Obrázky na stránke

634. Their song on the creation, vii.
180, 252, 557, 602. On its dissolution,
x. 6)1. Guardians of Paradise etc. iv.
778, 782, 81, 977; v. 287. Reascent to
heaven on Adam's fall, x. 17. Appoint-
ed lo expel Adam, etc. from Paradise,
xi. 127. "Descent there, vii. 208. Post
assigned, viii. 220. March possessing
it, etc. xii. 626, (vide God the Father
and Son. Similes.) Guardians of man-

kind, ix. 152.
Aneels, (fallen,) their after-slate, i. 50,

339. Numbers, 331; v. 743. Various
pursuits, elc. ii. 528. Loss supplied by
man's creation, iii. 677. Kxpulsion from
heaven, 831—877. Transformed to ser-

pents, x. sis. (vide Satan. Similes.)
Angola, ii. 401.
Antarctic, ix. 79.
Aonian, i. 15.
Apocalypse, iv. 2.
Apostles, their mission, elc. xii. 439. Gift
or the Holy Ghost, 497. Successors,

Appaid, xii. 401.
Araby, iv. 163.
Architrave, i. 715.
Arctic, ii. 410.
Ark described, xi. 728, (vide Noad.)
Ark of the covenant, xii. 249.
Ashtarolh, i. 422.
Asmodeus, or Asmodai, iv. 168.
Asphaltic, i. 411.
Astonied, or astonished, ix. 890.
Athens, ix. 671.
Atlas, iv. 987.
Atrophy, xi. 486.
Attune, iv. 265.
Azazel, i. 534.
Azores, iv. 592.
Azotus, i. 464.

Baalim, i. 422.
Babel, etc. xii. 38. Confusion of lan-

guages there, 48.
Bacchus, iv. 279.
Backside, iii. 494.
Baptism, xii. 442.
Barbaric, ii. 4.
Barca, ii. 904.
Battailous, vi. 81.
Baltle of the Angels, vi. 202—877.
Beasts, vii. 453.
Beelzebub, i. 79, 128, 272; ii. 299, 310,

Behemoth, vii. 471.
Belial, i. 290; ii. 108, 119; vi. 620.
Bellerophon, vii. 18.
Bellona, ii. 922.
Bcngala, ii. 638.
Beryl, vi. 756.
Bickering, vi. 766.
Birds, vii. 417.
Bizance, xi. 395.
Boreas, x. 699.
Bosphorus, ii. 1018.
Bridge from hell-gates to the world over

Chaos, the work, etc. described, x. 293.
Brigades, ii. 532.
Brinded, vii. 466.
Broidcred, iv. 702.
Busiris, i. 307.

Cadmus, ix. 506.
Cæcias, x. 699.

Cain and Abel, xi. 429.
Caravan, vii. 428.
Career, i. 708 ; vi. 756.
Casius, ii. 593.
Cassia, v. 293.
Catarrhs, xi. 483.
Causey, x. 415.
Centaur, x. 328.
Centric, viii. 83.
Cerastes, x. 595.
Cham's story, xii. 807.
Chance, ii. 909.
Chaos, ii. 890; vii. 210; ii. 959. Answer

to Satan's speech, 989. Bounds since
the angel's fall, 998. Stale before it,

v. 577.
Charity, its praises, elc. xii. 576—587.
Charlemagne, i. 586.
Charybdis, ii. 1020.
Chemic, iii. 609.
Chersonese, xi. 392.
Cherubim, (vide Angels.)
Chrysolite, iii. 596.
Clang, vii. 422 ; xi. 835.
Cleombrotus, iii. 473.
Colure, ix. 66.
Conglobed, vii. 239.
Conjugal love, elc. iv. 750, 765. Consists

in reason, viii. 586. Defined, 589; xii.

615; ix. 357.
Conjugal obedience, etc. iv. 635.
Conjugal union, viii. 494 ; ix. 955.
Conscience, iii. 194 ; iv. 23 ; x. 842 ; xii.

515, 529.
Constellations, their appearances, motion,

etc. iii. 577.
Contraction, vi. 597.
Cowls, iii. 490.
Creation, the universal, described, iii. 708;

vii. 221.
Creatures, iv. 340 ; viii. 369; x. 707; xi.

