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Servitus crefcit nova: nec priores
Impiae tectum dominae relinquunt,
Saepe minati.

Te fuis matres metuunt juvencis;
Te fenes parci, miferaeque nuper
Virgines nuptae, tua ne retardet
Aura [a] maritos.


AD TITUM VALGIUM. Amicum moerentem de filii morte confolatur. ON femper imbres nubibus hifpidos Manant in agros; aut mare Caspium Vexant inaequales procellae

Ufque; nec Armeniis in oris,

Amice Valgi, ftat glacies iners
Menfes per omnes; aut Aquilonibus
Querceta Gargani laborant,
Et foliis viduantur orni.

Tu femper urges flebilibus modus
Myften ademtum; nec tibi Vefpero
Surgente decedunt amores,
Nec rapidum fugiente folem.
At non ter ævo functus amabilem
Ploravit omnes Antilochum fenex
Annos; nec impubem parentes
Troilon, aut Phrygiæ forores
Flevere femper. Define mollium
Tandem querelarum; et potius nova

Cantemus Augufti tropea

Cæfaris; et rigidum Niphaten,

[a] Cura maritos. BENTL.







are growing up for you; a new fet of flaves is growing up; nor do the former ones quit the house of their impious mistress, notwithstanding they often have threatened it. The matrons are in dread of you on account of their young lads; the thrifty old men are in dread of you; and the girls but just married are in diftrefs, left your beauty fhould. flacken the affection of their hufbands.



He comforts his friend grieving for the lofs of his fon. SHOV HOWERS do not perpetually pour down upon the furrow'd fields, nor do hurricanes for ever harrafs the Cafpian fea; nor, my friend Valgius, does the motionless ice remain fixed throughout all the months in the regions of Armenia: or do the Garganian oaks always labour under the northerly winds, and the afh trees are not always widowed of their leaves. But you continually purfue Myftes, who is taken from you, with mournful measures: nor does the effects of your love for him ceafe at the rifing of Vesper, nor, when he flies the rapid approach of the fun. But the three-aged old man (Neftor) did not lament for the amiable Antilochus all the years of his life: nor did his parents, or his Trojan fifters perpetually bewail the blooming Troilus. At length then defift from your tender complaints; and rather let us fing the fresh trophies ef Auguftus Cæfar, and how the frozen Niphates,

* As having so often broke their faith.


Medumque flumen gentibus additum
Victis, minores volvere vortices;
Intraque præfcriptum Gelonos
Exiguis equitare campis.



Hortatur ut mediocritate contentus æquanimitatem retineat.


ECTIUS vives, Licini, neque altum Semper urgendo; neque, dum procellas Cautus horrefcis, nimium premendo

Litus iniquum.

Auream quifquis mediocritatem

Diligit. Tutus caret obfoleti


Sordibus tecti, caret invidenda

Sobrius aula.

Saepius ventis agitatur ingens

Pinus; et celfae graviore cafu

Decidunt turres; feriuntque fummos

Fulmina [a] montes

Sperat infeftis, metuit fecundis

Alteram fortem bene præparatum
Pectus. Informes hiemes reducet

Jupiter; idem

Summovet: non, fi male nunc, & olim
Sic erit: quondam cithara [b] tacentem
Sufcitat Mufam, neque femper arcum
Tendit Apollo.

Rebus auguftis animofus atque

Fortis appare: fapienter idem

Contrahes vento nimium fecundo

Turgida vela.

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[a] Fulgura montes. [b] Citharae tacentem,

and the river Medus, added to the vanquished nations, roll more humble tides, and the Gelonians ride within a small tract of land, and pass not the bound prefcribed them.



He advifes him to be content with a mean, and to maintain an evenness of temper.

Licinius, you will lead a better courfe of life, by neither always purfuing the main fea, nor, while you cautiously are in dread of ftorms, by preffing too much upon the hazardous fhore. Whoever loves the golden mean, is fecure from the fordidnefs of an antiquated cell, and is too prudent to have a palace that might expofe him to envy. The lofty pine is more frequently agitated with winds, and high towers fall down with a heavier ruin; and thunderbolts ftrike the fummits of the mountains. A well-provided breaft hopes in adverfity, and fears in profperity. 'Tis the fame Jupiter, that brings the hideous winters back, and that takes them away. If it is bad with us now, it fhall not be fo hereafter. Apollo fometimes roufes the filent lyric muse, nor does he always bend his bow. In narrow circumstances appear in high fpirits, and undaunted. In the fame manner you will prudently contract your fails, which are apt to be too much fwollen in a profperous gale.






Animum Quintii a publicis privatifque curis ad bilari


tatem convertit.

UID bellicofus Cantaber, et Scythes, Hirpine Quinti, cogitet, Adria Divifus objecto, remittas

Quærere; nec trepides in ufum Pofcentis ævi pauca. Fugit retro Levis juventas et decor, arida Pellente lafcivos amores

Canitie, facilemque fomnum.

Non femper idem floribus eft honos
Vernis ; neque uno Luna rubens nitet
Vultu. Quid æternis minorem
Confiliis animum fatigas ?

Cur non fub alta vel platano, vel hac
Pinu jacentes fic temere, et rofa
Canos odorati capillos,

Dum licet, Affyriaque nardo,
Potamus uncti? diffipat Evius
Curas edaces. Quis puer ocius
Reftinguet ardentis Falerni

Pocula prætereunte lympha?
Quis devium fcortem eliciet domo
Lyden? eburna, dic age, cum lyra
Maturet, incomtam [a] Lacaena
More comam religata nodum. [b]

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Incomtum Lacaena. [b] Religata nodo, Torentius.

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