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Principal FESTIVALS and Fasts of the

Church of England.

1. On the Annunciation of | VII. On the Day of our
the blessed Virgin Mary ; com-

blessed Saviour's Crucifixion ;
monly called, Lady-Day, March commonly called, Geod-Friday.

II. On the Nativity of our

VIII. On Easter-Day, the
Saviour, or Birth-Day of Chrift;

great Festival of our Lord and
commonly called,Cbristmas. Day,

Saviour's Resurrection from the
December 25.

III. On the Circumcision of IX. On the Ascension of our
Chrift, being New Year's-Day,

Lord Jesus Chrift; commonly
January 1.

called, Holy Thursday.
IV. On the Epiphany, or,

Manifeftation of Christ' to the X. On Whit-Sunday, be-
Gentiles, January 6.

ing the great Feftival of the De-

scent of the Holy Ghof; fome-
V. On the Presentation of

time called Pentecost, as being
Christ in the Temple, common-

Fifty Days after Easter.
ly called, The Purification of Saint
Mary the Virgin, February 2.

XI. On Trinity-Sunday; be-
VI. On Ajls-Wednesday, and ing the Lord's-Day, next after
the Lent - Fat.

With PRAYERS for the said Festivals and Fafts.

Designed for the Instruction and Benefit of humble

and serious Christians.
By DANIEL HALLOWS, A. M. Rector of Gilfton

in Hertfordshire.

LONDON, Printed for J. WILFORD, behind the Chap-

ter-House, near St. Paul's, M. DCC. XXXIII.



To the YOUTH of


wherein Atheists, Deifts, Blasphemers, Arians, Socinians, Infidels, are so numerous and impudent, there is great and abundant Cause, that they whose Lips are to preserve Knowledge, should fore-warn, and fore-arm their People, and more particularly those of the Younger Sort, against the Poison and Infection, which these Enemies of true Religion and Vertue, are so very.

industrious to infuse and propagate.

I HAVE therefore, in the ensuing Poems, endeavoured to guard and defend the Servants of Christ, against


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