

Walpole to, 98
Roses, the Red and White, civil war under Youth, verses on,

these emblems, 387, 388, 390

Yvetot, the Kings of, 273
Rouen), description of, 59
Rural l'estivals, by Zemia, 474

Zemia, Rural Festivals, by, 474
Russia, power of, 425--wreck of the Rus- Zeresti-zi he, or Mountain of Christ,

sian Squadron in the Black Sea, ib.- described, 425
Perils in Russia, 531, 533


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