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ing; but then a poor girl ought not to set herself up to the time will all be slipped away, and you'll see the talk to God like a parson.

shining ones coming take you where your little “And now you say, ma'am, that you had a little Lizzie is. Lizzie once, that lives in heaven now, and that you love “Being a poor girl, and ignorant, I can't quite make all sick Lizzies, for her sake? And that you are going it out how some folks gets to heaven one way, and some to give me some of her books, and all the nourishing another. The way it tells, in my 'Pilgrim's Progress,' food she would eat, if she lived down here! Then is to go on a great long journey, till you come to a river ; father won't have to go two miles for my beef-tea, and I and when you've got across that, you're right at the shall grow stronger ; and maybe the bones in my two door of the city, and all your troubles is over. But legs will come back again (though the doctor does say cripples like me can't go on a pilgrimage, and I spoke to it's not my legs), and I can get so as to help inother God about that. Says I,— Please, how is a girl like me once more.

to get there ?' And it came into my mind,—'Why, “But I hope there won't anything else happen to me, Lizzie, little babies, as die when they're babies, for my head is quite turned now, and I can't think what don't go on a pilgrimage, but they get to heaven makes me have such good times, when there are so all the same. Angels comes down and fetches them many other people lying sick and sorrowful, and wishing maybe.' the days and the nights wasn't so long. I'm sorry I've “And maybe they fetches up the lame girls, or helps made you cry, ma'am, off and on ; and I suppose it's them along. I should like to have one show me the because my name it is Lizzie, and I'll be more careful way, if he didn't mind; and another go behind me, and next time. And please, ma'am, don't give me all the cover my back with his wings; and I'd go in on tiptoe, things you said you would, but find some other poor and sit away up against the wall, where nobody could girl, that hasn't got any Pilgrini's Progress, nor any see me: and I'd sing, softly, with the rest. pictures, and that never saw two folks a-crying over her “You say you think they'll come for me, before long ? marigold, and giving It to her, and that never heard any | Thank you, ma'am. But don't tell father. And if singing, and praying, and preaching, and that nobody ever you ever come here and find I've gone, tell him, please, told she might dare to tell things to God. Father says that I'll be sitting near the door, watching for him ; there's plenty of them, up and down, lonesome, and he'll know me from all the rest, because they'll be walktired, and hungry, and maybe it will keep you so busy ing about. looking after them, and speaking such sweet words as “And now I humbly ask your pardon for talking so you've spoke to me, that the next thing you'll know, | much, ma'am, and won't speak another word.”

The ressons of Grace in the danguage of Nature.



CHRISTIANS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. "Te are the light of the world..... Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your

Father which is in heaven."-MATT. v. 14, 16.

HE first section of the Sermon on the the world, lying in wickedness, every kind of

Mount (verses 1-10) represents God danger springs up.
and his saints; and the second Between these two opposite poles the Christian

(11-16) represents believers and the life is suspended and balanced. The fountain world. Redeemed men in the body are exhib-opened in heaven supplies all a believer's need; ited first in their relation to God on high, and and the pressure of temptation in the world next in their relation to the world around. In sends him the oftener and the closer to his supthe first picture, you behold believers in contact plies. The Father's love draws, and the world's with their Friend ; in the second, you behold enmity drives ; but though these forces spring them in contact with their foe. In the first, you on opposite sides, they act in the same direction. learn what good they receive; in the second, Thus all. things work together for good to them what evil they suffer. From the Father of lights, that love God. A Christian need no more fear every good and perfect gift comes down; from I to plunge into the current of life, than a planet

to launch fortla on its course. Opposite forces sun : most of it reaches us at second hand, reconspire to keep them safe, and urge them on. flected from surrounding objects. Thus, in the

In the first section, you learn from the double spiritual sphere, the glory of the Lord arises and line of the seven beatitudes what God is to his shines on Israel ; then and therefore Israel is expeople, and what his people are to God. He pected to arise and reflect the light around to blesses them, and they trust in him. In the attract the Gentiles. The Philippian converts, second section, you learn what the world is to walking in the light of God, are expected to the disciples of Christ, and what they are to the shine among the heathen as lights. They are world. It is to them a persecutor; they are to not rays, but reflectors; they give out, with it a salt and a light.

