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then the important question occurred to me- that education is the stock that will support Where shall I find a home? I left my baggage whatever the good of society may require to be at the station, determining, should I be unable engrafted upon it, and then labour to improve to procure comfortable rooms, to return to Pro- our schools, as the surest means of promoting all vidence. I was fortunate, however, in finding, legitimate reforms; and the senseless excitements not only apartments, but friends, in the first and wild fanaticisms that so often sweep over hotel I went to.

the land would cease, and there would be seen Boston has more of an English aspect and tone a newer intellectual life and a fresher moral than any city I visited in the United States. beauty.” One cannot but remark the crooked streets of The members of the Board are also conscious the older parts, and the spacious and substantial that intellectual training alone is not enough to buildings in the new; the bustling quays, and make good citizens, and prepare for the right the charming parks and gardens; and, above all, discharge of the duties of life. They believe the refined manners and intellectual pursuits of that the heart and conscience must also be inthe people. Business and money-making are structed. The fundamental principles of morality ont the chief end of man in Boston. The supe- and religion are therefore made to form part of riority of Boston arises in part from the fact the state system of education. In proof and that it was one of the earliest settlements of the illustration, I quote from the Report the followpilgrim fathers, and in part from the elevating ing weighty words :-“Is it not desirable that influence of the great University of Harvard. the whole man, in his physical, intellectual, and

The educational system of Boston, and indeed of moral nature, be cultivated-efficiently trained ? the whole State of Massachusetts, is not surpassed Why should the moral training of the young be in America. It is wide in its range, and, on the neglected while such earnest attention is bestowed whole, very thorough in its work. The gentle upon the intellect? Is not goodness of heart to men who constitute the Board of Education ap- be preferred to brilliancy of mind? Is not relipear to have a full apprehension of the place ability of character as desirable as progress in education should hold in a country, and of the study? Is a well-trained intellect more importpower which, when rightly organized and directed, ant than a virtuous character? What is the it is calculated to wield. “ Public schools," value of mental power without' moral principle, they say in their Report for last year, " are the patriotism, truthfulness, honesty, and a life of great civilizing force of the present age. Free- virtue? Should not our youth be trained to donı without them becomes anarchy, and liberty what is noble, manly, and right? Under the becomes license...... We see them as the truest influence of a moral education, they should be index of the intelligence of the people, the surest led to live the beautiful life of virtue. Have sign of their progress, and the most certain means not our schools been established for the purpnse of their advancement. Like other institutions of educating the young for the duties, privileges, of society, the public school had its origin in and responsibilities of American citizens? What necessity, and has been developed rather than is necessary to a good citizen of the freest and formed. The past should not limit its progress, best government on earth? What is necessary for it adapts itself to the multiplied wants and for the faithful discharge of these high and necessities of the day. It should be regarded as solemn duties? Do not the safety, stability, an institution of the state, and as a necessary and prosperity of our republican institutions rest condition of the national life. The idea of its upon the intelligence and morality of the people ? necessity should pervade the public mind, and Do not the interests and destiny of this free nabecome a controlling living verity. It should tion rest upon the moral character of the people ! be the nucleus around which should gather all What, then, is the vast importance of moral inthat refines society and beautifies life. The struction to the young ? The perfect freedom affections of the people should twine around it, of our schools from all sectarianism does not exand their hopes cling to it. Let all classes learn clude the cultivation of the heart and conscience,

or the reading of the Bible without comment, embracing not merely the ordinary elementary which must be acknowledged the purest and best departments, but, in addition, normal, intermesource of moral instruction to which the atten- diate, and technical instruction, the state system tion of man can be directed.”

of education in Massachusetts can scarcely fail to Established upon such a sound basis, super- achieve those grand results after which its prointended by men competent and earnest, and moters aspire.


