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Tardavit alas; cum populus frequens.
Lætum theatris ter crepuit fonum:
Me truncus illapfus cerebro
Suftulerat, nifi Faunus ictum
Dextra levaffet, Mercurialium
Cuftos virorum. Reddere victimas.
Edemque votivam memento:
Nos humilem feriemus



[blocks in formation]

Romanorum luxum et avaritiam infectatur


ebur, neque aureum

Mea renidet in domo lacunar:

Non trabes Hymettie [a]

Premunt columnas ultima recifas [b]

Africa: neque Attali

Ignotus hæres regiam occupavi: Nec Laconicas mihi

Trahunt honestæ purpuras clientæ : At fides, et ingeni

Benigna vena eft; pauperemque dives Me petit: nihil fupra

Deos laceffo, nec potentem amicum Largiora flagito,

Satis beatus unicis Sabinis.

Truditur dies die,

Novæque pergunt interire Lunæ :

Tu fecanda marmora

Locas fub ipfum funus, et fepulchri

Immemor, ftruis domos;






[a] Trabes Hymettias. GALE. [b] Ultima recifae. GALE.

in refounding applauses, thrice hailed you in the theatre: me, the trunk of a tree falling upon my fkull, would have dispatched, had not Faunus,* the protector of men of genius, with his right hand, warded off the blow. Be you mindful to pay the victims and the votive temple; I will facrifice an humble lamb.


He inveighs against the Roman luxury and covetouf nefs.

NOR ivory, nor gilded arch, makes a figure in

my houfe: no Hymettian beams reft upon pillars cut out of the extreme parts of Africa; nor, a pretended heir, have I poffeffed myfelf of the palace of Attalus: nor do ladies, my dependants, fpin Laconian purple for my use. But honour, and a liberal vein of genius, are mine: and the man of fortune makes his court to me who am but poor. I importune the gods no farther, nor do I require of my friend in power any larger enjoyments, fufficiently happy with my Sabine farm alone. Day is driven on by day, and the new moons haften to their wain. You put out marble to be hewn, though with one foot in the grave, and unmindful of a fepulchre, are building houfes; and are bufy

* Or PAN.


Marifque Baiis obftrepentis urges Summovere litora,

Parum locuples continente ripa. Quid, quod ufque proximos Revellis agri terminos, et ultra Limites clientium

Salis avarus? pellitur paternos In finu ferens Deos

Et uxor et vir, fordidosque natos.

Nulla certior tamen

Rapacis Orci [a] fede deftinata

Aula divitem manet

Herum. Quid ultra tendis? Æqua tellus

Pauperi recluditur,

Regumque pueris: nec fatelles Orci

Callidum Promethea

Revexit, [b] auro captus. Hic fuperbum

Tantalum atque Tantali

Genus coercet: hic levare functum.





Pauperem laboribus,

Vocatus atque non vocatus audit.



[a] Orci fine destinata.

[b] Revinxit auro captus,

to extend the shore of the fea, that beats with violence at Baix, not rich enough while restrained to the limits of land. Why is it, that, through avarice, you even remove the landmarks of your neighbour's ground, and trefpafs beyond the bounds of your clients? and wife and husband are turned out, bearing in their bofom their houfhold gods, and their poor-looking children. Nevertheless, no court more certainly awaits its wealthy lord, than the deftined feat of rapacious Pluto. Why do you go on? The impartial earth is open to the poor, as well as to the fons of kings: nor has the life-guard ferryman of hell,, bribed with gold, re-conducted the artful Prometheus: he condefcends, whether invoked or not, to relieve the poor, freed from their labours.





Sibi fas effe Bacchi laudes, ut ejus numine pleno concitato, canere.

BACCHUM in remotis carmina rupibus
Vidi docentem (credite, pofteri)
Nymphafque difcentes, & aures
Capripedum Satyrorum acutas.
Evoe! recenti mens trepidat metu,
Plenoque Bacchi pectore turbidum
Lætatur. Evoe! parce, Liber,
Parce, gravi metuende thyrfo.
Fas pervicaces eft mihi Thyadas,
Vinique fontem, lactis et uberes
Cantare rivos, atque truncis
Lapfa cavis iterare mella:

Fas et beatæ conjugis additum
Stellis honorem, tactaque Penthei
Disjecta non leni [a] ruina,

Thracis et exitium Lycurgi.

Tu flectis amnes, tu mare barbarum:

[a] Non levi ruina.





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