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Help Wreck Our Nerves

Says Noted Authority, Whose Patients Include Many of Amer-
ica's Foremost Business Men, Statesmen and Physicians

(Reprinted from the New York Mail)


'N our father's time long hours of hard you, and you lose confidence in yourself, single factor in the maintenance of health

work and close attention to business and imagine that you have all kind of is that the nerves be in order.' was the keynote of success. They dangerous diseases.

Years ago I applied . only physical worked and worked in a slow, plodding

“The development of nerve exhaustion

methods in building up 'run-down' men manner, and in the end retired with does not follow any set rule, but varies

and women. To-day I concentrate upon nérves unshattered and health unimpaired.

according to the physical and mental the nerves and mind, employing perhaps To-day things are different. We are liv- characteristics of the victim. Usually the

only 10 per cent physical methods, and as first indication of overtaxed nerves is that

a result I am successful in practically ing in the age of speed, the mile-a-minute life. In the words of Dr. Eugene Lyman well known tired feeling—a general lack

every case." Fisk, head of the Life Extension Institute, of 'pep.' As the depletion of nerve force

When asked to cite examples of how "We Americans are rushing madly toward progresses, one or more vital organs begin

people overtax their nerves, Mr. von the grave, flogging ourselves with stimu

Boeckmann said: “That is difficult to exlants as we gallop through life.” Success

plain in a few words. Briefly, men strain comes only to those who can endure the


their nerves through worry in business, terrific nerve tension of modern business

excessive mental concentration, anger, exmethods, and most men who retire after


citement and so forth. Of course, excesses having achieved success have not enough


and vices of various kinds are often the vitality and nerve force left to enjoy the

direct cause. Women, on the other hand, fruits of their years of labor and nerve

strain their nerves through the emotions, strain. In other words, the main require


although they, too, have worries over ment of success to-day is abundant nerve

-Chest Breathing

economical problems. Many people are force.

born with supersensitive nerves which fly This, in brief, is the opinion of Paul von


to pieces under the slightest strain." Boeckmann, who has devoted more than

Mr. von Boeckmann informed the writer twenty-five years to the study of nerve

that far over a million of his various strain and its evil consequences. In his

books had been sold and that he had given writings and lectures on health he em


over 100,000 courses of instruction during phasizes the dangers of our present-day

the last twenty-five years. His pupils or nerve wrecking mode of living.


patients included many of the foremost

American physicians, statesmen, business This man, who has analyzed the cause

-SOLAR PLEXUS men, college professors and ministers of of nervous prostration in over 300,000

national renown. His clientele is found people, told the writer at his office, 110


mainly among people who are naturally West Fortieth Street, “People do not real


high strung and people with over-active ize that there is a limit to the strain the

brains, who do not know that there is a nerves can endure. The vital organs can


limit to their reserve of nerve force. produce just so much nerve force and no more. If we expend this precious nerve

Mr. von Boeckmann concluded: “I force more rapidly than it is accumulated,


would say, as general advice to all busiwe become nerve bankrupts-neuras

ness men (in fact, to every man and wothenics.


man): Rest and relax whenever you can.

Do what you must do, and do that well, “The great war proved how very sensi

- Pelvic Organs

but do not waste your nerve force in tive our

nerves are to mental strain. One-third of all the hospital cases were

The Sympathetic Nervous System

directions that are not necessary, applying

it to affairs and persons that do not nerve cases. The strongest men, after a

Showing how Every Vital Organ is gove
erned by the Nervous System, and how

directly concern you. few days of exposure at the front, were

Help others, yes, the Solar Plexus commonly known as the

but do not wreck your own health in dosemi-paralyzed so that they could not eat,

Abdominal brain, is the Great Central

ing so. sleep, and in many cases, even stand or

Station for the distribution of Nerve Force

Many people must be made to Over speak; thousands lost their reason.

change their entire outlook of life in

order to avoid nerve strain. That is an 135 cases from New York alone are now in asylums for the insane." to lag in their activity, the most common

important part of my system of instrucsymptoms being digestive disturbances,

tion." The writer asked Mr. von Boeckmann

deranged blood circulation, high and low whether he was immune to nerve strain

blood pressure; and, in the more advanced Note: Mr. von Boeckmann publishes a 64. himself, since he teaches nerve culture

stages, serious organic disturbances are and is known to be one of the strongest

page book entitled “Nerve Force," a book manifested, and most distressing mental men in the world to-day. "No," he restrains show this in, for instance, undue

that is essentially intended to teach how to plied. “Some years ago I tried to crowd fears, sleeplessness, melancholia, inability

care for the nerves and how to apply simten years of work into one, and my nerves to concentrate; and the final breakdown

ple methods for their restoration. The failed me. To-day, of course, my nerves may lead to insanity.

cost is only 25c, coin or stamps, and will are normal again, and I shall never again

be mailed under plain cover by addressing have to suffer the tortures which come Of course, all this is not new. Every

him at Studio 335, 110 West 40th St., New from nerve exhaustion. No one, who has physician will tell you that most of his

York, N. Y. This book is not an adver. not had deranged nerves, can understand patients owe their ailments to nerve exthe meaning of it.

tisement. The facts presented will prove it is hell, that's all. haustion, either directly or indirectly. I At first you are afraid you will die, and agree fully with Dr. Alfred T. Schofield,

a revelation to you, and the advice will then you are afraid that you will not die. the noted British authority on the nerves,

be of incalculable value, whether you have A sickening sensation of fear creeps upon who says, 'It is my belief that the greatest had trouble with your nerves or not.

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Ertered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.

Vol. 136

January 2, 1924

No. 1

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my possession, and now that there is so
always know that they are in for a par- | much said about Poe, I think it is a good
ticular treat when they observe a letter time to publish it."
signed “Felix Riesenberg."

Roxbury, January 16, 1852.
OBERT J. COLE is a New York news-

Anna and Bessie Pedder have this paper man. A graduate of Colum

A graduate of Colum- afternoon been telling me about Poebia University, where he specialized in

poor Edgar Poe and his beautiful wife. literature and art, he was for a while Anna said "the first knowledge of Poe associated with the publicity work of the

was through the Ladies Repository at Baltimore and Ohio Railway. Later he Philadelphia—an association of which served as art critic of the New York there were sixteen ladies as managers. It "Evening Sun," and then became literary

was calculated, not for the poorer or editor of the New York “Herald.” middling classes, but for those who had Lately he has been "free-lancing” in his been accustomed to luxury, wealth, and specialties. To our great regret we have refinement, and who were forced to part learned that Mr. Cole was dangerously with articles. By depositing them there injured by an automobile soon after he

we understood at once that they were in finished the appreciation of the work of need of necessaries, and the ladies gave George W. Bellows which we publish in them assistance immediately on the case this issue.

being represented to them. We both had GEOT EORGE F. MILTON, JR., is managing the care of the repository at the time,

editor of the Chattanooga (Ten- and the first that we knew of them was nessee) "News," and a frequent contribu- by Mrs. Clemon, the mother of Mrs. tor to The Outlook on political subjects. Poe, depositing there a silver pencil, a

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