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1. 3. Another point of likeness lies in this, that on

The chief feature of similarity between the Similarly in the days of his personal ministry, figure and the greater fact which it predicts is, although he manifested himself only to the lost that each stands for all his own; and this prin- sheep of the house of Israel, he had compassion ciple of God's government, introduced at the on the surrounding heathen, and hastened forward beginning, runs through to the end.

to the day of their redemption. On one occasion The line of march was suddenly changed at he walked to the boundary of his allotted sphere, the resurrection of Christ. Then the column and touched the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. In left the narrow track of Palestine, and overflowed that outer land a Syrophenician woman felt the on the wide field of the world. Admitted into drawing of his love, and followed him—the firstthe capital of the Gentiles when Jerusalem fell, fruits of the Gentiles to Christ. it speedily found a larger sphere and became a more numerous company. As centuries pass, it both sides equally it is by birth that the members grows still greater ; and now we look wistfully are united to their head and his destiny. It is forward to that time when it shall reach from by birth that we are knit to our inheritance of sea to sea- —when the kingdom of Christ shall sin. If we had not descended by birth from a absorb the kingdoms of the world—when the fallen father, we would not have been in this constream of the second Adam's children shall be dition of sin and misery. The thought someco-extensive and coincident with that of the first. times presses for admission-What if we had

2. These two representatives stood side by side never been born ; or if we had descended from from the first, and redemption began to flow from the holy ?-but the conception is too hard for us. Christ as soon as sin was brought in by Adam. The mind cannot bear its weight; to entertain it The promise did not tarry; it sprang at the gate long would overwhelm our faculties. Not only of Eden, an echo of the curse. When the first is the thing impossible of attainment; the conman fell, and so entailed on all his posterity anception of it exceeds our power. We have been inheritance of woe, Christ, within the veil unseen, born to this inheritance of sin and suffering; we began to be the head of a new and saved family. cannot shake it off. We may weep over the disIn eternity within he dwelt, and there he began covery of our sad condition, and cry with an exceedto act the head of the redeemed, the moment that ing great and bitter cry, “Oh, wretched man that the first man outside became the head of a fallen I am! who shall deliver me?" but to that cry, apart race. An impenetrable partition veiled off the from the gospel revealed, no comforting answer can unseen from the eyes of men ; but the Redeemer

The depths saith, “It is not in me :" within the veil, delighting from the first in his it is not in earth, it is not in heaven, to cause saving work, approached the curtain, and often that to be not, which is. By birthright our dark permitted softened rays of his glory to shine heritage is ours, and the link that binds us to through.

it we cannot break. We are in it, and cannot Let a veil be hung up impervious to light and escape. 'vision ; it may yet be such that a magnet within But be of good cheer, prisoner of hope: the will, when brought near the boundary, attract chain that binds you by birth to the first Adam, it kindred objects on the outer side.

is true, cannot be broken ; but if by a correspondobserve them to quiver and move, and lift them ing new birth you are one with the second Adam, selves mysteriously off the ground. The magnetic you have no cause to weep. Greater is He that power from within grasps the objects that lie is for you than all that be against you. You without, and leads them whithersoever it will. cannot, indeed, escape from being a man; but if Under the Patriarchal and Jewish economies many you are a new creature in Christ Jesus, the second felt the drawing of Christ's love who never with birthright is as irrevocable as the first. If you the bodily eyes beheld Christ. Caught by the are once born, nothing can separate you from your deepest affections of their souls, they arose from heritage, except to be re-born. But if you are the dust, and quivered tremulously after him, born again, nothing can separate you from your whom having not seen they had yet learned to love. new inheritance. Both birth-bonds are indis

ever come.

You may

soluble. Though the weight of a world were in part. It comes about in this way: When fixed to you, and flung into infinite space, it we derive a sinful nature from the first man, we would not avail to wrench you off your stem in have previously no other and better nature, that Adam, with all the twofold death that it involves ; may mingle with it and mitigate its evil : we but though all the weight of a world were fixed possess the evil all, and the evil only. The to a member of Christ, and flung free into infini- imagination of the thoughts of his heart are only tude, it could not separate the living member evil, and that continually. In me, that is in my from the life-giving Head. It is a fixed principle flesh—in all that I derive from man my fatherof natural science that species do not change. In there dwelleth no good thing. the material department of God's creation there But on the other hand, the regeneration is not is no way over from one nature to another : once the birth of a being who did not previously exist. in a nature always in it, without a new creation. It is the getting of a new nature, indeed, and that But that which is impossible with man is pos- a holy one, through union in spirit with Christ, sible with God. He has undertaken in the gos- the holy Man; but it is gotten by one who pel to make a new creature. As the principle previously possessed an evil nature, and that evil operates in the first Adam's posterity, so it ope- nature is not wholly cast away. It is cast down rates in the second Adam's posterity. “I am per- from the throne, but not cast forth from the suaded that neither death, nor life, nor things territory. It no longer reigns, but it continues present, nor things to come, nor height, nor to disturb. The old mingles with, and spoils depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to

the new.