Crocodile, vii. 474.
Crocus, iv. 701.
Cronian, x. 290.
Cyclades, v. 264.
Cycle, viii. 84.
Cyrene, ii. 904.

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Dagon, i. 457.
Damasked, iv. 334.
Dam, ix. 612.
Damiata, ii. 593.
Damned, ii. 596.
Damp, xi. 544.
Danaw, i. 353.
Daphne, iv. 273.
David, his throne why eternal, xii. 320.
Day and night in heaven, vi. 4.
Death and sin, ii. 648; x. 249, 282, 326,

410, 585, 610, (vide Similes.)
Death described, ii. 666, 688, 727, 777 ;

x. 264, 596, (vide Similes.)
Death, natural, xi. 466—493, 469; xii. 425

—434, 571.
Death, eternal, x. 808.'
Deluge, universal, (vide Noah.)
Demogorgon, ii. 965.
Descant, iv. 603.
Despair, iv. 108.
Devils, why excluded from grace, ii!. 129.
Discord, ii. 496, etc. ; x. 707.
Dipsas, x. 526.
Dominion, xii. 64.
Dreams, etc. iv. 799 ; v. 110; xii. 611.



dian angels' return from Paradise, x.
Eagle, xi. 185.

31, 55. Speech to the celestials on Sin
Earth, its general creation described, iji.

and Death's entrance into the world
715; vii. 231; V. 574 ; vii. 276, 313 ; ir.

thereby, 614. Charge to the angels,
99. The centre or the creaiion, 107.

touching the changes in the creation on
Destruction by Noah's flood described,

the fall, 649. Answer to the Son's in-
xi. 743. Restitution after it, lii. 852,

tercession on Adam's repentance, xi.
An universal Paradise at the Messiah's 45. Speech to the celestials, convened
coming to judgment, 463, (vide WORLD.)

al his decreeing his expulsion from Pa-
Eden, the country bounded, iv. 210, (tide

radise, 84; to Michael ihercon, 99.

Goy the Son, at the right hand of the
Egypt, the plagues ot it described, xii. Father, iii. 62. Answer lo bim on Sa-

lan's design, iii. 144. On his proposing
Elements, etc. subsist on each other, xi. the manner, elc. of man's redemption,

227; undertakes it, 236. Love lo man,
Enoch, xi. 661, 700.

and filial obedience, 266. His resor-
Eve and Adam, {vide Abam and Eve. In reclion, as God and 'man, decreed, iii.

303. His altributes, 383. Answer to
Eve parucularly described, characterised,

the Father on Satan's, elc. revolt, vi.
elc. iv. 712; V. 379; viii. 470, 596 ; ix. 733. The image of the Father, iii. 383;
386–896; iv. 440, 419, 635; V. 27, 129, vi. 680, 736. The Messiah, 718, 881.
443. Her formation, viii. 460, 500 ; ix. Answer lo the Father, appointing bim
205 to the end.
The sentence pro-

lo end the battle, 723, 730-877,
nounced on her, x. 102. Behaviour and person, equipage, etc. in the work of
speech 10 Adam's repulse of her, 909, ihe creation described, vii. 192. Re-
937, 966 ; xi. 162, 268 ; xii. 610, (vide ascent to heaven after it, 550. Institu.

lion of the Sabbath, 581. Appoinled
Evening described, iv. 598.

by the Father judge of Adam's trans-
Evil, in thought unapproved--blameless, gression, X. 55, Sentence pronounced
V. 117.

by him on the serpent, 163. Clothes
Experience—a guide to wisdom, ix. 807. them with skins, etc. 211. The justice

of his sentence, 754. His intercession

on their repentance, xi. 22, (vide Mes-
Faith, ix. 1139.

Faith in Christ, xii. 420, 515, 529.

God, purity of adoration more acceptable

to him than ritual, iv. 736. All good
Fame (or glory), xi. 688.
Fancy, its office, v. 100. The eye «f the

proceeds from, and returns to bim, y.

soul, viii. 460.

