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Strana 315 - TRAVELS ON HORSEBACK IN MANTCHU TARTARY: being a Summer's Ride beyond the Great Wall of China. By GEORGE FLEMING, Military Train. 1 vol. royal 8vo, •with Map and 50 Illustrations. " Mr. Fleming's narrative is a most charming one. He has an untrodden region to tell of, and he photographs it and its people and their ways. Life-like descriptions are interspersed with personal anecdotes, local legends, and stories of adventure, some of them revealing no common artistic power.
Strana 315 - AND ADVENTURES OF AN OFFICER'S WIFE IN INDIA, CHINA, AND NEW ZEALAND. By Mrs. MUTER, Wife of Lieut-Colonel DD MUTER, 13th (Prince Albert's) Light Infantry. 2 vols. 21s.
Strana 314 - Amen ! Amen ! One who knew him well, and may with good cause love him, has said : " But for Irving, I had never known what the communion of man with man means. His was the freest, brotherliest, bravest human soul mine ever came in contact with : I call him, on the whole, the best man I have ever, after trial enough, found in this world, or now hope to find.
Strana 315 - MEMOIRS OF JANE CAMERON, FEMALE CONVICT. By a Prison Matron, Author of " Female Life in Prison." 2 vols. 21s. " This narrative, as we can well believe, is truthful in every important particular — a faithful chronicle of a woman's fall and rescue. It is a book that ought to be widely read.
Strana 292 - Round her she made an atmosphere of life. The very air seem'd lighter from her eyes — They were so soft and beautiful, and rife With all we can imagine of the skies, And pure as Psyche ere she grew a wife — Too pure even for the purest human ties; Her overpowering presence made you feel It would not be idolatry to kneel.
Strana 314 - We who read these memoirs must own to the nobility of Irving's character, the grandeur of his aims, and the extent of his powers. His friend Carlyle bears this testimony to his worth...
Strana 317 - History of England from the Accession of James I. to the Disgrace of Chief Justice Coke
Strana 313 - Germains, the wars of William of Orange, the campaigns of Marlborough, the intrigues of Duchess Sarah, and the town life of fine ladies and gentlemen during the days of Anne. With all this is...
Strana 315 - Dr. Mouat's book, whilst forming a most important and valuable contribution to ethnology, will be read with interest by the general reader.
Strana 319 - It is not merely the work of a truly great man, but it is his great and favourite work — the fruit of years of thought and labour. Victor Hugo is almost the only French imaginative writer of the present century who is entitled to be considered as a man of genius. He has wonderful poetical power, and he has the faculty, which hardly any other French novelist possesses, of drawing beautiful as well as striking pictures. Another feature for which Victor Hugo's book deserves high praise is its perfect...

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