more or less of truth and fulness, the light Omitting in the meantime the first of these which they receive from the Sun of Righteousanalogies, we fix our regards on the second. Let ness after he has risen upon them. us fairly look in the face this grand function as- The conception of Christians being lights, not signed by the Lord to his followers-to be “the as Source, but reflectors, might, perhaps, be prolight of the world.” In verse 14th, the function fitably examined somewhat more minutely. - Reis defined ; and in verse 16th, a particular in- flectors are ordinarily either metallic or vitreous. struction is given regarding its exercise. The In either case, two preparatory processes are first tells disciples that they are a light in the necessary : there must be a melting first, and a world; and the second exhorts them to keep it polishing afterwards. Ah! search and see that blazing. We shall explain shortly the nature of those Christians who have really been eminently this office, and then more fully enforce the com- useful as attractive lights-winning many from mand to exercise it well.

the world by the beauty of their character-have

been in the furnace, and have there bad the dross I. It is the function of a living Church to be taken away; have been under the pressure of a light in a dark world. In order that we may providential trials that have rubbed their indetermine in what sense the disciples of Christ equalities off. There is no royal—that is, no are lights, let us read two cognate scriptures, one soft and easy-road to eminence in the Christian in the Old Testament, and the other in the New: calling. The good soldier of Jesus Christ has suf“ Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the fered some privations, and seen some service. Men glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. For, be- who have never seen any other than parade service hold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and are not reckoned good soldiers in either army. gross darkness the people: but the Lord shall If a stranger, ignorant alike of means and end, arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon had been permitted to see Lord Rosse engaged thee” (Isa. Ix. 1, 2). “That ye may be blame- in preparing the speculum of his great telescope, less and harmless, the sons of God, without re- he would have formed a false judgment regarding buke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse the usefulness of the work and the wisdom of the nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the operator. This huge, heavy casting, cooled with world; holding forth the word of life” (Phil. so much care,—when it is at last removed from ii. 15, 16).

its bed, it seems a coarse, black, shapeless, useFrom these texts we learn clearly that renewed less mass. What is the use of it? the observer men are first receivers of light; then and there inquires. To reveal the stars that have hitherto fore givers. They are not the source whence the lain bid in heaven. That lump of black, irregulight springs, but channels through which it is lar metal! How can it reveal the stars? But distributed. The Lord alone is the light of the the operator knows what he is about. This unworld; but he has been pleased to arrange his couth mass will yet receive on its bosom the covenant so that those who receive his beams light from burning orbs, so many and so distant, also spread them. It is so arranged also in the that hitherto they have seemed to be little white material world. Not much of the light which clouds, sailing without a compass in the sea guides us in life comes in direct lines from the infinitude.

men, &c.


The Day only will reveal the wisdom and the light on a mountain-top, will not be seen; whereas pains displayed by the Omniscient Worker in pre- a bright burnished glass will reflect the light truly paring the hearts and lives of his witnesses for over a greater or a smaller sphere, according to receiving from himself the light of life, and the height which it may have attained. Thus, spreading it around.

Christians should take care that their light should

be large and pure, leaving it to God in his proviII. Leaving now the fundamental fact—that dence to determine the height of their elevation Christians are lights, to rest on the Word of the and consequent radius of their influence. All who Lord-We proceed to examine more particularly have let their light shine, like all who have used the specific exhortation addressed to them in the intrusted talents, will be welcomed with the that capacity—to let their light so shine before same words, Well done! whether their position

has enabled them to spread the truth among many In the verse immediately preceding this in- or only among a few. junction there is an interesting reference to the Among a crowd of placards, varying much in elevation of the light as a necessary condition of size and subject, which jostled and overlapped its usefulness. A lofty position, breadth, and each other on a piece of neglected wall at the enbrightness, must be combined in order to produce trance of a large city, one particularly arrested the greatest effect.

At the distance at which I stood, it exIn the trigonometrical survey of the kingdom hibited only these words—"Large Type Chriswhich is now in progress, it is necessary often to tians.” Doubtless intermediate lines in smaller obtain an exact view of an object placed at a great letters, invisible where I stood, informed the nearer distance; and some ingenuity is displayed in over- reader that some publisher had prepared a series coming the obstacles. Goatfell, a mountain in of tracts in large type for the special use of aged Arran, is visible from the summit of the Ochills, Christians. From my view-point at the time only east of Stirling, a distance of about seventy miles the larger letters were visible. I passed on with in a straight line. But at such a distance you what I had got, not desiring to exchange it for can scarcely distinguish between a mountain and the meaning that a closer inspection would have a cloud : no object can be seen with sufficient ex- revealed. Large type Christians! That is not actness for the purpose of measurement. But the conception which the writer of the handbill they bring a looking-glass to the top of Goatfell, intended to convey, but is the conception which scour its surface well, watch for a sun-blink, and in the circumstances it conveyed to me, and I deturn it then in the required direction. On the termined to retain it. This shadow, which the summit of the Ochills they observe the flash, as publisher's circular projected on the wall

