Rejected addresses: or The new theatrum poetarum

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John Miller, 1813 - 127 strán (strany)
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Strana 3 - Who, while the British squadron lay off Cork (God bless the Regent and the Duke of York), With a foul earthquake ravaged the Caraccas, And raised the price of dry goods and tobaccos ? Who makes the quartern loaf and Luddites rise ? Who fills the butchers' shops with large blue flies ? Who thought in flames St.
Strana 45 - These once belong'd to sable prince, Who never did in battle wince ; With valour tart as pungent quince, He slew the vaunting Gaul. Rest there awhile, my bearded lance, While from green curtain I advance, To yon foot-lights, no trivial dance,* And tell the town what sad mischance Did Drury Lane befall...
Strana 14 - OATED with home, of wife, of children tired, The restless soul is driven abroad to roam; Sated abroad, all seen, yet nought admired, The restless soul is driven to ramble home ; Sated with both, beneath new Drury's dome The fiend Ennui awhile consents to pine, There growls, and curses, like a deadly Gnome, Scorning to view fantastic Columbine, Viewing with scorn and hate the nonsense of the Nine.
Strana 48 - A bright ensanguined drain ; Meux's new brewhouse shows the light, Rowland Hill's chapel, and the height Where patent shot they sell : The Tennis Court, so fair and tall, Partakes the ray, with Surgeons...
Strana 7 - Well, after many a sad reproach, They got into a hackney coach, And trotted down the street. I saw them go : one horse was blind, The tails of both hung down behind, Their shoes were on their feet.
Strana 74 - MY pensive Public, wherefore look you sad ? I had a grandmother, she kept a donkey To carry to the mart her crockery ware, And when that donkey look'd me in the face, His face was sad ! and you are sad, my Public! Joy should be yours: this tenth day of October Again assembles us in Drury Lane.
Strana 104 - silence' hoots, Is apt to make the hubbub he imputes. What various swains our motley walls contain ! Fashion from Moorfields, honour from Chick Lane; Bankers from Paper Buildings here resort, Bankrupts from Golden Square and Riches Court; From the Haymarket canting rogues in grain, Gulls from the Poultry, sots from Water Lane; The...
Strana 8 - And brushed it with a broom. My uncle's porter, Samuel Hughes, Came in at six to black the shoes (I always talk to Sam) : So what does he, but takes, and drags Me in the chaise along the flags, And leaves me where I am.
Strana 52 - Yes, Higginbottom did aspire (His fireman's soul was all on fire) His brother chief to save ; But ah ! his reckless generous ire Served but to share his grave ! 'Mid blazing beams and scalding streams...
Strana 10 - Jack ? Oh, there they sit ! They smile, they nod ; I'll go my ways, And order round poor Billy's chaise, To join them in the pit. And now, good gentlefolks, I go To join mamma, and see the show; So, bidding you adieu, I curtsey, like a pretty miss, And if you'll blow to me a kiss, I'll blow a kiss to you. [Blows a kiss and exit.

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