WORKS OF DR. JAMES HAMILTON.* [This volume is the last of the series. These six volumes, with the Memoir, constituting a seventh, will carry down to succeeding generations all that can be conveyed in books, of a singularly bright and beautiful life. You may find a writer of an equally elevated and sanctified spirit, and you may also find one of similar fertility and brilliancy of imagination ; but we do not know any modern example in which both classes of qualities meet in such a high degree in the same person. We connt these volumes a very precious legacy to the Christian Church, at once for the deep substantial truth of their matter, and for the strangely beautiful and attractive forms in which the thoughts are conveyed. We submit two extracts

on the Great Characters of Scripture, and on our Children.]

jah, Isaiah, Daniel, the Baptist, Peter, John, Stephen,

Paul-you have nearly named all the first magnitudes FIRST MAGNITUDES-JOSEPH.

in the Bible's older and newer hemispheres. And though He was a burning and a shining light."-JOHN v. 35. there be hundreds more of lesser lights, and though the N a cloudless evening, and abont an hour lustre of these again is annihilated in the daylight which

after the sun has set, the stars begin to the Sun of Righteousness makes, still these are the twinkle one by one, till ten or a dozen may overmastering names which our fancy first calls up in

be detected. And an hour or two later, looking back on the Bible story, the main foci into which when the whole glittering host is marshalled, the first God has condensed the lessons which he would teach us ten or twelve are still pre-eminent. And these brightest through the persons of our fellow-men. .... stars we call first magnitudes. They are the foremost And if another instance be desired, we might name to arrest the nipturned eye, and their fine effulgence will the patriarch Joseph. Viewed on the human side, sometimes attract the gaze of incurious rustic, or fill we have in his memoirs the history of a pious youth, young hearts with wonder. These first magnitudes are full of brotherly kindness and filial affection, and by his the landmarks of the firmament. We say that such a good conduct and great sagacity rising to a station lesser star is near Sirius or Arcturus, or that it has the where he was enabled to rescue from ruin his own tint of the Lyre or Orion. And they are the sparks family, and be the princely benefactor of liis unnatural which first kindle scientific ardour; for were the face of brethren; but viewed on the divine side, we almost lose the heavens besprinkled with starry dust, with evanes- sight of the pious youth, and see nothing but God's cent and inconspicuous points of light, they would draw momentary and marvellous providence. Parting at the but little notice. It is the large and brilliant orb which pit's mouth, we see the Arabs riding off with their blazes in the forehead of the evening sky, and which young captive; and, regardless of his cries, we see the makes for a long way round it a lovelihood of light-it shepherds, his savage and inhuman brethren, returning is this which catches and detains our earthly vision, to their flocks and resuming their sulky road to Padaniand kindles into devotion or intelligence some wonder- aram, to all appearance parted for ever. The desert ing spirit.

wind soon swept out the camel tracks, and next rains And so, looking upon the firmament of Scripture, new grass sprang where Jacob's sons had grazed their there are a few characters which outglory all the rest, flocks. But, unseen by man, a thread, hitherto single, some ten, twelve, or it may be twenty stars, of the first had split, and had uncoiled from the edges of that pit, magnitude, burning and shining lights which will not too fine for human eye to see or human sense to follow, let the eye away, and which haunt the memory when but strong as the fiat of Omnipotence. From the month the eye is closed — brilliant and conspicuous names which of that pit the divided thread travels two different ways. serve as landmarks and points of reference, and which The one from Dothan travels up to the vale of Hebron, are also signals and surprises, arresting notice and awaken- and enters the tent of an old man with a snowy ing wonder-signs and seasons which God has set in the beard, weeping blinding tears over a bloody mantle world's historicsky. Enoch, Noah, Job, Abraham, Joseph, which they spread before him, and it travels on through Moses, Gideon, Samson, Samuel, David, Solomon, Eli- chequered years of weal and woe, during which the old

man draws many a heavy sigh; and amidst all their * From “Sermons and Lectures Selected from the Manuscripts roughness and rivalry, a guilty secret seems to bind of the late James Hamilton, D.D., F.L.S.” Nisbet and Co.