The two contend against each other; separate us from the love of God, which is in and there is not peace, but a sword. The actual Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom. viii. 38, 39). life of a Christian, accordingly, is neither wholly

carnal nor wholly spiritual—it is neither a straight II. The difference.

line in the direction of goodness, nor a straight The chief point of contrast lies in this, that line in the direction of badness; it is a sort of whereas Adam's seed derive from their head sin diagonal, traced by the opposite pressure of the and death, Christ's seed derive from their Head two forces. (See Rom. vii.). righteousness and life. This birth is meanness, The union with Christ in the regeneration is that is honour; this birth is darkness, that is likened to the grafting of a fruit-tree. Now the light; this birth is death, that is life.

tree at the first, which springs from seed, is wholly One of the strangest facts in human history, evil-root and branch. When it is grafted it is -a fact which I suppose angels desire to look made good ; but not so completely as it was into, and yet shudder when they see--is that originally made evil. Its head is taken away; multitudes of the human race are proud of their but its root, and lower portion of the stem, are first birth, and do not give themselves any con- left living in the ground. On this old stump a cern about a second. They count the little great, new and good branch is grafted. It is the new and the great little; the evil good, and the good branch that grows upward and bears the fruit, evil Woe to them that so turn upside down but it must lean on and get its life-sap through the very ground themselves must stand upon ! the old root and stem of the old evil tree. Al

This contrast between the type and the thing though the good head engrafted always brings which it represents, is over all. The two are in forth good fruit, the old evil root is continually this respect not only unlike each other, but com- putting forth shoots and buds and blossoms of plete and absolute contraries.

its own, that are evil, and that waste the strength Under this, however, there are many specific which should go to the good. points of difference.

A similar defect, from a similar cause, adheres 1. While Adam's seed in this world possess to Christians as long as they are in this life. the moral nature of their head complete, Christ's They are still the same persons that they were seed possess the moral nature of their Head only before. The lower parts remain : the physical in part. We get the evil in full, the good only I frame and the intellectual faculties remain; it is

and grows.

the higher or spiritual nature that has been radi- lie the regenerate—the true, vital seed of the cally changed. The old spirit has been taken kingdom; and the crust that surrounds them, away, and a new spirit inserted. The seed of compact and highly organized though it be, will Christ in the higher part, has been inserted in crumble and be cast away. The Bridegroom the seed of Adam in the lower part; and, alas ! and they that were ready went in to the marriage; the fruit that grows even on a Christian tastes and the rest were shut out. When the Earth of the old corrupt root on which it still stands and all that it contained has passed away, Christ

and Christians will remain, inheritors together In some way, we know not how, the remnants and alone of the eternal life. of the old will be filtered out in the dissolution 3. Another point of difference. Although we of death ; and nothing shall enter heaven that inherit this corruption from the first man, we perwould defile its golden streets, or be a jar in its sonally have no immediate relation to him. We new song

inherit directly from our own immediate fore2. The two bands are not equally numerous. fathers. With Adam personally we have no Adam's company includes absolutely the whole of personal relation, in the matter

personal relation, in the matter of a descending the human race; Christ's company is contained moral taint. Although it came from the first within it, and is therefore necessarily smaller, as man originally, we received it from the last that the whole is greater than a part.

stood before us in the line. If we could suppose 1 Cor. xv. :

As in Adam all die, so in Christ our first progenitor to be from this time forth shall all be made alive.” These words do not annihilated, we should remain in the same state, intimate that the two companies are co-extensive as to inherited corruption. We derived it not and coincident: no man with his eyes open can immediately from him, but from our nearest read the words in their connection, and think father. that this is their meaning. The meaning is, In It is not thus in the relation between Christ Adam, Adam's all die ; in Christ, Christ's all and Christians. It is from him that their life live. It tells that all who are in Adam die, and flows as its fountain : but further, each generaall who are in Christ live; but it does not tell tion of believing men, down to the end of the how many either company contains. We know world, continue to draw their spiritual life and certainly from other scriptures that Adam's com- justifying righteousness directly and immediately pany consists of all the born, and Christ's of all from the person of Emmanuel. It is not that. the born-again. To cleave to the letter bere, and Christ gave forth a germ of new spiritual life, understand it to announce that all the human once for all, and that each new generation of race are actually saved in Christ, contradicts Christians derive their better life from those that the whole spirit of the Scriptures, and makes went immediately before them. No; the new both their exhortations and their warnings of creature does not propagate its kind. A Christian none effect.

