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The present work, it is hoped, will supply a want long felt in the literature of the Catacombs. That literature, it is true, is very voluminous; but it is for the most part locked up in rare and costly folios in foreign languages, and inaccessible to the general reader Recent discoveries have refuted some of the theories and corrected many of the statements of previous books in English on this subject; and the present volume is the only one in which the latest results of exploration are fully given, and interpreted from a Protestant point of view.

The writer has endeavored to illustrate the subject by frequent pagan sepulchral inscriptions, and by citations from the writings of the Fathers, which often throw much light on the condition of early Christian society. The value of the work is greatly enhanced, it is thought, by the addition of many hundreds of early Christian inscriptions carefully translated, a very large proportion of which have never before appeared in English. Those only who have given some attention to epigraphical studies can conceive the difficulty of this part of the work. The defacements of time, and frequently the original imperfection of the inscriptions and the ignorance of their writers, demand the utmost carefulness to avoid errors of interpretation. The writer has been fortunate in being assisted by the veteran scholarship of the Rev. Dr. McCaul, well known in both Europe and America as one of the highest living authorities in epigraphical science, under whose critical revision most of the translations have passed. Through the enterprise of the publishers this work is more copiously illustrated, from original and other sources, than any other work on the subject in the language; thus giving more correct and vivid impressions of the unfamiliar scenes and objects delineated than is possible by any mere verbal description. References are given, in the foot-notes, to the principal authorities quoted, but specific acknowledgment should here be made of the author's indebtedness to the Cavaliere De Rossi's Roma Sotterranea and Inscriptiones Christianæ, by far the most important works on this fascinating but difficult subject.

Believing that the testimony of the Catacombs exhibits, more strikingly than any other evidence, the immense contrast between primitive Christianity and modern Romanism, the author thinks no apology necessary for the somewhat polemical character of portions of this book which illustrate that fact. He trusts that it will be found a contribution of some value to the historical defense of the truth against the corruptions and innovations of Popish error.

New YORK, 1874.


Page Fug.

Page 1. Entrance to Catacomb of 25. Tombs on Appian Way, 165

St. Priscilla...... 12 26. Plan of Area in Callixtan 2. Entrance to Catacomb of


171 St. Prætextatus...... 1627. Plan of Crypt of St. Peter 3. Part of Callixtan Cata

and St. Paul...... 187 comb

17 | 28. Crypt of St. Peter and St. 4. Gallery with Tombs.... 18

Paul ....

188 5. Interior of Corridor... 20 29. Section of Catacomb of 6. Loculi-Open and Closed 23 Helena......

191 7. Tomb of Valeria....... 24 30. Entrance to Catacomb of 8. Arcosolium with Perfo

St. Agnes....... 195 rated Slab..

25 i 31. Mithraic Painting.. 216 9. Plan of Double Chamber. 2632. Leaf Point...

227 10. Section of Gallery and 33. Phonetic Symbol-Leo.. 229 · Cubicula

27 34. Phonetic Symbol-PorII. Suite of Chambers. 28

cella ..

230 12. Vaulted Chamber with 35. Phonetic Symbol-NaColumns


230 13. Cubiculum with Arcoso- 36. Wool-comber's Implelia ......

ments ....

231 14. Section of Catacomb of 37. Carpenter's Implements. 231 Callixtus ..

32 38. Vine Dresser's Tomh... 232 15. Cubicula with Luminare. 35 39. Symbolical Anchor. ..... 234 16. Gallery in St. Hermes.. 42 40. Symbolical Ship.... 235 17. Part of Wall of Gallery 41. Symbolical Palm and in St. Hermes,


236 18. Slab in Jewish Catacomb. 51 42. Symbolical Doves. 237 19. Epitaph of Martyrus.... 66 43. Symbolical Dove.. 238 20. Reputed Martyr Symbol. 77 44. Doves and Vase. 238 21. Epitaph of Lannus, a 45. Locus Primi...

238 Martyr.

98 46. Symbolical Peacock.... 240 22. Secret Stairway in Cata

47. The Good Shepherd.... 245 comb of Callixtus.... 101 48. Good Shepherd with 23. Diogenes the Fossor.. 133 Syrinx ..

246 24. Fossor at Work. 134 49. Symbolical Lamb..


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