, was to a single point of glory, like a star in the broad me a tenfold greater thing than the circular itself blue sky. They measure their angle with secu

would have been. Large type tracts may be good rity now

for the conversion of the careless and the edificaA great elevation does not belong to every tion of believers : large type tracts may be good, Christian. This is a matter that does not lie in but large type Christians are better. Tracts, his own hands. It is not like the climbing of large and legible, may win their thousands of the mountain by a man: it is like the uplifting captives in the battle of the kingdom ; but of the mountain from the plain, which is the pre- Christians large and legible, if we had them, rogative of the Creator. Some he both elevates would win their tens of thousands. and kindles, that their light may stream afar; but As young and struggling colonies advertise he has use for most of his lights on moderate amid the teeming population of the mother counelevations, and close to the benighted world. The try for able-bodied farm-labourers, and skilled great business of Christians is to keep their light artizans, covertly binting, by their silence, that bright, and make it broad, that all who are within certain other classes would only be in the way ; reach may be compelled to see it. A mirror be- so the Church, charged to colonize and cultivate smeared with mud, although it is set in the sun- the world for Christ, should distinctly own and

loudly proclaim her need of large type Chris- The redeemed should consider well the end of tians.

the Lord in redemption. To save the perishing, We have many who are really Christians- is not by itself the aim and the hope which more, perhaps, than either a scoffing world or a directed and animated the Redeemer in bis work. desponding Church would acknowledge ; but not As a husbandman makes an evil tree good by enso many who are clearly, largely, unmistakably grafting, in order that he may enjoy its good fruit, Christ-like, whatever they may be doing, and so our Father in heaven saves us from condemnawhoever may be looking on. If the graces of the tion, that he may delight in the new obedience of Spirit, though real, are small and stunted, and his children, and employ them in his work. especially if they are overshadowed by a rank Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy growth of vanity, worldliness, and self-pleasing, him for ever. they will not be seen by those who most need What is contained in yonder vessel? I inquire their evidence. The careless passenger will class of a stranger who, like myself, is passing by the you according to the earthliness which is large door of the threshing-floor where it stands. Chaff, in your life, and not according to the heavenliness he replies, turning a momentary glance towards which is small. If conformity to every vain show the object, and so passes on.

His answer is all make up the bulk of your history, while your that I could expect him to give; and yet it is not compliance with Christ's will can only be de- true. It was not true, for the vessel was mainly tected by the microscope, your influence will, in filled with wheat ; but it was what seemed true, point of fact, tell on the side of the world. for it was chaff mainly that met the traveller's Christians, although the Light of life be within, yet, eye. The measure standing on the floor, while if it is choked and hidden by an abounding world- the process of threshing proceeded, was gradually liness of spirit and conduct, you are in point of filled with what fell from the sheaves—with wheat fact hindering the kingdom of Christ. Let your and chaff commingled; but as it has been shaken light so shine before men, that they may see somewhat roughly from side to side, the wheat your good works, and glorify your Father who is grains have for the most part sunk to the bottom, in heaven.

and the chaff for the most part risen to the top. Observe here, how closely the lines of a true In some such way many real but defective disdisciple's life approach at certain points to those ciples are set down as hypocrites in the books of of a hypocrite's course.

The Pharisees gave their a careless world, because the things of the Spirit alms and repeated their prayers that they might gravitate downwards, and lie hidden in the secret be seen of men ; and therein they are condemned parts of their life; while the vanities of time usurp by the Lord: but when his disciples let their and occupy almost all the visible space on the good works be seen by men they are commended. surface of their history. Paul was frequently in a strait betwixt two here. I do not know any means by which the gospel He abhorred the Pharisees' ostentation - I am of Christ is more effectually hindered. Alas! the less than the least of all saints; and yet, when Lord knows, we have all too little of the true he saw that he could promote the kingdom by Christian life in the visible Church ; but if even boldly taking the place which belonged to him, that which exists were well employed, it would he flashed forth in the face of the world the lofty soon change the face of the world. Christians claim, that he was not a whit behind the chiefest have in them more of Christianity than they have of the apostles. The hypocrite performs what the wit to employ well in the cause of the kingare accounted good works in order that he may be dom. Oh, if the talents that belong to our seen of men, and get glory to himself: the true Master were as wisely and vigorously laid out, as disciple, doing necessarily the things that please those which we count our own, the kingdoms of God, in conformity with his new nature, endeav

this world would be won over! ours carefully to do them in such a way as will That which is the fruit of the Spirit in Chrisbest commend the gospel to bis neighbours, and tians should not be small, but large and full-grown so extend the kingdom of Christ.

