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When Vulcan gies his bellows breatlı,
An' ploughmen gather wi' their graith,
O rare! to see thee fizz an' freath

I'th' lugget caup!
Then Burnewin* comes on like death

At ev'ry chaup.
Nae mercy, then, for airn or steel ;
The brawnie, bainie, ploughman chiel,
Brings hard owrehip, wi’ sturdy wheel,

The strong forehammer,
Till block an' studdie ring an' reel

Wi' dinsome clamor. When skirlin weanies see the light, Thou maks the gossips clatter bright, How fumblin cuifs their dearies slight;

Wae worth the name;
Nae howdie gets a social night,

Or plack frae them.
When neebors anger at a plea,
An' just as wud as wud can be,
How easy can the barley-bree

Cement the quarrel !
It's aye the cheapest lawyer's fee,

To taste the barrel. Alake! that e'er my Muse has reason To wyte her countrymen wi' treason! But monie daily weet their weason

Wi' liquors nicen, An' hardly, in a winter's season,

E’er spier her price. Wae worth that brandy, burning trash! Fell source o' monie a pain an' brash!

Brunewin--bun-the-wind--the Blacksmith. Twins monie a poor, doylt, drunken hash,

O half his days!
An' sends, beside, auld Scotland's cash

To her warst faes.

Ye Scots wha wish auld Scotland well,
Ye chief, to you my tale I tell,
Poor plackless devils like mysel!

It sets you ill,
Wi' bitter, deathfu' wines to mell,

Or foreign gill.
May gravels round his blether wrench,
An' gouts torment him inch by inch,
Wha twists his gruntle wi' a glunch

Osour disdain,
Out-owre a glass o' whisky punch

Wi' honest men.

O whisky! soul o' plays an' pranks!
Accept a Bardie's humble thanks!
When wanting thee, what tuneless cranks

Are my poor verses!
Thou comes they rattle itheir ranks

At ither's a-s!

Thee, Ferintosh! O sadly lost! Scotland, lament frae coast to coast! Now colic grips, an' barkin boast,

May kill us a'; For loyal Forbes' charter'd boast,

Is taen awa!

Thae curst borse-leeches o' th’ Excise, Wha mak the whisky stells the prize! Haud up thy han', Deil! ance, twice, thrice!

There, seize the blinkers! VOL. II.-E

An' bake them up in brunstane pies

For poor d-n'd drinkei s.
Fortune! if thou'll but gie me still
Hale breeks, a scone, an' whisky gill,
An' rowth o'rhyme to rave at will,

Tak a' the rest,
An'deal't about as thy blind skill

Directs thee best.






Dearest of distillation! last and best-
-How art thou lost!-

Parody on Milton.
Ye Irish Lords, ye Knights an' Squires,
Wha represents our burghs an' shíres,
An' doucely manage our affairs

In parliament,

* This was written before the act anent the Scytd distilleries, of session 1786; for which Scotland and the Author return their most grateful thanks.

To you a simple Poet's prayers

Are humbly sent.
Alas! my roupet Muse is hearse !
Your Honors' heart wi' grief 'twad pierce,
To see her sittin on her awe

Low i' the dust,
An' scriechin out prosaic verse,

An' like to brust!
Tell them wha hae the chief direction,
Scotland an' me's in great affliction,
E'er sin' they laid that curst restriction

On Aquavitæ;
An' rouse them up to strong conviction,

move their pity.

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Stand forth, an' tell yon Premier Youth,
The honest, open, naked truth;
Tell him o' mine an' Scotland's drouth,

His servants humble :
The muckle Devil blaw ye south,

If ye dissemble!

Doesonie great man glunch an' gioom! Speak out, an never fash your thumb! Let posts an' pensions sink or soom

Wi' them wha grant' em : If honestly they canna come,

Far better want 'em.

In gath'ring votes you were na slack;
Now stand as tightly by your tack ;
Ne'er claw your lug, an' fidge your back,

An' hun an' haw; .
But raise your arm, an' tell your crack

Before them a'.

Paint Scotland greeting owre her thrissle ; Her mutchkin stoupas toom's a whissle ; An' d-mn'd Excisemen in a bussle,

Seizin a stell, Triumphant crushin't like a mussel

Or lampit shell.

Then on the tither hand present her,
A blackguard Smuggler right behint her,
An' cheek-for chow,a chuffie Vintner,

Colleaguing join,
Picking her pouch as bare as winter

Of a kind coin.

Is there, that bears the name o' Scot,
But feels his heart's bluid rising bot,
To see his poor auld mither's pot

Thus dung in staves,
An' plunder'd o'her hindmost groat

By gallows knaves? Alas! I'm but a nameless wight, Trode' i' the mire an' out o' sight! But could I like Montgomeries fight,

Or gab like Boswell, There's some sark-necks I wad draw tight,

An' tie some hose well

God bless your Honors, can ye see't,
The kind, auld, cantie Carlin greet,
An' no get warmly to your feet,

An'gar them hear it,
An' tell them wi' a patriot heat,

Ye winna bear it!

Some o' you nicely ken the laws, To round the period, an' pause,

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