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Jam nec Lacænæ fplendet adultaræ
Famofus hofpes; nec Priami domus
Perjura pugnaces Achivos

Hectoreis opibus refringit;

Noftrifque ductum feditionibus.


Bellum refedit. Protinus et graves


Iras, et invifum nepotem,

Troica quem peperit facerdos,

Marti redonabo. Illum ego lucidas
Inire fedes, ducere [a] nectaris
Succos, et afcribi quietis

Ordinibus patiar Deorum.

Dum longus inter fæviat Ilion
Romanque pontus, qualibet exfules
In parte regnanto beati :

Dum Priami Paridifque bufto

Infultet armentum, et catulos ferae
Celent inultae : ftet Capitolium
Falgens, triumphatifque poffit
Roma ferox dare jura Medis.

Horrenda late nomen in ultimas
Extendat oras, qua medius liquor
Secernit Europen ab Afro,

Qua tumidus rigat arva Nilus;
Aurum irrepertum, et fic melius fitum,
Cum terra celat, fpernere fortior,
Quam cogere humanos in ufus
Omne facrum rapiente dextra.
Quicunque [b] mundo terminus obftitit,

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[a] Difcere nectaris fuccos. [b] Quicunque mundi ter

minus. Quacunque mundo. BENTL.

gueft of the Lacedemonian adultrefs fhines any more; nor does Priam's perjured family break the warlike Grecians by the aid of Hector; and that war, fpun out to fuch a length by our factions, hath funk to peace. Henceforth, therefore, I will give up to Mars both my bitter refentment and my detefted grandfon, whom the Trojan prieftefs bore. Him will I fuffer to enter the bright regions, to drink the juice of nectar, and to be inrolled amongst the peaceful orders of gods. As long as the extenfive fea rages between Troy and Rome, let them whilst exiles reign happy in any other part of the world: as long as cattle trample upon the bufts of Priam and Paris, and wild beafts conceal their young ones with impunity, may the capitol remain in fplendor, and may brave Rome give laws to the conquered Medes. Tremendous let her extend her name abroad to the extremest boundaries of the earth, where the interlocated ocean feparates Europe from Africa, where fwollen Nile waters the plains; deriving more bravery from the contempt of gold as yet undiscovered, and fo beft fituated whilft hid in the earth, than from forcing it out for the ufes of mankind, with a hand ready to make depredations on every thing that is facred. Whatever end of the "world has made reiistance, that let her reach with

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* Romulus, the founder of the Roman state, was grandfon to Juno by her fon Mars, but detefted by the goddefs on account of his Trojan mother. This fpirited speech ftrongly fets forth the refentment of a flighted woman, whom the miseries of a ten years war of half the world, and the destruction of Troy, had not appeafed.

Hunc tangat armis, vifere geftiens
Qua parte debacchentur ignes,
Qua nebulæ pluviique rores.
Sed bellicofis fata Quiritibus
Hac lege dico; ne nimium pii,
Rebufque fidentes, avitæ

Tecta velint reparare Troja.
Troja renafcens alite lugubri
Fortuna trifti clade iterabitur,

Ducente victrices catervas
Conjuge me Jovis et forore.

Ter fi refurgat murus aheneus,
Auctore [a] Phoebo; ter pereat meis
Excifus Argivis; ter uxor

Capta virum puerofque ploret.
Non hæc jocofæ conveniunt lyræ:
Quo Mufa tendis? Define pervicax
Referre fermones Deorum, et
Magna modis tenuare parvis.






[a] Ductors Phoebo. Structore Phoebo. BENTL

part where clouds and But I pro

* her arms, joyfully alert to vifit even that fiery heats rage madding, that where rains* ftorm with unmoderated fury. nounce this fate to the warlike Romans, on this condition; that, neither through an excefs of piety, nor of confidence in their power, they become inclined to rebuild the houses of their ancestors' Troy. The state of Troy, reviving under unlucky aufpices, fhall be revifited with lamentable deftruction, while I, the wife and fister of Jupiter, lead on the victorious bands. Thrice, if a brazen wall fhould arife by the means of its founder Phoebus, thrice fhould it fall demolished by my Græcians; thrice fhonld the captive wife bewail her husband and her children flain. These themes ill fuit the merry lyre. Whither, mufe, are you going?-Ceafe, impertinent, to relate the language of the gods, and to debafe things of fuch grandeur, by your trifling measures.

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A periphrafis beautifully expreffive of the torrid and frigid zones, which the ancients thought not inhabitable, on account of the intolerable extremity of their respective temperatures.



lis, qui in Deerum tutela funt, bene omnia cedere. DESCENDE coelo, et dic age tibia Regina longum Calliope melos;

Seu voce nunc mavis acuta,

Seu fidibus, citharave Phoebi. Auditis? an me ludit amabilis Infania? audire, et videor [a] pios Errare per lucos, amoenæ

Quos et aquæ fubeunt, et auræ. Me fabulofa Vulture in Appulo, Altricis [b] extra limen [c] Apuliæ, Ludo fatigatumque fomno,

Fronde nova puerum palumbes

Texere: mirum quod föret omnibus,
Quicunque celfæ nidum Acherontiæ,
Saltufque Bantinos, et arvum
Pingue tenent humilis Ferenti;
Ut tuto ab atris corpore viperis
Dormirem et urfis; ut premerer facra
Lauroque, collataque myrto,

Non fine Dis animofus infans.
Vefter, Camenæ, vefter in arduos
Tollor Sabino's; feu mihi frigidum,
Prænefte, feu Tibur fupinum,
Seu liquide placuere Baia.






[a] Et videor piorum. ANON. [b] Nutricis extra limen.

[c] Limina fedulæ. BENTL.

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