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MENGS, at DRESDEN, inserted in the third volume of the BIBLIOTHEQUE DES BELLES LETTRES and DES BEAUX ARTS, is a chef d'œuvre that supposes a most profound knowledge of all parts of the art. In like manner the work of which I have here described the idea, can be of no use, unless executed by the greatest artists, or most skilful connoisseurs. None but a HAGEDORN, a CASANOVE, a WATTELET, a cochin, &c. shou'd be permitted to attempt it.







THERE were two men, who might be called the PYLADES and ORESTES of BOURBON: the one was named OLIVER, and the other felix. They were born on the same day, in the same house, and of two sisters: they were nourish'd with the same milk; for one of the mothers dying in child-birth, the other took both the children. They were brought up together, and convers’d with none but each other. Their mutual love was like existence, which admits of no doubt; they perceived it incessantly, but, perhaps, had never spoke of it to each other. OLIVER once saved the life of felix, who piqued himself on being a great swimmer, and was near being drowned. This action neither of them remember'd. FELIX had a hundred times extricated OLIVER from dangerous adventures, in which the impetuosity of his temper had involved him, yet he never thought of thanking the other ; they returned home without speaking, or talking of other matters.

When they drew for the militia, the lot fell on FELIX; OLIVER said--the other is for me. When they had served out their time, they returned home. More dear to each other than before—that I can't affirm; for, my dear brother, though reciprocal benefits cement friendships form’d by reflection, perhaps they are nothing to those I freely call animal and domestic friendships. At a rencounter in the army, a stroke with a faulchion was aimed at the head of OLIVER ; FELIX put himself mechanically in the way, and received the gash: they pretend he was proud of the scar, but, for my own part, I don't believe it. At HASTENBECK, OLIVER drew Felix from amidst the heap of dead that was left on the field. When they were question'd, they related sometimes the assistance they had receiv'd from each other—never that they had given. OLIVER talk'd of FELIX, and Felix of OLIVER—but neither of himself. After they had lived a considerable time in the country, they both, at the same time, became in love, and both with the same girl ; but there was no rivalty between them; he who first perceived the passion of his friend own pretensions. It was Felix, and OLIVER married. Felix, disgusted with life, without knowing why, plung'd into all kinds of hazardous enterprizes; the last was, to become a smuggler. You know, my dear brother, that there are in FRANCE four tribunals for trying of smugglers; CAEN, RHEIMS, VALENCE, and TOULOUSE, and that the most severe of the four is RHEIMS, where a man

gave up his

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