History of the Eighteenth Century and of the Nineteenth Till the Overthrow of the French Empire: With Particular Reference to Mental Cultivation and Progress, Zväzok 3

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Chapman and Hall, 1844
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Strana 496 - Non possidentem multa vocaveris Recte beatum : rectius occupat Nomen beati qui deorum Muneribus sapienter uti Duramque callet pauperiem pati, Pejusque leto flagitium timet, Non ille pro caris amicis Aut patria timidus perire.
Strana 121 - ... were the most favourable events which could have occurred for the accomplishment of Peter's great plans. He was now master in Poland. In the Swedish, German, and French adventurers who had been in Charles's army, he received the very best instructors of his people. Among those who entered into his service, there were experienced officers, artillerymen, architects, and engineers. The Swedes, who for thirteen years long were neither set at liberty nor received from their impoverished country the...
Strana 497 - After he had hung six minutes he was cut down, and, having life in him as he lay upon the block, to be quartered, the executioner gave him several blows on his breast, which not having the effect designed, he immediately cut his throat ; after which he took his head off; then ripped him open, and. took out his bowels and heart, and threw them into a fire, which consumed them ; then he slashed his four quarters, and put them with the head into. a coffin...
Strana 119 - Falls (Zaparogians) against him; and Piper entreated him, to no purpose, to draw nearer to the Poles, who were favourable to his cause, and to march towards the Dnieper; he continued, however, to sacrifice his men by his march, till, in February (1709), a thaw set in. He was successful in gaining the favour of the Zaparogians through their hetman, Horodenski; but fortune had altogether forsaken the Swedes since January.
Strana 392 - Bien des gens savent, dit-il, combien j'ai été opposé aux résolutions que nous avons prises, et que j'ai été en quelque façon forcé d'y consentir. Votre Excellence est trop instruite de tout ce qui se passe pour ne pas deviner celui qui mit tout en œuvre pour déterminer le roi à entrer dans une ligue qui était si contraire à mon goût et à. mes principes.
Strana 171 - The Swedes had demanded a cessation of hostilities' during the whole time in which the negotiations were pending, but Peter only granted it till May, 1721, in order to compel the council of state to come to a resolution by that time ; and as they still procrastinated, the whole coast of Sweden was again plundered and devastated in the month of June. The Russian incendiaries landed in sight of the English, whose fleet, under admiral Norris, still continued in the Baltic, but did not venture to lend...
Strana 138 - ... with the army as his own substitute, recommended him to provide magazines, to spare the country, and to punish every act of violence with death. This, however, was all to no purpose, as Mentchikof emulated the common Russians in robbery and destruction. He compelled the inhabitants of Dantzig to pay him 400,000 dollars, and Peter extorted 100,000 from Riga ; but again, in the commencement of the following year, offered the emperor of Germany 30,000 Russians to serve against...
Strana 120 - Dnieper, and accompanied by a small guard, to take refuge in Turkey. His plan was to reach the Bug over the pasture lands which then belonged to the Tatars on the Black Sea, and, aided by the Turks and the Tatars, to make his way first to Otchakov and then to Bender, whence he hoped to persuade the Turks to take part in the Polish affairs.
Strana 172 - Bestuzhev was powerful in the Swedish council, and at the same time, in compliance with the wishes of his master, allured artists, artisans, workmen, and all those who had been deprived of occupation or ruined by the late inroads of the Russians, to remove with their tools, manufactures, and trades to Russia. Peter employed these people in all parts of his empire to raise up manufactories, to originate trades, and to set mines and iron-works in action. The Russian minister spoke in a no less commanding...
Strana 172 - ... this time forward, the despotic sway and military oppression of Russia became the dread of all neighbouring countries and people. All contributed to the external greatness and splendour of the ruler of a barbarous but powerful race of slaves, whom he constrained to adopt the vestments of civilisation. The czar commanded in Poland and Scandinavia, where weak or wicked governments were constantly in dread from the discontent of the people. He also gained an influence in Germany, which ultimately...

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