To be contemplated in the works
Fate, the will of God, vii. 170.

of the creation, 508. Acts immediate,
Fig-tree, of which Adam, Eve, etc. made

vii. 176. The centre of heaven, ix. 107.

His absolute decrees, xi. 311. Omni-
aprons, described, ix. lioi.
Firmament described, vii. 261.

presence, goodness, etc. 335. The lear
Fish described, 391.

of him, elc., with loss of freedom, de-
Flaming sword in Paradise on Adam's,

generales, 797. Particular presence,

xii. 48.
elc. expulsion thence, xii. 632, {vide

To obey, love, depend on his

providence, etc., the sum of knowledge,
Flood universal, (vide Nokn.)

557; and wisdom, 575.
Freedomn, xi. 797.

Gospel, how to be understood, xii. 511.
Free-will asserted, iii. 95; V. 235, 520; viii.

Grace of God, iii. 129, 198; xi. 22 ; xij.

635 ; ix. 350 ; x. 43. Reason, the same,
iii. 108: ix. 350. The image of God, viii.

Gralilude, iv. 55.

Gunpowder, Guns, etc., the original in-
Fruition, carnal, the passion ot it cen-

vention ascribed to the Devil, vi. 478,

sured, viii. 579.

Gabriel, IV. 443, 561, 576, 782, 866, 877, Heaven and earth, their final renovation
902, 1006; vi. 45, 354.

by fire, xi. 898 ; xii. 547. After-bap-
God the Father, contemplaling his works, piness therein, 463, 549.

etc. iii. 56. Speeches to, and replies Heaven, the joys, elc. of it described, iii.
from the Son, on Satan's design on the 344; its gate, 501 ; v. 253. Passage from
creaiion, 80—274. Decrees his resur thence to the world, iii. 526 ; ils general
rection, 303. His (the Father's) attri creation, 716.
butes, etc. 372. Visibly seen in the Hell described, i. 60, 228 ; ii. 587, 618; its
Son, 383 ; vi. 680. Charge to Raphael to gales, 645; first opened by sin, 871,
warn Adam against his fall, v. 224. (ride Similes.)
Speech to the celestial hierarchy, 600. Hierarchies of heaven, v. 579.
To the Son on Sagainst ethe revolt there Hinnom, the valley or, i. 399.
on, 719. Army against the revolters HOLY Guost, its effusion, etc. at the crea-
described, vi, 15. Speech to Abdiel, 29. tion, vii. 195. Descent, etc. on the
Appoints Michael and Gabriel cbiels of apostles, and all baplized, xii. 485.
the celestial army, 44. Appoin's God Promised and given alike to all beliey.
the Son lo end it, 680. Resolving the

ers, xii. 518.
creation of the world, vii. 139. Com Hymn to light, iii. 1. To God the Father
mits the work to him, 163. Described, and Son, 372. On conjugal love, iv. 750.
594. Speech (the Father's) on the guar On the creation, vii. 180, 252, 557, 602.

Hypocrisy, jjj. 682.
Hypocrites, iv. 121, 744,


in it, v. 418. Part of the fourth day's
creation, vii. 356, 375, 379,
Moon and stars, iv. 661.
Moon and planets, x. 656.
Morning in heaven described, vi, 12.
Morning, natural, described, v. 1, 20:i

192; xi. 133.
Moses and Aaron, xii. 170.
Mulciber, i. 740.


Idolatry, the origin of it, i. 364; of the

post-diluvian world, xij. 115.
Inimortality of the soul discussed, x. 782.
Innocence, the state of it described, iv.

312, 492, 738; V. 211, 303, 443; viii. 40,

Invocations, the author's, i. 6; iii, 51; vii.

1; xi. 20.
Jove, (a fallen angel,) i. 512.
Israeliles, their bondage and deliverance

from Egypl, xii. 163; their civil and
sacred economy in the wilderness, 223.
Establishment in Canaan, 260. Reason,
use, etc. of their ritual laws, 280. Go-
vernment by judges and kings, 315.
Captivity in Babylon, 335. Relurn from
thence to the birth of the Messiah, etc.

Isis, (a fallen angel,) i. 478.
Ithuriel, iv. 788, 810.

