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wept among the clods. She view'd, with fix'd eyes, the starry firmament; then turning to the grave, said-Here lies all that made life desirable : all my repose,

all my joy lies under this earth, which now imbibes my tears. Sleep has forsaken my weary'd eyelids: no rest remains for me. flow on my tears, ye are my sole consolation : my melancholy hours shall be spent in bewailing thy loss, my dearest husband !_shall be spent near thy precious remains in gloomy sadness! 'Tis true, I have seen thee—I have seen my beloved array'd in heavenly glory: but ah! I am depriv'd of his sweet society, of his tenderness, his endearing care, thro’ the remainder of a life of calamity and wretched

In vain I try'd to rest on the conjugal couch: my spirits forsook me; I almost fainted, while the sweet pledge of our love lay by me, lock'd in the arms of sleep. The little innocent smild in his guiltless slumbers. Alas! he knows not yet the woes of mortals—he knows not his own irreparable loss! Ah, my infant! I deplore thy misfortune ; for ever depriv'd of a tender father, an instructor of thy childhood, a guide to thy youth, and the friend of thy riper years. Thy wretched mother, a prey to keen distress, torn by heart-piercing anguish, will want the strength-will want the wisdom to supply thy loss. O my child, how are we bereav'd! How is every comfort ravish'd from us !-Horrid reflection !-ravish'd from us by the hand of a brother! Where is he?-Where is the miserable ?- Where has his remorse--where has his despair driven him? O thou INFINITE CLEMENCY! GOD PROPITIOUS ! despise not my supplications, turn not from my prayer, while, with unweary'd fervor, I entreat thee for him. Hear him, O GOD OF GRACE AND CONSOLATION! when he cries to thee from the dust —when, in deep penitence and sincere contrition of heart, he bewails his crime, and implores thy mercy.

Her agony of soul now stopt her voice: but soon she cry'd, as she rais'd her weeping eyes to heaven -Bright star of night, often hast thou been witness of our chaste endearments, when thy soft light illum'd our path. Often hast thou been witness to his sublime converse, when he describ'd the charms of virtue ; the delights of an approving conscience. Thou now canst only shed thy beams on his silent grave. Bury'd in this dust lies every human excellence: the consolation, the hope, the joy of his weeping parents! Here sleeps, to wake no more, my love, my life, my husband ! She now continu'd long silent, abandon’d to speechless grief. At length, surveying the objects round her, she fix'd her melancholy eyes on the fragrant enclosure, where she and her dear companion us'd to pass their most delightful hours. Ah! lovely bower! she cry'd; thou now art solitary. In vain the pale moon pierces thy aromatic shades. There, dear departed Abel! the ruddy evening saw thee pour forth thy soul in holy rapture. The remembrance of thine intense devotion, thy fervent piety, thy humble love, has lighted up in my heart a sacred fervor. I will rise above this grief. The darkness of my soul is dispell’d by the dear remembrance, as the rising moon chaces from the horizon the gloom of night. O my beloved ! in yonder sweet retreat, how has devotion animated thine eyes! How wert thou rais'd above mortality, when thou, in the joyful exultation of thine heart, saidst—What an hap-piness is it, my dearest THIRZA, to be virtuous ! What a privilege to be permitted to supplicate, to love him from whom all these beauties are but emanations! What unspeakable felicity, to be conscious that the angels who surrounded us approve our actions! What, my beloved wife, he added, taking my hand-What delight is there in this beautiful creation, that can be compar'd to the constant assurance of the DIVINE presence !--to the consciousness of virtue! To him who departeth not from his integrity, who panteth after perfection, death itself has lost many of its terrors. We know (let the sinner exult in thy inexpressible mercy !) -we know that it will only separate the body from the immortal soul, which, when escap'd from its prison of earth, will wing its way to mansions of eternal joy. O my THIRZA! continu'd the dear departed saint, if I quit my dust before thee-before thee remove to bliss, short and moderate be thy grief: weep not long over my perishing clay. What are the days of this short life, compar'd with eternity! We shall meet again in the realms of

purity and joy, to part no more.

Dearest ABEL! I reply'd, while my tears flow'd, neither, if I first


leave my dust, do thou give way to fruitless sorrow : shed not many tears over my senseless corpse. We shall, my love, be re-united: we shall together enjoy everlasting happiness: we shall meet- ecstasy! never, never to part more! O my soul! sink not under thy grief !-Sublime are the consolations offer'd thee. Remember thy dignity-reflect on thine immortality-look beyond the present calamity—rejoice in the salvation that awaits thee ! Didst thou perish with the frail body, where would be my hope ?-What could assuage my sorrow? Well might I lament over this grave—well might I pray that an end were put to my

wretched beingbut I shall live for ever! I will rise above the dispiriting grief. Yes, my dearest husband ! if thy ennobled soul—if thy angelic mind still retains any love, any concern for my happiness, thou wilt be pleas'd to know that thy precepts, thine example, has inspir’d me with fortitude—has taught me to bear up under the unavoidable afflictions of mortality. Dear angel! if thou still hoverest over me, thou shalt be witness to my endeavours to repel this fruitless grief: but my tears still flow-I cannot yet command my sorrow. I must a little longer weep on this precious dust. I will erect around the grave an arbour of cypress: under the melancholy shade I will mourn my loss; but under it too will I contemplate, in holy transport, on the happy moment when I shall meet my beloved; when, like him, I shall be free from all impurity, all sorrow, all sin, and eternally out of the reach of death. This ravishing prospect will—it does abate my anguish. She now rose from the grave, but instantly cry'd, sinking again on her knees—0 horrid reflection! our brother murder'd him! O GOD OF GOODNESS! hear my supplications : shew favour to the unhappy sinner ; hear him when he cries to thee: destroy him not, O GOD! in thy wrath. Save him, O gracious God! save him from eternal perdition! My petitions for his final happiness shall ascend to thee in the early dawn. I will pray for him without ceasing. He is still my brother.

Cain, the prey of wild despair, lay trembling among the bushes.-Fly, he cry'd to himself, Ay these holy dwellings, odious monster !-Ah! I cannot fly: I am surrounded by infernal horrors.--Leave me, furies, leave me !--Carry me, trembling feet, from this seat of virtue! I profane the sacred place. Alas! I cannot fy: my strength fails : a cold shivering has seiz'd my limbs.—Oh, that these were the last tremblings of nature ! Unhappy that I am ; I survive to feel encreasing anguish. How her lamentations pierce my soul! O virtue, how sublime are thy consolations !--all lost -for ever lost to me. No hope remains—I have sinn'd beyond forgiveness !-Ah! she prays ! she prays for me—for me, who have fill'd her heart with sorrow!--Unexampled goodness! Ought she not rather to call down curses on my guilty head!-O torture! her virtue, her piety, heightens my despair. My miseries are insupportable. My crime appears in all its magnitude. Not the apostate


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