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You know hot what you ask. Can A Jerusalem, and were comha

on thy right hand, and the other on

CHAP. XXI. thy left, in thy kingdom.

Christ rides into Jerusalem , said :

they drew nigh you drink the chalice that I shall Bethphage, unto Mount Oliveig drink? They say to him: We can. then Jesus sent two disciples,

23 He saith to them: My chalice 2 Saying to them: Go ye i? indeed you shall drink : but to sit the village that is over against yorum on my right or left hand, is not and immediately you shall find ama mine to give to you, but to them ass tied, and a colt with her: loose for whom it is prepared by my Fa-them and bring them to me: ther.

3 And if any man shall say any 24 And the ten hearing it, were thing to you, say ye, that the Lord moved with indignation against the hath need of them : and forthwith two brethren.

he will let them go. 25 But Jesus called them to 4 Now all this was done that it him, and said: You know that the might be fulfilled which was spokea princes of the gentiles lord it over by the prophet, saying: them: and they that are the greater, 5 Tell ye the daughter of Sion : exercise power upon them. Behold thy king cometh to thee,

26 It shall not be so among you, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and but whosoever will be the greater a colt the foal of her that is used to among you, let him be your mi- the yoke. nister:

6° And the disciples going did as 27 And he that will be first Jesus commanded them. among you, shall be your servant. 7 And they brought the ass and

28 Even as the Son of man is not the colt: and laid their garmente come to be ministered unto, but to upon them, and made him sit there minister, and to give his life a re-on. demption for many.

8 And a very great multitudo 29 And when they went out from spread their garments in the way: Jericho, a great multitude followed and others cut boughs from the bim.

trees, and strewed them in the way: 30 And behold two blind men 9 And the multitudes that wegges sitting by the way side, heard that before and that followed, cried, Jesus passed by, and they cried saying: Hosanna to the son of De out saying : O Lord, thou son of vid : "Blessed is he that cometh lente David, have mercy on us. the name of the Lord. Hosanna og

31 And the multitude rebuked the highest. them that they should hold their 10 And when he was come inte peace. But they cried out the Jerusalem, the whole city was more, saying: 0 Lord, thou son of moved, saying: Who is this? David, have mercy on us.

11 And the people said: This 32 And Jesus stood, and called Jesus the prophet, from Nazaret them, and said: What will ye that I of Galilee. do to you?

12 And JESUS went into the tem 33 They say to him: Lord, that ple of God, and cast out all thema our eyes may


that sold and bought in the temple, 34 And JESUS having compas- and overthrew the tables of the mos sion on them, touched their eyes. ney-changers, and the chairs And immediately they saw, and them that sold doves : followed him.

13 And he saith to th..

written, My house shall be called the I also will ask you one word, which house of prayer : but you have made if you shall tell me, I will also tell it a den of thieves.

you by what authority I do these 14 And there came to him the things. blind, and the lame in the temple; 25 The baptism of John whence and he healed them.

was it? from heaven, or from men ? 15 And the chief priests and But they thought within themscribes seeing the wonderful things selves, saying: that he did, and the children cry 26 If we shall say from heaven, ing in the temple, and saying, Ho- he will say to us : Why_then did sanna to the son of David; were you not believe him? But if we moved with indignation,

shall say from men, we are afraid 16 And said to him : Hearest of the multitude: for all held John thou what these say? And JESUS as a prophet. said to them: Yea, have you never 27 And answering Jesus they read: Out of the mouth of infants said : We know not. He also said and of sucklings thou hast perfected to them : Neither do I tell you by praise ?

what authority 1 do these things. 17 And leaving them, he went 28 But what think you? A cerput of the city into Bethania, and tain man had two sons, and coming remained there.

to the first, he said: Son, go work 18 And in the morning returning to-day in my vineyard. into the city, he was hungry: 29 And he answering, said : 1

19 And seeing a certain fig-tree will not. But afterwards, being by the way side, he came to it, and moved with repentance, he went. found nothing on it but leaves only, 30 And coming to the other, he and he saith to it: May no fruit said in like manner. And he angrow on thee henceforward for swering, said : I go, sir, and he

And immediately the fig-went not: tree withered away.

31 Which of the two did the fa20 And the disciples seeing it ther's will ? They say to him : The wondered, saying: How is it pre- first. Jesus saith to them: Amen sently withered away?