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Obedience, conjugal, iv. 635; V. 529.
Old age described, xi. 535.
Omeris of Adam's expulsion from Para-

dise, xi. 182.
Opinion (or knowledge), (vide Know-

Orbs, celestial and terrestrial, viii, 78-

Orus, i. 478.
Osiris, ibid.


Knowledge of good and evil, the tree of
il, iv. 220 ; IX 626 ; ix. 575; vii. 542; viii.

343 : ix. 679, 795, 863.
Knowledge (or opinion), V, 100; vii. 126;

viij. 188; xii. 560; viji. 192, (vide Si-

Lethe, ii. 582.
Leviathan, i. 201.
Liberty, with the loss of it, virtue, ele.

degenerates, xi. 797.
Life, the tree of, iv. 218; ix. 69.
Light, hymn to it, iii. I. The first day's

creation, vii. 243.
Limbo, or fool's Paradise, iii. 495.
Lion, xi. 187.
Love, conjugal, its praises, iv. 750; viij.

586, 589, 620; ix. 239, 241.
Lucifer, x. 425. (Vide SATAN.)
Lust, ix. 1011.


Pandemonium, i. 710. (Vide Similes.).
Paradise (or the garden of Eden) describ-

ed, iv, 131, 214 ; v. 291; vii. 537; viii.
304; ix. 439. The eastern gale of it, iv.
542. Guarded by Gabriel, 549. The
bower of Adam and Eve there, iv. 690.
The walches, etc. of the guardian an-
gels, iv. 778, 782, 861, 977. The hili
There, xi. 371. Adam and Eve's expul-
sion, xii. 625. The flaming sword, etc.
632. The seat of il destroyed by Noah's

flood, xi. 829. ('ide SIMILES.)
Patriarchal government, xii. 13,
Patriarchs, xii. 113.
Peace, xi. 783.
Peor or Cheinos, i. 412.
Perseculion, xii. 508-533,
Phlegelhon, ii. 580.
Plagues of Egypt, xij. 173.
Planels, X. 656.
Poles, X. 668, 680.
Prayer, xi. 5, 14, 146, 311.
Predestination defined, iii. 111.
Priests occasion the first dissension in the

Jewish church and state, xii. 353.
Prosopopeia, ix. 782, 1000.


Mammon, i. 678 ; ii. 229; Man, fallen, iii.

130, 198, 203, 227, 290.
Han, why created, iii. 677 ; ix. 143. His

creation, vii. 524. Dominion, 520. Love
to woman, viii. 567.

His superiority
over the woman, x. 145, 195.
Medusa, ii. 610.
Mercy, iii. 132.
Messiah, x. 181, 182; xii. 359, 376, 386,

388, 420, 451, 458, 543.
Michael (the Archangel), vi. 44, 250, 262,

296, 320, 410. Prepares to expel Adam,
etc. from Paradise, xi. 126, 238, 251,
286, 334. Discovers to Adam (in vision)
wbat should happen to the time of the
flood, 423—867. Discovers to him (re-
latively) what should happen from the
food to the general resurrection, xii.
6.-551. His answer to Adam's resolu-
tion of future obedience, etc. 575.
Leads him and Eve out, 637. (Vide Si-

Moloch, i. 392; ii. 51; vi. S57, 360.
Moon, supposed inhabited, iii. 459. Its

office, 726. Rising, iv. 006. The spois

Rainbow, xi. 865, 895.
Ramiel, vi. 369.
Raphael (the Archangel), his descent to

Paradise to warn Adam against his fall,
V. 247. Described, 276. Answer to
Adam's invitation to his bower, and
enlerlainment there, 371 - 450. Dis-
course with Adamn on various subjects,

V. 468—viii. 651. (Vide SIMILES.)
Reason, iv. 95, 108 ; V. 100, 486; viii. 369;

ix. 350, 486, 653 ; xii. 83, 97.