his coarse and selfish sons to one another, till by-and-by

London: James

And of his heart the purposes


you see a motley caravan taking the southern track, and enlarged and strengthened by acquisitions on the exterquitting the empty garners and burnt acres of Pales- nal surface; so that, if you could only do it deftly tine, the lean asses and the lank and haggard shepherds enough, you might pull off, one after another, a hundred limp down to Egypt; and still, as they move on, the concentric layers or wooden shells, till you again disclosed fated filament, the mystic clue, spins out from behind the little shrub which left the nursery a hundred years ago. their feet. And from the same pit in Dothan the other Now, in the case of the best men-the truest, noblest, branch of the unbroken thread follows the Ishmaelites greatest-growth is exogenous. Adding fresh fibres to down to On. It enters a palace door ; descends to a their strength, and new cubits to their stature, they dungeon; emerges again ; darts up towards Pharaoh's withal are solid, and keep throughout all that they have throne;

and wherever the second chariot in the king- ever been. And just as in the heart of that veteran of dom rolls, that clue uncoils behind it, till, after years of Windsor Forest remains the sapling which saw George grandeur, the sumptuous Vizier and the haggard shep- the Third a boy, or was looked upon by Gray and Johnherds stand front to front, and the thread which split at son in their prime, so in the case of the more magnifiDothan meets again in Pharaoh's palace, and becomes a cent natures, the true and primal being survives ; and united line once more. And in such a starting, guided whatsoever in the way of knowledge, experience, insight, round to such a meeting, we have, not so much a roman- they may have since acquired, at the core of their goodtic story, as the mind of God revealed. Joseph's career ness, and interior to all things else, in the case of men is just predestination made familiar, and the providence like Wordsworth, Chalmers, Wilberforce, Mackintosh, of God made palpable. It burns and shines with present you will find the little child. Deity; and whilst it says to the sinner, “ Be sure your This is the first essential of success with children: sins will find you out," and tells that what man means you must have retained, or through grace recovered, this for evil God manages for good, it also proclaims,- early element—the little child—that freshest, youngest "O but the counsel of the Lord

form of yourself, on which have been superinduced all Doth stand for ever sure;

others. If, through worldliness, or pride, or misan

thropy, you have destroyed it, so that your heart is now From age to age endure."

hollow, you will have no sympathy with children, you will dislike or despise the little ones. And they will

soon find it out. The tap of the woodpecker does not THE LAMBS OF THE FLOCK.

more truly reveal the empty trunk than the pat of the “And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, little hand or the glance of the little eye detects the and blessed them."-MARK X. 16.

hollow beart; and if he draws away from you as from Palms, and some other trees of tropical countries, are a thing dead and dreary, be sorry for yourself

. You clever at growing upwards. Their trunks are often hol- may be rich, you may be learned, yon may be punctilow cylinders, and the effect of a new season is not so lious in practising the rites of religion; but if you have much to add an inch to their diameter as a cubit to their lost all the good things which the little child gathers in stature. A date is dropped into the soil, and presently its kingdom of heaven--if the sap and substance of there comes up a tuft of fronds; and as the little phønix these early springs have vanished, and left you dry as keeps growing, it pushes further and further up into the summer dust-be sorry for yourself. Scholarship, statesair this feathery crown, till at last there is a tall slimmanship, official station, are too dearly purchased by incolumn with neither branch nor bough, but, at the very fanticide by the destruction of that little child who is summit, a bright flisking canopy, from under which the not only the true father of the man, but who through golden clusters droop downward.

life would have been his best companion. But pines, and oaks, and elms, and nearly all the No doubt, the grace of God sometimes gives in the trees of England, have another way of growing. The new man a precious equivalent; but those are the riebacorn is dibbled into the loam, and by-and-by come up est, rarest, most delightful spirits, where all that was two tiny leaflets supported on their little stem. They sweet and simple in life's opening is prolonged into life's wither in autumn, but after the winter's rest the little progress, and where, amid all his thoughtfulness, all his nursling takes a new fit -of growing; but instead of care and sorrow, the veteran keeps the heart of the little merely thrusting forth new leaves at the summit, all child, and has never been cast forth from their comround and all the way up a new layer of soft pulpy fibre munion. Such a one, in warm and genial affinity, has is deposited under the bark, whilst, from the axils or the main requisite for being a “teacher of babes ; " and buds, branches break out; and so, season after season, whilst teaching, many will be the lessons which in turn every summer making the boughs spread wider and the he will learn from them. stein wax stronger, the oak holds on expanding, bush In what we say we are thinking of that period when and bole together, till a little congregation could worship infancy first opens into consciousness, and the young in its tent, till a house could be built from its timber. immortal begins to wake to the world's delight and

