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10. He endeavours to show that of the distinguishing tenets of his religion is founded on the sa- Menno, was conducted with concred scriptures.

siderable acrimony on both sides. II. “ The True Faith of Chris- Menno accuses Gellius of being tians, &c.” In this treatise are the cause of the persecutions of contained his peculiar views re- his party. X.“ A piteous Supspecting the Incarnation. III. plication of poor Christians, ad" Fundamental Doctrines from dressed to magistrates, &c.” In. the word of God.” Regeneration this work the connexion between and its fruits—The regenerate the party of Menno and the Anaform the true church of Christ baptists of Munster is abundantly Their weapons not carnal, but disproved. XI. “ A brief Vinspiritual — They seek no kingdom dication of miserable Christians but that of grace-Adult baptism and dispersed Strangers, &c. Ad- The Lord's Supper - Church dressed to all divines and preachdiscipline-Christians daily laers in the Netherlands." XIII. ment their sins-- They have no “On the Person of Christ.” XXII. justifying righteousness but that “A Treatise against the horrible which proceeds from faith in Blasphemy of John of Leyden, Christ-Exhortation to the dis- / &c." This was written - either persed and concealed children of before his secession from the God faithfully to persevere in church of Rome, or very soon sanctity of life. IV.“ A conso- afterwards. latory Admonition to the people He also wrote a Narrative of his of God under persecution.” Chris. Secession from Popery, which he tians are here particularly exhort- thus concludes :

" Because we ed never to have recourse to arms. are with so much acrimony and VII. “ The Doctrine of Excom- | falsehood accused by our adver. munication." Definition - Who saries of assenting to the dogmas are to be excommunicated-De- of the Munster Anabaptists, and sign; namely, that transgressors of agreeing with them in the artimay be ashamed and may repent; cles concerning the King, the and that the church may preserve Sword, Sedition, Vindictive Reits purity-Duty of the pious to crimination, Polygamy, and other withdraw from them, and to abominations; know, my good have no dealings with them, lest reader, that in the whole course they be defiled, and the name of my life I never assented to of God be blasphemed-That ex- those tenets of Munzer, but, accommunication dissolves all so- cording to my feeble capacity, for ciety between father and chil- the

of seventeen years, have dren, brothers and sisters, hus- dehorted every one from imbibing bands and wives, union with their horrible errors; and have Christ by faith being infinitely led some back into the right way. more important than any earthly I never saw Munster; I never union. This severe practice is was in their society and comrejected by all the present Men munion; and I hope, by the grace nonites, except the Uckewallists of God, never to eat or drink with and the Dantzigers; and even such persons, if any, such remain, these have abated in some degree as the scriptures teach me, except its severity. IX.“ Reply to Gel- they shall confess their wickedlius Faber, minister at Embden." |ness from the heart, and shall This dispute, which respects most bring forth the genuine fruits of repentance, and rightly obey the of different countries, who were gospel.”


persecuted under the name of In Dr. Rippon's Baptist Regis- Anabaptists, and contains a hister, Vol. I. p. 303–312, there is tory of the cruel deaths of thoua catalogue of the Baptist sands of persons, few of whom churches in the Netherlands. have been heard of in this counThey still bear the names of Wa- try. This indefatigable author terlanders, Frieslanders, and published, likewise, a useful work Flemings; but they all hold com- in octavo, for young persons, munion with each other, except which has passed through four the Switzers and the Old Flem- editions. He died at the early ings.

age of thirty-nine. A quarto voIt may not be improper to close lume of fifty-one Sermons was the life of so eminent a person published after his death. among the Dutch Baptists, with Would not a good translation mentioning “The Martyrology of of Van Braght's Martyrology be the Baptists:" by Tielman Van an acceptable present to the reliBraght. It is a work of immense gious world ?* labour. The first edition was published in a large folio volume at Dordrecht, in 1660; the second, THE GREAT PHYSICIAN with more than 100 engravings,

NEGLECTED. at Amsterdam, in 1685. This work is divided into two books. It is dedicated to the Divine Be- of the Magazine, expatiated upon

A WRITER in the last Number ing. After the Dedication there the dignity of the Saviour's per: are two Addresses: one to the

son, and the exceeding riches of members of the Mennonite


in an animated and churches; the other to readers

truly evangelical strain. How in general. Then follows an epi. happy are the inhabitants of this tome of the work. book contains two parts, each kingdom, who are constantly re

ceiving instruction upon this most of which is divided into ceno interesting of all subjects, both turies, from the apostolic age from the pulpit and the press ! down to the author's own time. One would think, from the abunThe first part contains “ A cir- dant means whereby religious cumstantial

