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LXI. Mr T. to Mr B.


Wishes he knew the inspir-

ing Fair One-Ritson's Historical Essay not

interesting-Allan-Maggie Lawder,140

LXV. Mr T. to Mr. B.

Praise-Desires more songs

of the humorous cast-Means to have a pic-
ture from "The Soldier's return," 161

With My Nannie's awa,"163

T. (1795) With "For a'

that an' e' that," and "Swee fa's the eve

on Craigie-burn,".

LXIX. Mr B. to Mr T.

yet?" and the

LXX. Mr B. to Mr T.

1.XXI. Mr T. to Mr B.
LXXII. Mr B. to Mr T.

"Address to the Woodlark"

"On Chloris being ill"— "Their groves

o' sweet myrtle," &c.-" 'Twas na her bon-

nie blue c'e," &c.

LXXIII. Mr T. to Mr B.


With Allan's design from
"The Cotter's Saturday Night,".

............... 17

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