The oak, the apple, the cedąr, and most of the trees wonder. It is the period of simplicity, before conscience in our orchards and forests, are exogens or outgrowers, | has come to life, before such compound passions as revenge or envy are developed, when kindness gives | lacking, as in love. Even here, and in Christ's own content, but hardly awakens gratitude, when if in grief presence, the air was roughened with the east wind of there is little hope, there is joined with mirth no trem- controversy and remonstrance, when from the rebukes bling, for happiness does not yet cast its shadow fear. of angry apostles the timid trembling lambs found refuge It is the time when sensations too are simple, when food in the bosom of Jesus; caught up in the arms of the good and warmth are ample well-being; and perceptions are Shepherd, as he put his hands upon them, and breathed no less direct and unsophisticated, scarcely aspiring to his gentle blessing over them, the calm unspeakable be ideas; in the rich solution of the sense crystallization sank into their souls, and with no malice to neutralize not commenced, nor the pulp of feeling compressed and it, no unbelief to shut it out, the perfect peace of perfect dried into that tough fibre which men call matter of fact. love had possession of all their minds, and made the

Can you join them? Can you humble yourself as a moment memorable. little child? Can you look through their eyes? Can Milk for babes, the food convenient in the plainest you listen through their ears ? Can you remember how, porringer, the simplest truth: God is good; God is holy; amidst the soft grass of June, yon lay upon your back, God is here; God loves you; God hates falsehood, and gazed up and up for ever so far into the azure, and cruelty ;-the most familiar lesson of kindness, reverthought how pleasant would be to be an angel, and ence, civility, any day may give occasion for it, and the rest on that pure white cloud ? Do you remember how text is never far to seek. But do not forget that in life's you held close to your ear the conch or other winding soft and susceptible outset, quite as important as great shell, and wondered why the ghost of the ocean never truths is gracious influence. There are teachers who grew silent ? Can you get down to their level ?-enter- drive dogmas into the heads of little children-yes, and ing into the mind of their friends, for to them all things of grown people even-in the same way as Jael drove are friendly, and they have no mute companions—to the nail into the head of Sisera, and with much the them dogs and daisies, kittens and kingcups, all talk same result; but the doctrines of God's holy Word are distinctly—even books turned upside down have some- not so many spikes to be hammered into reluctant or thing to say, and empty chairs get lectures, if they do unwary heads, but they are seeds to be planted in an not give them. Can you join them k-entering into honest soil, hidden in the willing heart, and in order their thoughts, standing on tiptoe to look at the tran- that they may spring, they veed-what God's own Spirit scendental world, half Olympus, half Alhambra, wbich, alone can give sufficiently—the quickening warmth, the in crystal and silver and mountains of fruitage, spreads softening rain. But in a degree subordinate, the same upon the table, and which, in kingly, queenly forms, gracious influence is exerted by the truly spiritual, You rims its horizon, and then from the awful vision sub- who are a Christian parent, you who are a teacher of siding to every-day life amongst hassocks and toys on babes-nurse, foster-mother, grandmother Lois-whosothe carpet ?

