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DAPHNIS, plunged in a sweet melancholy, seated himself before the cottage of his mistress. His eyes remained fixed on the window of the chamber where she slept. The window was partly open to the soft gales of the night, and to the gentle rays of the moon. DAPHNIS, in a low voice, thus



May thy slumbers be tranquil, O my beloved, and refreshing as the morning breeze. Rest gently on thy couch, as the drops of dew repose upon the leaves of the lily, when no breath of wind agitates the flowers. How soft must be the slumbers of innocence!

"Descend from heaven, sweet dreams! you that attend the lovely train of sports and mirth, descend on CYNTHIA's rays, and hover over my shepherdess. Present to her mind nought but laughing plains, pastures ever verdant, and flocks more white than is their milk.

"Let her think she hears a concert of the sweetest flutes resounding in the solitary valley, as if it were APOLLO's self that played. May she seem to bathe in some pure crystal stream, beneath the shades of jessamine and myrtle, beheld by none except the birds that fly from tree to tree, and sing for her alone! Let her seem to sport among the GRACES; let them call her their companion and their sister; and may they together wander in the most delightful fields, gathering of flowers; the garlands made by PHILLIS being worn

by the GRACES: those made by them be worn by


Lovely dreams! conduct her to the groves where flowers are with the verdure mix'd! There let the little LOVES pursue and play around her, as bees about the new-blown rose. Let one of the lovely group settle at her feet, loaded with a fragrant apple: while another presents her with vermilion and transparent grapes, and others agitate the flowers with their wings, to diffuse about her the most sweet perfumes.


"At the bottom of the grove let the PAPHIAN god appear, but without his arrows or his quiver, lest he alarm her timid innocence. Let him be alone adorn'd with all the charms of his enchanting youth.

"Sweet dreams!-deign at last to present my image to her. Let her see me languishing at her feet; incline my eyes, and say, in faultering accents, -that for love of her I die! Never, O never yet have I dar'd to tell it her. Ah! at that dream may a sigh distend her bosom. May she then blush and smile upon me! Why am not I as beautiful as APOLLO, when he guarded the flocks? Why are not my songs as melodious as those of the nightingale; and why have I not all excellencies to deserve her love ?"

Thus sung the shepherd; and then, by the light of the moon, returned to his cottage. Dreams of hope beguiled the remaining hours of night. At

break of day, he led his flock by the side of the hill where the cottage of PHILLIS stood. His sheep went slowly on, browsing on the sides of the path. "Feed on, my sheep, feed on my tender lambkins; there is no sweeter pasture. The verdure on which PHILLIS casts her looks becomes more pleasing, and the flowers are eager to adorn the path she treads."

While he thus spoke, PHILLIS appear'd at her window. The morning-sun brighten'd her beauteous visage. He saw that she regarded him with a gentle smile: he even saw a most lively colour glow in her cheeks. With lingering steps, and a heart that throbb'd with joy, he pass'd before her; she saluted him with a lovely air, and her looks, complacent, still pursued him-for she had listen'd to his midnight song.



I BORE my offering to the god of LOVE, in the little marble temple. I suspended to the myrtles that surround it, a small wicker basket, neatly interwove; garlands of fresh blown flowers, and my best pipe. I invoked the god of LOVE, and said— O tender LOVE! deign to smile upon the offering of my heart. Well, MENALCus; passing yesterday by the temple, I enter'd the grove of myrtles. I looked at my little basket, and what do you think I saw ? A bird, of the most beautiful plumage, was perching on the edge of the basket, and chanting his notes of love. At my approach, he flew away. I looked into my basket, and found a nest carefully constructed, with little eggs but newly hatch'd.The mother, disturb'd and trembling, endeavour'd to cover them with her wings; and, looking at me, seemed to say-Young shepherd, do not molest my tender offspring. I retired; when the father, who flew in circles around my head, settled again upon the edge of the basket; and I heard them sweetly warble songs of joy and tenderness. Now tell me, dear MENALCUs, you who every presage can expound-tell me, what does this portend?

MENALCUS. That, in the bosom of the purest happiness united, thy shepherdess and thee shall

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pass your peaceful days, and that JUNO LUCINA shall bless your loves.

CORYDON. I swear, by the immortal gods 'tis what I thought! But, to be well assured, I would consult thy wisdom. Take this white kid, and this pitcher filled with honey, sweet as the lips of my shepherdess, and pure as the breath of heaven. I present them to thee. He said, and went away, leaping with joy, like a young goat that bounds amidst the dew of MAY.


was beautiful and poor. Scarce had
she number'd sixteen springs, when she lost the
mother who had brought her up. Reduced to ser-
vitude, she kept the flocks of DAMON, who cultivated
the lands of a rich citizen of MITYLENE. One
day, her eyes flowing with tears, she went to visit
her mother's solitary tomb. She pour'd upon the
grave a cup of pure water, and suspended crowns
of flowers to the branches of the bushes she had
planted around it. Seated beneath the mournful
shade, and drying up her tears, she said—" O thou
most tender of mothers, how dear to my heart is
the remembrance of thy virtues! If ever I forget
the instructions thou gavest me, with such a tran-
quil smile, in that fatal moment when, inclining thy
head upon my bosom, I saw thee expire :-if ever

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