General Bounce: Or, The Lady and the Locusts, Zväzok 1

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J.W. Parker and Son, 1855

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Strana 18 - Our own idea is, that neither birth, nor riches, nor education, nor manner suffice to constitute a gentleman ; and that specimens are to be found at the plough, the loom, and the forge, in the ranks and before the matt, as well as in the officers' mess-room, the learned professions, and the Upper House itself.
Strana 233 - Puck undertook to girdle the earth in forty minutes, it was no doubt 'esteemed a sporting offer, not that Oberon seems to have been man enough to book it ; but we, who back Electra, should vote such a forty minutes dead slow — no pace at all ! Ours are the screw-propeller and the flying-express — ours the thrilling wire that rings a bell at Paris, even while we touch the handle in London — ours the greatest possible hurry on the least possible provocation — we ride at speed, we drive at speed...

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