Redemption of mon, iii. 203, 227.
Repentance, iii. 185–191. An act of it,

X. 1086; xi. 22.
Reptiles, vii. 475.
Revolt and defeat of the fallen angels, v.

577-vi. 892.
Riinmon, i. 467.


calls a council, 414. Speech in council,
418. Reply to Nisroch ihere, 469. Gives
the word for renewing the ballle, 458,
Renewed by his army, and the second
ballle described, 569, 670. Speech on
the celestial and te retrial, 608.

army's entire dereal and expulsion froin
heaven described, 831-877. Returns
from compassing the earth to Paradise
by night, in a mist, in order to his
templation, ix. 53. His circuit, ele.
described, 62. Soliloquy thereon, 99.
Enters the serpent, 182. View (in that
shape) of Eve, 424. Soliloquy there.
on, 473. Behaviour to her, 523. Speech
lo her, 532. Reply to ber answer, 567.
The discourse (his templalion of Eve lo
eat the forbidden fruil) continued, 732.
Leaves her after eating it, 784. His sen-
tence thereon ( virtually) pronounced
by God the Son, x. 171. Relurns lo hell
to avoid bis presence in Paradise, 337.
Meels Sin and Death upon their journey
lo the world, on Adam's, elc, fall, 345.
Answer to Sin's speech, 383. Parls with
them, 410. Ascends his throne at Pan-
demonium, 443. Speech to the falleu
angels assembled there, 459. Applaud-
ed with a hiss, 504. He and they trans-
formed to serpents, 510. Farther pu-
nished with an illusion of the forbidden
fruit, 549. Both annually continued,
575. Himself (the serpent) dragged in
chains at the ascension of the Messiah,
xii. 453. Dissolution (with the world)
at his coming to judgment, 545. (Vide

Saturn, i. 512.
Seasons, their changes, X. 677.
Serpent described, ix. 182, 495; X. 163,

175. (Vide Similes.)
Sidereal blasts, etc. X. 692.

Sabbath, rii. 581, 594.
Salvation, xii. 449.
Satan the prince of the fallen angels),

his fall from heaven, i. 34. Why $0
called, i. 81; v. 657. Speech to Becl-
zebub, after their fall, i. 84. Reply to
Beelzebub's answer, 157.

Ascent from
hell, 292. His stature, looks, etc. 193;
iv. 985; v. 706. Speech to Beelzebub
thereon, i. 242. His shield, 284. His
■pear, 292. Speech to the other fallen
angels, 315. His standard, 531. Speech
to the fallen angels reimbattled, 622.
Calls a council, 752. Speech to them in
council, ii. II. Undertakes an attempt
on the world, the result of it,) 430, 465.
Ascent to the gates of bell, 629. Speech
to Death there, 681. The father of Sin
and Death, 727. Answer to Sin's speech,
737. To her reply, 817. Flight into
Chaos, 917. Arrival at the court of
Chaos, 951. Speech there, 968. Brought
Sin and Death first into the world, 1024.
Ascent to light, etc. 1034. Alights on
the convex of the world's outermost
orb, iii. 4is. View of the world from
the first step to heaven gate, 550. Des-
cent to it described, 561. Stops at the
sun, 588. Discovers Uriel, the angel of
it, there, 621. Transforms himself to
a cherub, 634. Speech to Uriel, 654.
Deceives him, 681.' Is directed by him
to the world, 724; and Paradise, 733.
Alights on Mount Niphates, 739. Soli-
loquy, contemplating the sun, 432. The
first hypocrite, 121. Arrives at Para-
dise. 131. Sits on the tree of life, 194.
Soliloquy on view of Adam and Eve in
Paradise, 358. Descends from the tree
of life, and assumes several animal
shapes, 395. Listens to Adam's dis-
course' with Eve, on God's prohibition
of the tree of knowledge, 408. Soli-
loquy on the subject of it, 505. Re-
solves thence to tempt them to dis-
obedience, 512. First attempt, in the
assumed shape of a load, on Eve asleep,
799. Answer to Ithuriel and Zephon,
reprehending him thereon, 827. Re-
ply to their answer, 854. Answer to
iabriel, 886. Reply

to his answer, 925.
To another, 968. The inauguration of
God the Son, the occasion of his revolt,
T. 657. Speech to the next subordinate
angel of his party thereon, 673. The
seat of his hierarchy before his fall, 756.
Speech to the angels of his hierarchy
thereon, 772. Reply to Abdiel's answer,
on his speech to the hierarchs of his
party, 853. His army, vi. 79.
and post there, 99. Answer to Abdiel's
reply, 150. Battle between his and the
celestial army, 205—385. Hi3 prowess
in the battle, 246. Encounters Michael,
253. Answer to Michael's speech there-
on, 281. The combat described, 296.
Wounded by him, 320. Carried off, 335.
His army defeated, 386. Retreats, and