Account of the True knowledge in England is commuChurch of God in its origin, Pro- nicated and diffused, that but few gress, and unshaken Stability of its highly-favoured sons and through all Ages.”. An Appendix daughters could be without opto this part contains Three Con

portunities of bearing, in some fessions of Faith of the Mennon

faithful ites. The second part contains way or other, that it is a “An Account of the Origin, Pro- saying, and worthy of all acceptagress, and Conduct of the False tion, that Jesus Christ came into

the world to save sinners." And Church through all Ages." Each century contains an account of yet who is there that is at all acthe persecutions of the Baptists, and quotations from their writings

* The engraving, prefixed to this arin favour of believers' baptism. ticle, was taken from a portrait of Men

no, which formerly hung up in the vestry The second book is entirely com- of the Mennonite congregation, at Rot. posed of accounts of the trials terdam, but which has been presented to and sufferings of Baptist martyrs the Editors of this Magazine.



quainted with the state of society a similar cause? God has given in our cities, towns, and villages, them his word, and ministers to that does not know, from the ig-publish the unsearchable riches norance which exists, and the dis- of Christ, and to declare the unsipation which prevails, that a paralleled sufficiency of his blood large proportion of our country- to take away the guilt and pollumen are still labouring under the tion of sin. Does not the fault most fatal of all diseases, namely, lie wholly in the patients thema carnal mind, which is enmity selves, who refuse to submit to against God, and which is not the prescription? Is not the blood subject to his law, neither indeed of Christ more sufficient to heal can be? Jehovah is saying in his the wounded conscience, and the word, respecting the state of so. distempered heart, than any me. ciety in England, as well as of dicines to cure the diseases of the Israel, “ I hearkened and heard, body? Why then are not sinners but they spake not aright; no healed ? The Saviour himself, man repented of his wickedness, the great Physician, answers the saying, What have I done ?" In question—" They will not come stead of a spirit of contrition and unto me that they may have self-condemnation, does there not life.” evidently prevail, even among Among these are many who, those who would be classed with notwithstanding the plain declathe disciples of the Saviour, a ration that

all Aesh have corspirit of presumption and self- rupted their way,” nevertheless justification? Is there not reason deem themselves whole, and insist to apprehend, that very many upon it that they "need not the persons who hear evangelical Physician." Ignorant of God's preachers, are still unconverted righteousness, they go about to and unsanctified ? To all such it establish their own righteousness; may be said, in the impassioned and thus all the awful denuncialanguage of the weeping prophet, tions of the law of God are lost “ Is there no balm in Gilead ? Is upon them. They have no conthere no physician there? Why ception that they are the “ wickthen is not the health of the ed, with whom God is

angry daughter of my people reco- every day;" that their prayer is vered ?"

an abomination to the Lord; that The interrogation supposes that they are the proud whom the the continued maladies of Israel Lord abhors. Hence, through arose from infidelity. “God had the pride of their countenance, sent prophets,” says Bishop they do not seek after God; nor Lowth, so many spiritual repent of their wickedness; nor physicians; and they had given inquire what they shall do to be them the best advice; but the saved; nor bathe in the fountain fault lay wholly in the patients which is open for sin and uncleanthemselves, who refused to sub- ness; nor apply to the balm in mit to their prescriptions." And Gilead, and the Physician there. may not the unsuccessfulness of There are persons so bewildered the means of spiritual instruction, with erroneous views of their own for the renovation of the heart, character, that the skill of the and the sanctification of the life, great Physician is utterly unknown of those who are hearers of the to them. The God of this world gospel of Christ, be attributed to has blinded their eyes, lest the


light of the glorious gospel of one that believeth. Is it therefore Christ should shine upon them. any wonder that, while they are It is to them as if there were no substituting other means of cure, Saviour, nor Sanctifier. They and other methods of recovery, trust in themselves that they are for those which God has appointrighteous, and expect heaven ed, their malady remains ? If without faith, regeneration, or an ignorant person should reholiness of heart and life. Of this solve to be his own physician, class, it is to be feared, are many and should refuse all medicines of the children of Christian pa- but those of his own prescribing, rents; they have the form of god would any one be surprised if his liness, but know nothing of its disorder was not healed ? And if power; they consider themselves sinners, instead of “ coming to safe for eternity, while they are Christ" according to his most free neglecting the great salvation. Is and gracious invitation, seek salit at all wonderful, that with such vation as it were by the works of a state of mind, the hurt of sin- the law, do they not, as it might ners is not healed ?

be expected, spend their money Besides these, there are persons upon unskilful physicians, and of another description. They at- grow worse rather than better? tend an evangelical ministry, and A heart-felt sense of the guilt of have constantly heard that they sin is a disease too deeply seated are sinners, exposed to the just to be reached by any other remecondemnation of the law of God; dy than the blood of sprinkling. and they feel tormenting fears An application of this, and of this from the exercises of mind which only, will a “ spirit of bondage" excites. science."

