Books Xi. Xii. of the Aeneid of Vergil, Ed. with Notes by F. Storr

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1876 edition. Excerpt: ...For form, seeX. P. p. 12a 79 dirimamus 'Decide.' Dirimo is for disimo, as diribeo for dishibco. 80 Lavinla coniunz 'Lavinia's hand.' 81-112 Turnus and Aeneas both prepare for the coming contest. 81 rapidus Adjective for adverb. This use is rare in poetry except with adjectives of time, as matutinus, and is confined in prose to a few words like invitus. 82 ante ora 'Before him.' 83 decus In apposition to ouos, = qui decus essent, 'to grace his stalls.' Orithyla The daughter of Erechtheus king of Athens, whence, as the myth is told in the Phaedrus of Plato, Boreas carried her off to Thrace. We must not inquire too curiously how a Thracian queen can have given the steeds to Pilumnus, a local deity of Italy, the great-grandfather of Turnus (quartus aims, x. 619). 84 qui candore, etc. A translation from //. x. 437, Xeiwc6re/ot x'os, 6eiev, S' i.viy.oiai.v bfiowi. qui anteirent is a consecutive sentence, 'so swift that they outstripped, ' or perhaps it may be explained as virtually oblique; we are not told of the quality of the horses as a fact, but as the opinion of the giver. To turn it into oratio recta the sentence would run, 'I give you these horses which will grace your stalls, seeing they are as swift, ' etc. For decus, see on xL 7. 85 lacessunt 'Pat.' Lacessere is from lacere, to move (obsolete, except in compounds, as allicere); for meaning compare pugnam lacessunt, v. 429, with the common phrase bella movere. Cf. Geor. iii. 185--turn mart's at que magis bland is gandere magistri ziocibus, et plausat sonitum cervicis amare. 87 auxo squalentem 'Incrusted with gold;' squalen; properly 'to be scaly like a serpent.' orichalco Gr. dpclxahKos, 'mountain brass, ' sometimes from a mistaken origin written aurichalcus; it seems to have been a pale...

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