Satires, epistles, and art of poetry: done into English, with notes

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T.W., 1729 - 477 strán (strany)
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Strana 437 - Also a Cheap Edition in I vol., 6s. Gordon's (General) Last Journal. A Facsimile of the last Journal received in England from GENERAL GORDON. Reproduced by Photo-lithography. Imperial 410, £3 y. Events in his Life. From the Day of his Birth to the Day of his Death.
Strana 423 - ... while he is only careful of the main. On the other side, he likens the mediocrity of wit to one of a mean fortune, who manages his store with extreme frugality, or rather parsimony; but who, with fear of running into profuseness, never arrives to the magnificence of living. This kind of genius writes indeed correctly. A wary man he is in grammar: very nice as to solecism or barbarism, judges to a hair of little decencies, knows better than...
Strana 425 - The Lappet of the Gown which us'd to be , brought up to the Left Shoulder, being drawn thence, Was...
Strana 371 - Romans thought themfelves in Converfation when they heard his Comedies: 'He confin'd himfelf in all his Characters within the Bounds of Nature, and that is the Reafon that he is fo much admir'd. Dr. Bentley in his Eflay, De Arte Terentiana, remarks upon this Paflage.
Strana 233 - Tfrhich he was defended by the Bolfter that fupported his own Back, commonly reaching over to .the Navel of the other Man ; and the reft after the fame Manner. Being fettled on the Beds, in the next Place they wafli their Hands : Strata'q; fuper difcumbitur oflro ; Dant manibus famuli lympbasi Virg.
Strana 151 - Afterwards they attempted to veil their impious barbarity with the specious show of pleasure and voluntary combat. And therefore, training up, in some tolerable knowledge of weapons, such persons as they had procured, they obliged them, upon the day appointed for sacrificing to departed ghosts, to maintain a mortal encounter at the tombs of their friends.
Strana 402 - Tres mihi convivae prope diflentire videntur, Pofcentes vario multum diverfa palato. Quid dem ? quid non dem? renuis quod tu, jubet alter: Quod petis, id fane eft invifum acidumque duobus.
Strana 115 - ... length, hooked and jagged at the end. They took abundance of care in joining the two parts together, and did it so artificially, that it would sooner break in the iron itself than in the joint. Every man had tw» of these pila ; and this number the poet alludes to : Bina manu lato crispans hastiliaferro.
Strana 90 - IBAM forte via Sacra, sicut meus est mos, Nescio quid meditans nugarum, totus in illis : Accurrit quidam notus mihi nomine tantum, Arreptaque manu, "Quid agis, dulcissime rerum?" " Suaviter ut nunc est," inquam, " et cupio omnia quae vis." Cum assectaretur: "Num quid vis?" occupo. At ille, "Noris nos," inquit;
Strana 333 - Palace, but fhall at the fame Time not excufe him, . if he can't content himfelf . with a Cottage.

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