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males of her body lawfully issuing; and for default of such issue, to the right heirs of me the said William Shakspeare for ever.

Item, I give unto my wife my second best bed, with the furniture.15

Item, I give and bequeath to my said daughter Judith my broad silver gilt bowl. All the rest of my goods, chattels, leases, plate, jewels, and household-stuff whatsoever, after my debts and legacies paid, and my funeral expences discharged, I give, devise, and bequeath to my sonin-law, John Hall, gent. and my daughter Susanna his wife, whom I ordain and make executors of this my last will and testament. And I do entreat and appoint the said Thomas Russel, esq. and Francis Collins, gent. to be overseers hereof. And do revoke all former wills, and publish this to be my last will and testament. In witness

15 my second best bed, with the furniture.] Thus Shakspeare's original will. Mr. Theobald and the other modern editors have been more bountiful to Mrs. Shakspeare, having printed instead of these words, ". my brown best bed, with the furniture." MALONE.

It appears, in the original will of Shakspeare, (now in the Prerogative Office, Doctors' Commons,) that he had forgot his wife; the legacy to her being expressed by an interlineation, as well as those to Heminge, Burbage, and Condell.

The will is written on three sheets of paper, the two last of which are undoubtedly subscribed with Shakspeare's own hand. The first indeed has his name in the margin, but it differs somewhat in spelling as well as manner, from the two signatures that follow. STEEVENS.

whereof I have hereunto put my hand, the day and year first above-written.

By me,16 William Shakspeare.

Witness to the publishing hereof,
Fra. Collyns,17
Julius Shaw, 18

John Robinson,19

Hamnet Sadler,20

Robert Whattcoat.


Probatum fuit testamentum suprascriptum apud London, coram Magistro William Byrde, Legum Doctore, &c. vicesimo secundo die mensis Junii, Anno Domini 1616; juramento Johannis Hall unius ex. &c. cui, &c. de bene, &c. jurat. reservata potestate, &c. Susanne Hall, alt. ex. &c. eam cum venerit, &c. petitur. &c.

16 By me William Shakspeare.] This was the mode of our poet's time. Thus the Register of Stratford is signed at the bottom of each page, in the year 1616, "Per me Richard Watts, Minister." These concluding words have hitherto been inaccurately exhibited thus: "- the day and year first above-written by me, William Shakspeare." Neither the day, nor year, nor any preceding part of this will, was written by our poet. "By me," &c. only means-The above is the will of me William Shakspeare. MALONE.


Fra. Collins.] See p. xciv. n. 6.


Julius Shaw-] was born in Sept. 1571. He married Anne Boyes, May 5, 1594; and died at Stratford, where he was buried June 24, 1629. MALONE.


John Robinson.] John, son of Thomas Robinson, was baptized at Stratford, Nov. 30, 1589. I know not when he died.


Hamnet Sadler.] See p. xciv. n. 7.


Vilia miretur vulgus, mihi flavus Apollo
Poculo Castalia plena ministret aqua.



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