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on Ludgete-Hill.

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I. Remarks on the Tempeft, or an attempt to rescue Shakespeare from the many errors falsely charged on him by his several editors. To which is prefixed, A short account of the story, plot, disposition, and chronology of the play.

II. The Dramatic Censor, being remarks upon the conduct, characters, and catastrophe of our most celebrated plays.

III. Fortune, a rhapsody. Inscribed to Mr. Garrick.

IV. A farewel hymn to the country, attempted in the manner of Spenser's Epithala-, mion. By Mr. Potter. The ad edition.

V. A collection of original poems and translations. By Jobn Wbaley, A. M. 8vo.

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And fold by RICHARD MANBY, on Ludgate-Hill.


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Speaking of King Henry V. ;
E never lifted up his hand, but conquer'd.]

“ He ne're lift up his hand, but con

· quered.” Folio 1632.
Id. ib.

Or shall we think the subtle-witted French
Conj'rers and forcorers, that afraid of him,
By magick verse, have thus contriv'd bis end.]

Mr. Scot (See his Discovery of Witchcraft, book iii. chap. 15.) observes, “ That the Irish “ stick not to affirm, that they can rhime ei" ther man or beast' to death, and that the 6. Weft-Indians and Muscovites do the like." VOL. II. B


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