The Patapsco and Other Poems

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N. Hickman., 1841 - 103 strán (strany)
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Strana 3 - I am nae Poet, in a sense, But just a Rhymer, like, by chance, An' hae to learning nae pretence, Yet, what the matter ? Whene'er my Muse does on me glance, I jingle at her. Your critic-folk may cock their nose, And say, ' How can you e'er propose, You wha ken hardly verse frae prose, To mak a sang ?' But, by your leaves, my learned foes, Ye're maybe wrang. What's a
Strana 32 - O ! thus be forever, Our feelings outpoured, To him who is worthy The patriot's reward ; In that nation which rises Such men to revere, O!
Strana 30 - Madison's name, Like our banner unfurled, Will now fling its glories Abroad to the world. A name to the...
Strana 31 - But the night of our foes !) In the day of our troubles, The hope of each breast ; Our pilot in storms, And our haven of rest.
Strana 5 - Many of the articles in the volume were composed whilst in the actual performance of mechanical labor, and written out in moments of relaxation, and all of them are the fruits of time stolen from more important employments.

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