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Luxuriancy and Redundancy of poetical Flights of Fancy, but with good, plain, folid and useful Matter : even with the great and necessary Points and Fundamental Articles of the Christian Religion.

HAD it been my Aim and Endeavour in the ensuing Poems, to have pleased the Criticks of the Age, it had been a most vain Attempt for me, who am so very unequal

for it ; and also imposíble to have been so useful and beneficial to the great Variety and Generality of Readers, as I now propose, and hope by the Blessing of God, to be.

In short, if I have been so happy. as to please God, in being useful to any Member of his Church, I need not be much concerned about the Censures of Men.

SHOULD a Clergyman study by exalted Strains of Oratory, and Rhetorical Flowers, or otherwise, to adapt and address his Dif


courses to those few of his Auditors, who are Men of the brightest Genius, and greatest Abilities; baving no regard to cll the Reft, who are vaftly wore numerous, he would juftly merit a sharp Rebuke from his Diocesan ; and which is infinitely more, a severe Sentence from the great Bishop of our Souls, and Judge of the World.

The End of Preaching, and so, of Writing also, should be, To do as much Good, and be as useful as posible to Mankind; duely considering their different Capacities, Educations, and Necesties : And he who does not so, is an unfaithful Steward.

I HAVE not therefore made it


Care and Business, to please and profit only the Men of superior Parts, Wit and Learning : But (as the inspired Apostle directs) I have endeavoured to please my Neighbour (in general) for his good, to Edification; if



that which is for his Edification will please him. And if not, I am sorry for him, yet comfort myself however with the Hopes of being in some measure instrumental to the Good and Happiness of every well-distofed and candid Reader.





P 0 E M S On the Principal Festivals and Fasts of the

Church of ENGLAND.

On the Annunciation of the blessed

Virgin Mary, March 25. commonly called Lady-Day. Which hath a peculiar Respect to the Incarnation of our blessed Saviour.


22 B96!
HE Subject of this Day’s Meditation,

Is the mysterious Incarnation
Of our Almighty Saviour, God the Son :
Which, with great Rey'rence, we should think

No Man, nor Angel, can declare, or tell
How that was done, which is inscrutable.
Yet let us see what Light the Scriptures give,
And what is there reveal'd, let us believe.
They shew us that the Angel Gabriel
Was to the Virgin Mary sent, to tell
This most surprizing News to her, that she -
The Mother of the Son of God should be.
And Jesus was the Name that he should have,
For, He bis People from their Sins would save.
And thus the Angel did address the Maid,
Hail, Thou that highly favour'd art! he said,
The Glory of thy Sex ! I'm sent to Thee,
Upon the most important Embassy.
Thou shalt conceive within thy Womb a Son,
Who can declare his Generation ? +
He is th’ Eternal Son of God, '

most High:
And He the Son of God shall also be,
Because the Holy Ghost shall over-shadow thee.
Whereby this Son shall be in thee conceiv'd,
Of thee, without concurrence of a Man :



* Mat. i. 21. Jla. liji. 8.

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