now gets his life as directly from Christ as those God's creatures of the old and new creation who lay in his bosom or sat at his feet. Death seem to envelop each other, after the manner of once imparted at the sources of humanity, runs a sphere within a sphere, the most precious being down its streamı; but life imparted to one man by embedded in the heart. Humanity, comparatively the God-man Christ, needs to be equally imparted small in bulk, is surrounded by the mightier mass to every saved sinner, by personal relation with of the inferior creatures, the beasts that perish. the Saviour. If the first Adam were annihilated, Men, immortal, made in God's image, lie in the the born of the human race would still be born in heart like the kernel, and all inferior organized sin; but if Christ were no more Christ, there beings encompass it like a huge husk. The husk could be no more for any man a new, a holy life. will in due time rend and rot and return to the The difference is somewhat like that which dust. But within the mass of humanity that may be found in nature between a tree propagating remains is an inner ed, encased around by a its kind by seed on the one ha and a tree susharder, rougher shell. In the heart of humanity taining its branches on the other. When once the seed is ripened and cast, the progenitor tree may do us serious harm. In Christ we are far may be burned; but from the seed trees of the better than we would have been as unfallen same kind will spring. But even when the branch children of Adam. Had we entered the society of has been put forth by the tree, the branch is every heaven as men that had kept their first estate, we year, and all the year, directly dependent on should have been accepted as perfect men ; but the tree. If the tree should die, all the branches when a ransomed sinner is admitted to the joy of would die too. The corruption we inherit from the Lord and the company of angels, he enters as Adam, as the seed has come from the tree; the one with Him who sits upon the throne. With new life we can only have in Christ, as the branch man unfallen, there would, as far as we can see, lives in the vine. Adam might say, I was the have been no incarnation of the Eternal Son. God tree, and ye grew from the seed which I shed; in Christ would not have been so near to us : we but Christ says, I am the vine, ye are the branches. would not have been so near to him. The un

And as Christians hold directly of Christ, Christ fallen would have been good servants ; but the holds individually by Christians. The Vine bleeds ransomed, by brotherhood of nature with the and languishes when the branches are torn away. Divine Redeemer, have attained the place of be"Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?" The Head loved children. endures pain when the members are injured. Great was the joy set before our Redeemer How safe is that life which is hid with Christ when he undertook our cause : great is the joy in God!

he is reaping now when his work is finished. He 4. Yet another point of difference. The gain has gotten a multitude, like the stars of heaven, by the second Adam is greater than the loss by the nearer to himself, and higher than the angels. first. The Scripture intimates, indeed, that there God compels evil to become the instrument of is a likeness,—that Adam is a figure of Christ. good on a wider sphere than this world. When a But having made the intimation of the similarity, portion of the angels fell, that fall, by omniscient it proceeds immediately to intimate that there is forethought and infinite love, was so directed that also a dissimilarity:"But not as the offence, so also it set agoing a process which never ceased until is the free gift. For if through the offence of one it had raised from the dust a countless family of many be dead, much more the grace of God, and God's children to a higher place than angels ever the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus held. Christ, hath abounded unto many." (v. 15.) The This hope might be the source of unmeasured gain in Christ is not merely the loss that we sus- joy to believers. This union to the Lord that tained made

up. He pays our debt, and makes us bought us, and this destined elevation to sit with rich besides. He sets free the slave, and makes him upon his throne, should surely cheer us in him a son. "Where sin abounded, grace did much the house of our pilgrimage. This promised dawn more abound.” A blessed word this "much should give us songs in the night. But he who more"!

hath this hope in Him should purify himself even There is a mystery here. We may stand on as He is pure. No unfair or foul thing should lodge the brink of this great deep, and reverently gaze in the bosom of the man who is already in a into its far-receding, limitless light; but this is a flutter of expectation,-as not knowing what thing which we cannot fully comprehend ; and moment he may be called into the presence of the attempts to be wise in it above what is written Great King.