When faith approThey have a "wounded spirit.” priates and applies the blood of The sword of the Spirit, which is Christ, that sovereign balm heals the word of God, bas pricked the wounds of a guilty conthem to the heart. They are de- science, and the mind finds ease sirous of obtaining eternal life, and refreshment. An elegant and they aim to do some good writer has thus expressed himself, thing, in order that they may in- for the encouragement of sinners, herit it. They think it is not for under a sense of guilt, to depend them to receive the atonement, upon the promises of Christ in not understanding that “God the gospel: "Can the thirsty soul justifieth the ungodly, who be- taste of the running water, and lieveth in Jesus ;” and not com- not find refreshment; since God, prehending that he who “ work- who created water, has eth not, but believeth on him that dained it to refresh the thirsty ? justifieth the ungodly,” is justi- Can weary limbs lie down on a fied by faith, without the deeds bed, and not find ease; since a of the law. Many of these, it bed is made to give ease and rest may be presumed, are not aware, to the weary? Can a fainting that they are secretly encouraging creature drink a divine cordial, an unbelieving and pharisaical appointed to give life, and yet feel spirit, which prevents them from no revival? No more can a guilty, “ submitting to the righteousness distressed, and penitent sinner of God," and from depending believe the truths of the gospel, upon Christ, who is the end of and trust in Jesus the Saviour, the law for righteousness to every and yet find no relief; for it is the

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will and settled law of the God of was the minister of sin;" and that, heaven, that peace and holiness instead of giving himself for us, shall be obtained in this way.

to cleanse us from all iniquity, It is to be feared there are per- and to purify to himself a pecu. sons of a third class, who attend liar people zealous of good the preaching of the gospel with works, he had shed his blood, out any intention to receive the that people with religion in their truth, and to obtain the cure of mouths, and the love of sin in their souls from the contagion of their hearts, might have the pecusin. They act as if they were in liar privilege of crucifying the love with their disease; convert-Son of God afresh, and of putting ing the means which are pre- him to an open shame. The fact scribed as an antidote against sin, respecting such ungodly men, who into an encouragement of vice“ know not the truth, and who and uncleanness, thereby proving are to every good work reprothat their very mind and con- bate,” is,-they hate the Physcience are defiled. They turn sician, and his means of cure. the grace of God into lascivious. That their heart therefore is not ness, and derive aliment for their healed is very easily to be aclusts, from that flood from which counted for: they love the disbelievers receive the life of their ease of sin better than the salvasouls. To silence the upbraidings tion of Christ, because their deeds of conscience, which they some

are evil. Such persons are to be times hear, they deny that they found where the doctrines of are free agents, and that they vo- grace are preached speculatively, luntarily choose the way of wick-and not experimentally and pracedness, and affect to believe that tically. Of such ministers it may they are impelled by an involun- be said, “They have healed the tary necessity to the commission beart of the daughter of my peoof sin. Thus, in direct opposi- ple slightly, saying, Peace, peace, tion to the injunction of the apos- when there is no peace. And tle, they say that they are tempt- concerning such professors it may ed of God, and endeavour to stifle be said, “ Were they ashamed the voice of conscience, which when they had committed abomitells them that “ they are drawn nation? nay, they were not at all away by their own lust, and en- ashamed, neither could they ticed.” Or, from having listened blush; therefore they shall fail to the instruction which has among them that fall: at the time caused them to err, they have that I visit them they shall be concluded that their presumptu- cast down, saith the Lord.” ous confidence of safety is “ the

What an awful responsibility feeble assurance of hope,” and attaches to them who preach the they ward off the arrows of truth gospel! Happy are they who are with the shield of a system, which able to say, We are a sweet sateaches them that conviction of vour of Christ in them that are sin is no part of the Holy Spirit's saved, and in them that perish: work, but the working of a legal to the one we are a savour of spirit, and the exercise of unbe- death unto death, and to the lief. To judge of the genius of other a savour of life unto life; the gospel from the sentiments and who is sufficient for these and conduct of such men, the things ?" conclusion would be, that“ Christ


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