--should not be jostled out of its place by the urgency and impudence of mere worldly fashion. In particular, he calls for lights. In us there is not That which is Christ-like in Christians should a light which can give life to any ; but from the not be hidden under a thick shade of cares and Lord the light of life is streaming down like the pleasures. If you would let your light shine be- rays of the sun : if we receive it, and reflect it, the fore men, you must labour to cut down and kill light of life may through our means reach the off the covetousness, the pride, the evil-speaking, perishing. the equivocation, the falsehood, the dishonesty- Occasions turn up daily in every one's experiall the bitter roots, whose branches weave them- ence, when he must make a choice between faithselves together into a thick veil, so as to turn fulness to Christ and conformity to the world's your light into darkness.

ways. Take no hesitating, double-minded course. You have asked the question, What must we do Be on the Lord's side; and be on his side out and to be saved ? and through the blood of sprinkling out. Let your Christianity be written in large you have obtained an answer of peace. Another characters for the sake both of friends and foes. question demands now all the energy of a saved A halting walk is a painful walk: plant your foot soul—the question, Lord, what wilt thou have firm on the path of righteousness, and a new joy me to do?

will be infused into your life. A life devoted beThere are many wandering in the darkness, and cause it is redeemed is not a wearisome, but a joystumbling even to a final fall. To enlighten, and win ful thing. It is not like a stagnant pool, but like and save them, the Lord hath need of you. Yield a sparkling river : bright is its course over time; yourselves instruments of righteousness unto God. I blessed its issue in eternity.

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HE Papacy has certainly fallen on evil times. / stamped with extraordinary vividness on the whole

Within a few short years she has beheld course of recent events, both at Basle and Geneva. For
the thrones of her most devoted champions suspending a priest who had attacked the doctrine of

hurled in rapid succession to the dust ; | infallibility, Dr. Lachat, Bishop of Basle, has, after full her own temporal dominions ruthlessly torn from her warning from the civil authorities, been deprived of his grasp ; and her spiritual supremacy flouted and see, and interdicted from the discharge of his episcopal trampled upon by the civil powers of foreign nations. functions. In Geneva, Monsignor Mermillod has worked Those of her friends who fondly imagined that the re- out for himself, on a somewhat different line, a substancent dead-lock in the ecclesiastical relations of Rome tially similar issue, and, by a course of ambitious schemand Germany was mainly due to the absolutism of the ing and perfectly illegal procedure, effected a wide Prussian government, and that no such crisis could breach in the relations of the Church of Rome with the arise in a country governed by free institutions, must governments both of the Canton of Geneva and of the have found themselves strangely undeceived by the Swiss Republic. The history of this latter transaction latest phase of Ultramontane aggression. The addi- is pregnant with so many important lessons bearing on tional example of Switzerland was all that was wanted great public questions, which the politicians and to complete the proofs we possess, that under every churchmen of this country may be called upon to face form of government, be it the most rigid despotism or sooner perhaps than they expect, that we propose to rethe most liberal democracy, the claims of the Papacy are produce it in detail. We are indebted to Professor totally incompatible with the co-ordinate and inde- Pronier of Geneva for the principal portion of the folpendent jurisdiction of the State. The diametrically lowing brief statement of the facts of the case. opposite forms of government prevailing in Germany and The history of the present struggle carries us back to Switzerland sufficiently attest the fact that, whenever a the beginning of the present century, when the bishopric conflict of jurisdiction`arises between Rome and the of Geneva was finally and definitively suppressed. For all civil power, the partisans of the former who remain loyal practical purposes, indeed, it had ceased to exist at the to their spiritual head cannot at the same time maintain Reformation ; but, for the sake of the handful of Catholics their allegiance to the laws of their native country. “No who still clung to the Church of their fathers even after man can serve two masters,” is an adage which seems the sweeping changes of that eventful time, it was per

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