JAKE first the statement that unless our needs to be sown in spring. The first fifteen years of

children are saved in early life they pro- life, and often the first six, decide the eternal destiny.
bably never will be. They who go over The first thing to do with a lamb is to it in the

the twentieth year without Christ are apt arms of the great Shepherd. Of course, we must obto go all the way without him. Grace, like flower seed, I serve natural laws. Give a child excessive meat diety,

and it will grow up sensual, and catechisın three times the exercise so interesting that little Johnny will stop a day, and sixty grains in each dose, won't prevent it. playing with his shoe-strings, and Jenny will quit rubTalk much in your child's presence about the fashions, bing the cat's fur the wrong way. Let the prayer be and it will be fond of dress, notwithstanding all your pointed and made up of small words, and no wise inlectures on humility. Fill your house with gossip, and formation to the Lord about things he knows without your children will tattle. Culture them as much as your telling him. Let the children feel they are prayed you will, but give them plenty of money to spend, and for. Have a hynin, if any of you can sing. Let the they will go to destruction,

season be spirited, appropriate, and gladly solemn. But while we are to use common sense in every

direc- Family prayer also fails when the whole day is not tion respecting a child, the first thing is to strive for its in harmony with it. A family prayer, to be worth any. conversion; and there is nothing more potent than family thing, ought to be twenty-four hours long. It ought to prayers. No child ever gets over having heard parents give the pitch to all the day's work and behaviour. The pray for him. I had many sound thrashings when I day when we get thoroughly mad upsets the morning was a boy (not as many as I ought to have had, for I devotion. The life must be in the same key with the was the last child, and my parents let me off), but the devotion. most memorable scene in my childhood was father and Family prayer is infinitely important. If you are a mother at morning and evening prayers. I cannot for- parent, and are not a professor of religion, and do not get it, for I used often to be squirming around on the feel able to compose a prayer, get some one of the many floor, and looking at them while they were praying. books that have been written, put it down before you, Your son may go to the ends of the earth, and run and read prayers for the household. God has said that through the whole catalogue of transgression, but he be will “pour out his fury upon the families that call will remember the family altar, and it will be a check, not upon his name.” and a call, and perhaps his redemption.

Prayer for our children will be answered. My grandFamily prayers are often of no use. Perhaps they mother was a praying woman. My father's name was are too hurried. We have so much before us of the David. One day he and other members of the family day's work, that we hustle the children together. We started for a gay party. Grandmother said : Go, get half through the chapter before the family are seated. David, and enjoy yourself ; but all the time you and We read as if we were reading for a wager. We drop your brothers and sisters are there, I will be praying for on our knees, and are in the second or third sentence you.” They went, but did not have a very good time, before they all get down. It is an express train, with knowing that their mother was praying for them. The amen for the first depot. We rush for the hat and next morning, grandmother heard loud weeping in the overcoat, and are on the way to the store, leaving the room below. She went down and found her daughter impression that family prayers are a necessary nuisance; crying violently. What was the matter? She was in and we had better not have had any gathering of the anxiety about her soul-an anxiety that found no relief family at all. Better have given them a kiss all around; short of the Cross. Word came that Darid was at the it would have taken less time, and would have been barn in great agony. Grandmother went and found him more acceptable to God and them.

on the barn-floor, praying for the life of his soul. The Fanıily prayers often fail in adaptedness. Do not read news spread to the neighbouring houses, and other for the morning lesson a genealogical chapter, or about parents became anxious about their children, and the Samson setting the foxes' tails on fire, or the prophecy influence spread to the village of Somerville, and there about the horses, black and red, and speckled, unless you was a great turning unto God, and over two hundred explain why they were speckled. To read these portions souls in one day stood up in the village church to profess without explanation to the children, is not rightly to faith in Christ! And it all started from my granddivide the Word. Rather give the story of Jesus, and mother's prayer for her sons and daughters. May God the children climbing into his arms, or the lad with the turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the loaves and fishes, or the Sea of Galilee dropping to sleep hearts of the children to their fathers, lest he come and under Christ's lullaby. Stop and ask questions. Make smite the earth with a curse.—T. De Witt Talmage.


BY S. S. H.

E who knows nothing of pillow-prayers is we there have any need of the night in which to rest

ignorant of one of the sweetest modes of us; but here there is a night, and we need it. The prayer practicable to man on earth. In day with its engrossments being gone, it is a most

heaven we may have no need of pillows, as favourable time for the gathering in of our thoughts it is said we are to have none for the sun. Nor shall upon ourselves, our sins, our wants, fears, and hopes,

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