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C A R M E N I.

Felicitatem in honoribus ac divitiis positam non effe.


profanum vulgus, et arceo.

Favete linguis : carmina non prius
Audita Mufarum facerdos

Virginibus puerisque canto.
Regum timendorum in proprios greges,
Reges in ipfos imperium est Jovis,

Clari Giganteo triumpho,



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! That happiness confifts not in honour and rich I Abominate the uninitiated vulgar, and,

them off. Give a religious attention : I priest of the muses, fing to virgins and boys v not heard before. The dominion of dread f, reigns is only over their own subjects, * that of piter, glorious for his conquest over the giants, who

shakes Literally FLOCKS. Homer is fond of terming kings shepherds of the people. Thus the true God entitles himself the shepherd of his people, and them the sheep of his pasture : the expression therefore is not too low for the

pomp of the strophe, agrecably to the charge of a late ingenious editor of our author,

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Cuneta fupercilio moventis. ER [a] ut viro vir latius ordinet Arbufta fulcis : hic generosior Defcendat in campum petitor ;

Moribus hic, meliorque fama
Contendat : illi turba clientium
major; aequa lege necessitas
yrtitur insignes et imos :
Pmne capax movet urna nomen.
icus ensis.cui fuper impia
ce pendet, non Siculæ dapes
ulcem elaborabunt faporem;
Non avium citharæque cantus
num reducent. Somnus agrestium

virorum non humiles domos
stidit, umbrofamque ripam,
Non Zephyris agitata Tempe.
ferantem quod fatis eft, neque
aliuofum folicitat mare,
= fævus Areturi cadentis
Impetus, aut orientis Hoedi ;
verberatæ grandine vineæ,
dufquæ mendax ; arbore nunc aquas
ulpante, munc torrentia agros

Sidera, nunc hienes iniquas.
Contracta pifces æquora fentiunt,
Jactis in altum molibus: huc frequens
Caementa demittit redemtor

Cum famulis, dominusque terrae Fallidiofus : fed timor et minae Scandunt codem quo dominus ; neque





[a] Esto ut viro. Bexti.

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fhakes all nature with his nod, is over fovereigns themselves. It happens that one man plants trees, in regular rows, to a greater extent than another: this man comes down into the Campus Martius as a candidate of a better family, while another vies with him for morals and a better reputation; a third has a fuperior number of dependants; but death, by the impartial law of nature, is allotted both to the confpicuous and obscure: the capacious urn keeps every name in motion. Sicilian dainties will noi force a delicious relish * t') that man, over whose impious neck the naked sword impends : the songs of birds or the lyre will not restore his sleep. Sleep disdains not the humble cottages and 1hady bank of peasants, he disdains not Tempe, fanned by zephyrs. Him, who desires but a competency, neither the tempestuous sea renders anxious, nor the malign violence of Ar&turus setting, or of the riling kid; not his vineyards beaten down with hail, and a deceitful farm, his plantations at one feafon blaming the rains, at another, the influence of the constellations parching the grounds, at another, fevere winters disturb him. The fishes perceive the feas contracted, by the vast foundations that have been laid into the deep: hither numerous undertakers, with their men, and Jords disdainful of the land, send down mortar: but anxiety and the threats of conscience, ascend by the same way as the poffeffor, nor does gloomy care depart from the brazen-beaked galley, and

the Alluding to the story of Damoclcs.

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Decedit ärata triemi, et

Post equitem fedet atra cura.
Quod fi dolentem nec Phrygius lapis,
Nec purpurarum fidere clarior
Delenit usus, nec Falerna

Vitis, Achæmeniumque costum;
Cur invidendis poftibus, et novo
Sublime ritu moliar atrium?
Cur valle permutem Sabina

Divitias operofiores ? [a]


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Bellicam fortitudinem, probitatem, et arcani fidem

commendat. ANGUSTAM, amici, pauperiem pati

Robustus acri militia puer
Condifcat ; et Parthos feroces
Vexet eques

metuendus hasta ; Vitamque fub dio, et trepidis agat

5 In rebus: illum ex moenibus hofticis Matrona bellantis tyranni

Profpiciens, et adulta virgo
Sufpiret, Eheu! Ne rudis agminum
Sponsus lacefsat regius asperum
Tactu leonem, quem cruenta

Per medias rapit ira çaedes.
Dulce et decorum eft pro patria mori:

Mors [a] Divitias onerofiores. Bantl.

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