ever you be who have to do with the little ones-perFor such little children, what is the best thing you can haps I should say, most chiefly you so little thanked, do ? By all means protect them ; keep them from but oh, how thankworthy !--the Marthas and Marys, the harm. Though you intend that at last it should be Annas and Phæbes, who, free from other bonds, are the hardy enough, and face a wintry world, at first you take handmaids of the Lord and the servants of the whole care of your seedling-take it into your greenhouse per- Church, and who, with gifts and affections which might chance, and then, when planted finally out, put a fence have brightened homes of your own, are now doing all around it to fend off heedless heels and browsing cattle. that unselfish goodness and gentle ministry can do to So, blessed are those seedlings of eternity which get a brighten others-imitate Jesus. Get into sympathy good start at first, which open existence where there is with him; seek his presence, seek his help. And walkno telling of lies, no rough chiding, none of that habitual ing through the world in his company, you will be a threatening which begets false and furtive ways. But balm in the bleakest weather, a benediction in the wildpositively, what is the best lesson for the little ones? est scene. Even demons which resist long fasting and Surely something very short ; a five minutes' task in an prayers, at the name of Jesus “fear and fly;" and that hour of play; a something very easy ; a sentence of one dear Name, as sung by infant voices, will to yourselves thought, a sentence of seven words, will be quite suffi- grow dearer, as the hope is awakened that your voices cient—“Love one another;" “Our Father who art in and theirs may yet unite in the Song of Moses and the heaven;" “Suffer the children to come unto me;" Lamb. As, in the Master's spirit, you take into your “Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me." But quite as arms the little ones, his own everlasting arms will enmuch as the instruction, the influence. If milk be the circle them and you; as on the little heart sobbing for food convenient, balm is the congenial atmosphere. its own offence, or for the unkindness of others, you lay Here we see the Saviour surrounded by little children ; your hand and still its tumult, a resistless voice will say but we are not told any questions that he asked these within, “ Peace, be still;" and as you tell of that “gentle infant scholars, nor anything that he bade them repeat, Jesus, meek and mild," he will pity both their and your important as is truth : others could do that ; and it is simplicity, and as in unseen presence he comes again, not so much in lectures or good lessons that our world is his blessing will breathe upon you.

Vithin Iron Walls.






the war.

Man, through all ages of revolving time,
Unchanging man, in every varying clime,
Deems his own land of every land the pride,
Beloved of Heaven o'er all the world beside ;
His home, the spot of earth supremely blest,

A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest."--MONTGOMERY.
UT it is time I came back from Nina | ages of twenty-five to thirty-five, was partially

and her trouble to other and put into force, and the National Guard re-
weightier things. Weightier, cer- organized.

tainly, in actual importance, but Always a city of soldiers in the days of the scarcely claiming a larger space in these pages. Empire, Paris now resounded with the din of In the fortnight that elapsed between the sur- arms. Everywhere men were being marshalled, render at Sedan and the investment of Paris, marched, and drilled. . Preparations were being one thought-one purpose-occupied the minds made in case the Prussians should succeed in of the Parisians, just as at the commencement of passing the outer line of forts, and attempt

One, as then; but how different a carrying the inner fortifications by assault. Barone! Then, it was the triumphal entrance of ricades were being erected; trees cut down and Berlin; now, it was the defence of Paris against their stumps sharpened. The ground of the a victorious foe.

enceinte was honeycombed to impede cavalry It was known by all that no obstacle of im- movements. The roads and avenues leading portance intercepted the path of the Germans in into the city were thronged with terror-stricken their march thitherwards. A few bridges had people, fleeing from their homes in the neighbeen blown up-a few avenues of trees felled bouring villages, bearing their poor possessions and laid across the highroads to obstruct the in great bundles, under the weight of which they progress of troops and artillery ; but the wisest staggered, or following the carts which contained amongst us smiled at these things — German them. The railway stations were crowded with foresight and skill would render them of little foreigners and wealthy Parisians, hurrying airay consequence. The forts either surrendered or

to avoid the dangers and privations of the siege, were passed by; we had no army ready to take —often it was impossible to find means of transthe field; and it seemed to be universally ac- port for all requiring them. Continually reports knowledged that the Prussians must be allowed were arriving of the close approach of the to invest Paris, and all thoughts and energies invading army, and the people began to grow were turned towards the defence of the capital. almost impatient at their delay. Days might The shattered remains of the Army of the Rhine, pass for weeks in times of suspense such as that. under Vinoy, was to form a nucleus for a new Most of our friends left for their country homet, one-the Army of the Defence. Recruits were or for other and distant parts of the country. At daily, hourly swelling its ranks. Large bodies first, on my mother's account and Nina's, me of strong vigorous peasants, chiefly from Brittany, thought of doing so ourselves; but as we should were brought into the city. The decree passed have had to have left Uncle Lucien and Victor in August-- after the disaster at Wörth—calling behind, we decided on remaining. to arms all unmarried men in Paris from the I had guessed rightly with regard to Vieter's

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