Adah and Eve, after their fall—to the

Americans, ix. 1115. Their repentance

—to Deucalion and Pyrrha's food, xi. 8.
Adam caressing. Eve — to Jupiter with

Juno, iv. 499. His address to her sleep-
ing—to Zephyrus breathing on Flora, v.
15. Bower—to Pomona's arbour, 377.
Desires to know the story of the crea-
tion, prior to his own—to thirst unal-
layed, increasing, vii. 66. Awaked after
carnal fruition, the first effect of his fall
—to Samson shorn by Dalilah, ix. 1059.
Sorrow on the vision of Noah's flood
lo a father's mourning his children, xi.

Angels, celestial, the spears of—to ears of

corn, iv. 980. Their march—to that of
the birds, vi. 72. Their hallelujahs—to
the sound of seas, x. 642. Their faces
—to a double Janus (four), xi. 12s.
Their eyes—to those of Argus, 129.
Their appearance—to the angels appear-
ing to Jacob, 213; to those in Dothan,
216. Their motion—to an evening mist,

xii. 628.
Angels, fallen for infernal)—to autumnal

leaves, i. 302. To floating sea-sedge
after a storm, 304. Rousing at Satan s
command—to sentinels waking from
sleep, 331. Imbatlling-o the Egyp-
tian plague of locusts, 338. To the ir-
ruptions of the northern barbarian!, 351.

His port

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Their disposition to engage—to that of Arabia Felix, al sea, iv. 159. Itsell--to
the heroes of antiquity, 549. With them the field of Enna, 268; to the grove of
-the greatest armies in all

ages since Daphne, elc. 272; to the Isle of Nysa,
the creation—pigmies, 573. Themselves 275; Lo Mount Amara, 280; to the gar-
-lo oaks or pines blasted, 612. Their dens of Adonis, ix. 439; of Alcinous,
searching, etc. for the materials of Pan 440; of Solomon, 442.
demonium - to pioneers intrenching, Raphael, bis view of the world in his
elc. 675. Their manner of raising il descent from heaven to Paradise-lo
to the wind of an organ, 705. Assem that of lhe moon through an oplic glass,
bling thereat—to bees, 768 ; to pigmies, V. 261; of Delos or Samos from the Cy-
780; to fairies, 781. Their applause of clades (isles), v. 264. Himself-lo a
Mammon's speech in council—to the phenix, 271; to Mercury, 285.
bollow wind alter a storm, ii. 285. Their Salan-to' Briareus, Typhon, and the Le-
rising from council—to thunder afar viathan, i. 199, 201; to the sun rising
off, 479. Their pleasure on the result in a inist, 594; in eclipse, 596; to the
to ihe evening sun after a foul day, 488. longest_train of a comet, ii. 707 ; to
Their after various pursuits, passions, Mount Teneriffe, or Atlas, iv. 985. His
etc.-to the Olympic, or Pythian games, shield-lo the moon, i. 284. His spear
530; to the phenomena of armies in the to a mast, 292. His standard-io a
clouds, 533; to Hercules on OEta, 543. meteor, 337. The phenomenon of his
Their numbers composing Satan's army ascent to hell-gatesto a fleet in the
against the celestials-to the stars, v. offing, ii. 636. His and Death's frowns
745 ; lo the dew drops, 746. Their ap on each other-to two thunder-clouds
plause of Satan's reply to Abdiel-io meeling, 714. Flight to the court of
ihe sound of deep walers, 872. Throng Chaos-10 a grisin's, 943. Towards
ed together after their entire deseat by heaven-to the ship) Argo, i. 1016; to
God ihe Son-to a berd of goals, vi. Ulysses' voyage between Scylla and Cha-
856. Their retreat to Pandemonium-

