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the elms. Then banks of violets, and myrtle groves, and all the tribe of nofegays fhall diffufe their odours in the olive plantations, which were fruitful to their preceding mafter. Then the denfe boughs of the laurel fhall exclude the burning beams. It was not fo prescribed by the institutes 'of Romulus, and the ftern unfhaven Cato, and ancient cuftom. Their private revenue was contracted, while that of the community was great. No private men were then poffeffed of ten-foot galleries, which collected the fhady northren breezes; nor did the laws permit them to reject the cafual turf for their own huts, though at the fame time they obliged them to ornament in the most sumptuous manner, with new stone, the buildings of the public, and the temples of the gods, at a common expence.



That happiness is obtained by bridling our affections.

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GROSPHUS, he that is caught in the wide Egean fea, when a black tempeft hath obfcured the moon, and ne'er a star appears for the mariners to regulate their courfe by, fupplicates the gods for eafe; for ease, Thrace furious in war; for eafe the Mede with quiver graceful, neither purchasable by jewels, nor by purple, nor by goll. For neither regal treafures, nor the Conful's officer,


Summovet lictor miferos tumultus
Mentis, et curas laqueata circum
Tecta volantes.

Vivitur parvo bene, cui paternum
Splendet in menfa tenui falinum;
Nec leves fomnos timor aut cupido
Sordidus aufert.

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Quid brevi fortes jaculamor ævo
Multa? Quid terras alio calentes
Sole mutamus? Patriæ quis exul
Se quoque fugit?

Scandit æratas vitiofa naves

Cura; nec turmas equitum relinquit
Ocior cervis, & egente nimbos

Ocior Euro.

Laetus in præfens animus, quod ultra est

Oderit curare, et amara [a] lento

Temperet rifu. Nil eft ab omni

Parte beatum.

Abftulit clarum cita mors Achillem:
Longa Tithonum minuit fenectus:
Et mihi forfan, tibi quod negarit [b]
Portriget hora.

Te greges centum, Siculæque circum
Mugiunt vaccæ; tibi tollit hinnitum
Apta quadrigis equa; te bis Afro

Murice tinctæ

Veftiunt lanæ

mihi parva rura, et

Spiritum Graiæ tenuem Camenæ

Parca non mendax dedit, et malignum

Spernere vulgus.

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[a] Et amara leni. BENTL. [b] Tibi quod negavit.

can remove the wretched tumults of the mind, nor cares that hover about the fplendid cielings of the great. That man lives happily on a little, who can view with pleafure the old-fashioned family faltcellar on his frugal board; neither anxiety, nor fordid avarice robs him of gentle fleeps. Why, do we, whofe vigour is fo tranfitory, aim at many things? Why do we change our own for climates heated by another fun? Who ever, by becoming an exile from his country, likewise escaped from himfelf? Confuming care board's even brazen-beaked fhips; nor does it quit the troops of horsemen, for it is more fleet than the ftags, more fleet than the ftorm-driven eaft-wind. A mind that is cheerful for its prefent ftate, will difdain to be folicitous any farther, and can correct the bitters of life with an ingenuous fmile. Nothing on earth is completely bleft. A premature death carried off the celebrated Achilles: a protracted old age wore down Tithonus; and time perhaps may extend to me what it shall deny to you. Around you a hundred flocks bleat, and Sicilian heifers low; for your ufe the mare, fit for the harness, neighs; wool doubly dipt in the African purple-dye, cloaths you; on me unerring fate hath bestowed a small country estate, and a little genius for the Grecian mufe, and a contempt for the malignity of the vulgar.


*Horace being the first who brought Lyric poetry to

any degree of perfection among the Romans.



Mecenatem perpetua febre laborantem confolatur, eiq; fe negat fore fuperftitem.

CUR me querelis exanimas tuis?

Nec dis amicum eft, nec mihi, te prius
Obire, Mæcenas, mearum

Grande decus columenque rerum.

Ah, te meae fi partem animae rapit
Maturior vis, quid moror altera,
Nec carus æque, nec fuperftes
Integer? Ille dies utramque
Ducet ruinam: non ego perfidum
Dixi facramentum: ibimus, ibimus,
Utcunque præcedes, fupremum
Carpere iter comites parati.

Me nec Chimaeræ fpiritus igneæ,
Nec fi refurgat centimanus Gyas [a]
Divellet unquam : fic potenti

Juftitiæ placitumque Parcis.

Seu Libra, feu me Scorpius afpicit
Formidolofus, pars violentior
Natalis horæ, feu tyrannus
Hefperiæ Capricornus undæ :
Utrumque noftrum incredibili modo
Confentit aftrum. Te Jovis impio


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Tutela Saturno refulgens

Eripuit, volucrifque [b] fati


faj Centimanus Gyges. [b] Volucrefque fati.



He comforts Mecenas labouring under à perpetual fever, and denies that he can poffibly furvive him.


THY do you kill me with your complaints? 'tis neither agreeable to the gods nor to me, that you should depart firft. Mecenas, thou grand ornament and support of my affairs. Alas! if an untimely blow hurry you away, a part of my soul, why do I, the other moiety remain, my value loft, nor any longer whole? That fatal day fhall bring destruction on us both. I have by no means taken a falfe oath we will go, we will go, whenever you fhall lead the way, prepared to be fellowtravellers in the laft journey. As for me,-neither the breath of the fiery Chimera, nor the hundredhanded Gyas, was he to rife again, fhall ever tear me from you: fuch is the will of powerful Juftice and of the Fates. Whether Libra or malignant Scorpio had the afcendant at my natal hour, or Capricorn the tyrant of the western wave, our horofcopes agree in a wonderful manner. Thee the benign protection of Jupiter, fhining with friendly afpect, refcued from the baleful influence of impious Saturn,* and retarded the wings of precipitate destiny, at the time the crouded people, in

* In Aftrology, he is always efleemed unlucky, unless corrected by the Trine of Jupiter, and fuppofed to incline perfons born under him to vic, and wickedness. *

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