I say to you, that the publicans and 21 And JESUS answering said the harlots hall go into the kingto them : Amen I say to you, if dom of God before you. you shall have faith, and stagger 32 For John came to you in the not, not only this of the fig-tree way of justice, and you did not beshall you do, but also if you shall lieve him. But the publicans and say to this mountain, Take up and the harlots believed him : but you cast thyself into the sea, it shall be seeing it, did not even afterwards done.

repent, that you might believe him. 22 And all things whatsoever 33 Hear ye another parable : you shall ask in prayer believing, There was a man an householder you shall receive.

who planted a vineyard, and made 23 And when he was come into a hedge round about it, and dug in the temple, there came to him as he it a press, and built a tower, and was teaching, the chief priests and let it out to husbandmen: and went ancients of the people, saying: By into a strange country. what authority dost thou these 34 And when the time of the things ? and who hath given thee fruits drew nigh, he sent his serthis authority ?

vants to the husbandmen, that 24 JFsus answering said to them:Ithey might receive the fruitstheroof.



35 And the husbandmen laying likened to a king, who made a mar hands on his servants, beat one, and riage for his son. killed another, and stoned another. $ And he sent his servants, to call

36 Again he sent other servants them that were invited to the marmore than the former : and they riage: and they would not come. did to them in like manner.

4 Again he sent other servants, 37 And last of all he sent to them saying : Tell them that were inhis son, saying: They will re- vited: Behold, I have prepared my verence my son.

dinner ; my beeves and fatlings are 38 But the husbandmen seeing killed, and all things are ready: the son, said among themselves : come ye to the marriage. This is the heir, come, let us kill 5 But they neglected, and went him, and we shall have his inheri- their ways, one to his farm, and

another to his merchandize. 39 And taking him they cast 6 And the rest laid hands on his him forth out of the vineyard, and servants, and having treated them killed him.

contumeliously put them to death. 40 When therefore the lord of 7 But when the king had heard the vineyard shall come, what will of it, he was angry, and sending he do to those husbandmen? his armies, he destroyed those

41 They say to him : He will murderers, and burnt their city. bring those evil men to an evil end: 8 Then he saith to his servants : and will let out his vineyard to The marriage indeed is ready: but other husbandmen, that shall ren- they that were invited, were not der him the fruit in due season. worthy.

42 JESUS saith to them : Have 9 Go ye therefore into the high you never read in the scriptures : ways; and as many as you shall The stone which the builders re-find, call to the marriage. jected, the same is become the head 10 And his servants going forth of the corner ? By the Lord this into the ways, gathered together has been done, and it is wonderful all that they found, both bad and in our eyes.

good : and the marriage was filled 43 Therefore I say to you, that with guests. the kingdom of God shall be taken 11 And the king went in to see from you, and shall be given to a the guests : and he saw there a man nation yielding the fruits thereof. who had not on a wedding garment.

44 And whosoever shall fall on 12 And he saith to him: Friend, this stone, shall be broken: but on how camest thou in hither not have whomsoever it shall fall, it shall ing on a wedding garment ? But grind him to powder.

he was silent. 45 And when the chief priests and 13 Then the king said to the Pharisees had heard his parables, waiters : Bind his hands and feet, they knew that he spoke of them. and cast him into the exterior dark

46 And seeking to lay hands on ness: there shall be weeping and him, they feared the multitudes : gnashing of teeth. because they held him as a prophet. 14 For many are called, but few CHAP. XXII.

are chosen. The parable of the marriage-feast. 15 Then the Pharisees going, A

ND JESUS answering, spoke consulted among themselves how

again in parables to them, say- to ensnare him in his speech. ing :

16 And they send to him their 9 The kingdom of hoaven is disciples with the Herodians, say

ing : Master, we know that thou that which was spoken by God art a true speaker, and teachest the saying to you : way of God in truth, neither carest 32 I am the God of Abraham, thou for any man : for thou dost and the God of Isaac, and the God not regard the person of men. of Jacob? He is not the God of the

17 Tell us therefore what dost dead, but of the living. thou think, is it lawful to give 33 And the multitudes hearing it, tribute to Cesar, or not ?

were in admiration at his doctrine. 18 But Jesus knowing their 34 But the Pharisees hearing wickedness, said : Why do you that he had silenced the Sadducees, tempt me, ye hypocrites? came together :

19 Shew me the coin of the tri 35 And one of them a doctor of bute. And they offered him a penny. the law asked him, tempting him :

20 And JESUS saith to them ; 36 Master, which is the great Whose image and inscription is commandment in the law ? this ?