rybdis, ii. 1019. Arrival at light, etc.-
to the Tartar's Night before the Russ; to a weather-beaten vessel lowards port,
and the Persian's from the Turk, x. 431. 1043. On the convex of the world's
Transformation to serpents-lo those outermost orb-lo a vulture seeking his
sprung from the Gorgon's blood, elc. prey, iii.&31. First view of the world
526. ' Tbeir appearance on the tree il to a scout's casual prospect of a new
lusive of the forbidden fruit-to the country or city, 543.° or the star's o:bs
snaky hair of Megara (one of the furies), -o the Hesperian gardens, etc. 568.
558. The fruit-w the apples of So Appearance in the sun's orb—10 a spot
dom, 561.

in it, 688. Meditation on his intended
Cbaos. Atoms, their motion-to the Li attempt on the world-lo a gun recoil-

byan quicksands, ii. 900. Confusion ing, iv. 14. In Paradise-lo a wolf
there-to storining, a town, 920;. 10 preying on a fold, 183; to a thief break-
heaven and earth (supposed) falling, ing in at a house-lop, etc. 188; to a liger
elc. 924.

in view of a brace of fawns, 403. De-
Death and Sin, their making a bridge tected by Ithuriel there-to gunpowder

over Chaosąló polar winds, driving the taking fire, 814. Reprehended by Ze-
ice together, X. 289. The work to phon-lo a steed reined, in a fret, 857.
Neplune's fixing, the ield of Delos, 293; His army-lo the stars, v. 745; to the
10 Xerxes making a bridge over the dew drops, 746. Their applause of his
Hellespont, 306.

reply to Abdiel-to the sound of deep
Death's instinct of Adam's fall-60 the waters, vi. 872.

Himself recoiling on
Nigbt of birds of prey to a field of battle, a blow received from Michael - to a
X. 273. His and Satan's frowns on eacá mountain sinking by an earthquake, 193.
other-to two thunder clouds meeting, His combat with Michael-lo two planels
ii. 714.

rushing in opposition, 310. View of
Eve, her hair-lo the vine's tendrils, iv. Paradise and Eve there-lo a citizen's

305. Her looks-to the first blush of taking the air in the country, ix. 445.
morning, v. 122. Herself-lo Pandora, Shape on his return to hell-lo the ser-
iv. 713; to a wood-nymph, or Venus, v. peni Python, X. 529. His tempting Eve
379; lo a Dryad, or Delia (Diana), 'ix. -alluded to by the story of Ophion and
387; to Pales or Pomona, 393 ; to Céres, Eurynome, 578.
395. Her lemplation by Salan-alluded Serpent, ibai entered by Satan-to those
to by the story of Ophion and Eury Hermione and Cadmus were transform-
nome, X. 578.

ed to, ix. 504; to that assumed by Æscu-
Flaming sword in Paradise, on Adam and lapius, 506; to those by Jupiter Ammon

Eve's expulsion thence-lo a comet, xii. and Capitolinus, 508. His motion-lo
632. Ils heal, elc.-to the Lybian air, the working of a ship, etc. 513. His

crest-lo an exhalation flaming ( Will
Hell-lo Mount Ætna (in Sicily), i. 230; 10 i'th' wisp), 634. His address, introduce
the bog or lake Serbonis (in Palestine), ing the temptation-to that of an orator
ii. 592.

of the Athenian or Roman common-
Knowledge, the desire of it-lo a thirst wealths, 670.
unallayed, increasing, vii. 66.

Sin, her middle parts-lo the dogs of
Michael, his combat with Salan-lo two Scylla, ii. 659; of the night hag, 662.

planels rushing in opposition, vi. 0. Spears-lo ears of corn, iv. 980.
Appearance to expel Adam-io a man siars, their orbs—to the Hesperian gar-
in a military vest, elc. xi. 239.

dens, elc. ii. 568.
Pandemonium, ils sudden rise-lo an Sun, his course turned at Adam's, etc.
exhalation, i. 710.

eating the forbidden fruik as ai the
Paradise, the air of it-to the effluvia from banquet of Thyestes, X. 688.

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