Thoughts on Education

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T. Hatchard, 1854 - 43 strán (strany)

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Strana 24 - And missing thee, I walk unseen On the dry smooth-shaven green. To behold the wandering moon, Riding near her highest noon. Like one that had been led astray Through the heaven's wide pathless way, And oft, as if her head she bowed, Stooping through a fleecy cloud.
Strana 11 - I suppose you mean the greatest love, and the greatest usefulness, and the most open communication, and the noblest sufferings, and the most exemplary faithfulness, and the severest truth, and the heartiest counsel, and the greatest union of minds, of which brave men and -women are capable.
Strana 21 - The water-lily, in the midst of waters, opens its leaves and expands its petals at the first pattering of the shower, and rejoices in the rain-drops with a quicker sympathy than the parched shrub in the sandy desert.
Strana 35 - ... no further. Language has been brought to a standstill. The phrases filter through the silence one by one. At first, they seem quiet as with the calm of locked waters. Yet under their inviolable stillness will be felt a sense of onward swelling motion. A current of feeling quivers on below : ...leaves Budding— fruit ripening in stillness — autumn suns Smiling at eve upon the quiet sheaves....
Strana 17 - Next to Sincerity, remember still, Thou must resolve upon Integrity. God will have all thou hast, thy mind, thy will, Thy thoughts, thy words, thy works.
Strana 6 - ... than a social regeneration. It is not the object of the writer of these pages to enter at length on the subject of general Education, or to offer any opinion upon the late wellmeant benevolent attempt to afford the destitute cast away little children of a metropolis like London, some degree of book-learning as a remedy for the enormous inequality of their social position. In considerations of this sort the...

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