37 JESUS said to him : Thou 21 They say to him, Cesar's. shalt love the Lord thy God with Then he saith to them : Render thy whole heart, and with thy whole therefore to Cesar the things that soul, and with thy whole mind. are Cesar's: and to God, the things 38 This is the greatest and the that are God's.

first commandment. 22 And hearing this they wonder 39 And the second is like to this: ed, and leaving him went their ways. Thou shalt love thy neighbour as

23 That day there came to him thyself. the Sadducees, who say there is no 40 On these two commandments resurrection : and asked him, dependeth the whole law and the

24 Saying : Master, Moses said, prophets. If a man die having no son, his bro 41 And the Pharisees being gather shall marry his wife, and raise thered together Jesus asked them, up issue to his brother.

42 Saying: What think you of 25 Now there were with us seven Christ? whose son is he? They brethren: and the first having mar- say to him : David's. ried a wife died, and not having 43 He saith to them : How then issue, left his wife to his brother. doth David in spirit call him Lord;

26 In like manner the second, saying; and the third, and so on to the 44 The Lord said to my Lord, seventh.

sit on my right hand, until I make 27 And last of all the woman thy enemies thy foot-stool? died also.

45 If David then call him Lord, 28 At the resurrection therefore how is he his son? whose wife of the seven shall she 46 And no man was able to anbe ? for they all had her.

swer him a word : neither durst any 29 And Jesus answering, said man from that day forth ask him to them: You err, not knowing any more questions. the scriptures, nor the power of


Christ admonisheth the people, &c.

THEN shall neither marry nor be married: but shall be as the Angels of God 2 Saying: The scribes and the in heaven.

Pharisees have sitten on the chair 31 And concerning the resurrec- of Moses. tion of the dead, have you not read 3 All things therefore whatso

od For in the resurrection they Tides and to his disciples,

because you

ever they shall say to you, observe risees, hypocrites and do but according to their go round about the sea and the works do ye not: for they say, and land to make one proselyte : and do not.

when he is made, you make him 4 For they bind heavy and in- the child of hell twofold more than supportable burdens: and lay them yourselves. on men's shoulders : but with a 16 Wo to you blind guides, that finger of their own they will not say, whosoever shall swear by the move them.

temple, it is nothing: but he that 5 And all their works they do for shall swear by the gold of the temto be seen of men. For they make ple, is a debtor. their phylacteries broad and enlarge 17 Ye foolish and blind : for their fringes.

whether is greater, the gold, or the 6 And they love the first places temple, that sanctifieth the gold? at feasts, and the first chairs in the 18 And whosoever shall swear synagogues,

by the altar, it is nothing: but who7 And salutations in the market-soever shall swear by the gift that place, and to be called by men, is upon it, is a debtor. Rabbi.

19 Ye blind : for whether is 8 But be not you called Rabbi. greater, the gift, or the altar, that For one is your master, and all you sanctifieth the gift? are brethren.

20 He therefore that sweareth by 9 And call none your father upon the altar, sweareth by it, and by all, earth: for one is your father, who things that are upon it: is in heaven.

21 And whosoever shall swear by 10 Neither be ye called masters : the temple, sweareth by it, and by for one is your master,

Christ. him that dwelleth in it: 11 He that is the greatest among 22 And he that sweareth by you shall be your servant. heaven, sweareth by the throne of

12 And whosoever shall exalt God, and by him that sitteth therehimself shall be humbled : and he on. that shall humble himself shall be 23 Wo to you scribes and Phaexalted.

risees, hypocrites : because you 13. But wo to you scribes and tithe mint, and anise, and cummin, Pharisees, hypocrites: because you and have left the weightier things shut the kingdom of heaven against of the law, judgment, and mercy, men, for you yourselves do not and faith. These things you ought enter in; and those that are going to have done, and not to leave those in, you suffer not to enter.

undone. 14 Wo-to you scribes and Pha *24 Blind guides, who strain at risees, hypocrites : because you a gnat and swallow a camel. devour the houses of widows, pray 25 Wo to you scribes and Phaing long prayers. For this you risees, hypocrites : because you shall receive the greater judgment. make clean the outside of the cup

15 Wo to you scribes and Pha-I and of the dish : but within you

Ver. 5. Phylacteries, i. e. Parchments, on which they wrote the ten commandments, and carried them on their foreheads before their eyes : which the Pharisees affected to wear broader than other men ; so to seem more zealous for the law

Ver. 9, 10. Call none your father-neither be ye called masters, &c. The meaning is, that our Father in heaven is incomparably more to be regarded than any father upon earth : and no master to be followed who would lead us away from Christ. But this does not hinder but that we are, by the law of God, to have a due respect both for our carnal and spiritual Sathers, (1 Cor. iv. 15.) and to masters and teachers.

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