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Auguftum laudat, qui armorum fuorum metu Britannos, maxime vero Parthos fubegiffet.

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NOELO tonantem credidimus Jovem
Regnare præfens Divus habebitur
Auguftus, adjectis Britannis

Imperio, gravibufque Perfis.
Milefne Craffi conjuge barbara
Turpis maritus vixit? et hoftium
(Proh curia, inverfique mores!)
Confenuit focerorum in [a] armis
rege Medo Marfus et Appulus,
Anciliorum, nominis et togae
Oblitus, æternæque Vestæ,
Incolumi Jove et urbe Roma?
Hoc caverat mens provida Reguli
Diffentientis conditionibus
Foedis, et exemplo trahenti

Perniciem veniens in ævum,
Si non periret immiferabilis
Captiva pubes. Signa ego Punicis
Affixa delubris, et arma

Militibus fine cæde, dixit,

Derepta vidi vidi ego civium
Retorta tergo brachia libero,
Portafque non claufas, et arva
Marte coli populata noftro.

[a] Soccrorum in arvis.

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He praifes Auguftus, who, by the terror of his arms, had fubdued the Britons, but most especially because he had fubdued the Parthians.

WE have believed that the thundering Jupiter has dominion in the heavens: Auguftus shall be esteemed a prefent deity, the Britains and terrible Parthians being added to the Roman empire. What! has any foldier of Craffus's lived an infamous husband with a barbarian wife? And has (0 the corrupted fenate and inverted morals of the times!) the Marfian and Apulian, unmindful of the facred* fhields, of the Roman name and habit, and of eternal+ Vesta, grown old in the camps of hoftile fathers-in-law, Jupiter Capitolinus and the city being as yet in fafety? The prudent mind of Regulus had provided against this, diffenting from ignominious terms, and a precedent productive of deftruction to the fucceeding age, if the captive youth was not to perish unpitied. I have beheld, faid he, the Roman ftandards affixed to the Carthaginian temples, and their arms taken away from our foldiers without bloodshed. I have beheld the arms of our citizens inverted behind their free-born backs, and the gates of the enemy unfhut, and the fields, which were depopulated by our battles, to be cultivated

* Called Ancilia, one of which being fent from heaven, was a token of empire being cftablished at Rome, which, that it might not be distinguished and stolen away, Numa caufed eleven more to be forged exactly like it, and to be kept in the temple of Mars.

+ Eternal, because a perpetual fire was preserved in her temple by the vestal virgins.

Auro repenfus fcilicet acrior
Miles redibit? Flagitio additis
Damnum: neque amiffos colores
Lana refert medicata fuco;

Nec vera virtus, cum femel excidit;
Curat reponi deterioribus.

Si pugnat extricata denfis

Cerva plagis, erit ille fortis,

Qui perfidis fe credidit hoftibus ;
Et Marte Poenos proteret altero,
Qui lora reftrictis lacertis

Senfit iners, timuitque mortem.




Hic [a] unde vitam fumeret [b] infcius,

Pacem duello mifcuit: O pudor!

O magna Carthago, probrofis

Altior Italiæ ruinis!

Fertur pudicæ conjugis ofculum,
Parvofque natos, ut capitis miner,
A fe removille, et virilem

Torvus humi pofuiffe vultum ;

Donec labantes confilio Patres

Firmaret auctor nunquam alias dato,
Interque moerentes amicos
Egregius properaret exul.

Atqui fciebat quæ fibi barbarus
Tortor pararet: non aliter tamen
Dimovit obftantes propinquos,
Et populum reditus morantem;

[a] Hinc, unde vitam fumeret aptius. BEN гL. [b] Vitam fumeret aptius.

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a-new. The foldier, to be fure, ranfomed by gold, will return a braver fellow.-No-you add lofs to infamy; for neither does the wool prepared in the dye ever refume its loft native colour; and genuine valour, when once it has failed, fcorns to refume the place of which it was difpoffeffed through cowardife. If the hind, difentangled from the thickfet toils, ever fights, then indeed fhall he be valorous, who has entrusted himself to faithlefs enemies; and he fhall trample the Carthaginians in a fecond war, who daftardly has felt the thongs with his arms tied behind him, and has been afraid of death. He through cowardife, knowing no other way to preserve his life, has confounded peace with the very act of war. O fcandal! O illuftrious Carthage, elevated to a higher pitch by Italy's difgraceful downfall !-He (Regulus) is reported to have rejected the embrace of his virtuous wife and his little fons, like one degraded, and to have fternly fixed his manly countenance on the ground, until he, by his unexampled counsel, had confirmed the wavering fenators, and, midft his weeping friends, he hafted away a glorious exile. Notwithstanding he knew what the barbarian executioner was providing for him, yet he pushed his oppofing kindred and the populace retarding his return, from him, in no other manner, than if (after he


Quam fic clientṛm longa negotia
Dijudicata lite, relinqueret,

Tendens Venafranos in agros,
Aut Lacedæmonium Tarentum.




Religionis contemptum & morum corruptelam maxima Romanis mala intuliffe.


ELICTA majorum immeritus lues
Romane, donec templa refeceris,

Aedefque labentes Deorum, et

Foeda nigro fimulacra fumo.

Dis te minorem quod geris, imperas:
Hinc omne principium, huc refer exitum.
Di multa neglecti dederunt
Hefperiæ mala luctuofæ.

[am bis Monæfes, et Pacori manus
Non aufpicatos contudit impetus
Noftros, et adjeciffe prædam

Torquibus exiguis renidet.

Pene occupatem feditionibus
Delevit Urbem Dacus et Æthiops;
Hic claffe formidatus, ille

Miffilibus melior fagittis.

Foecunda culpæ fecula nuptias

Primum inquinavere, et genus, et domos :

Hoc fonte derivata clades

In [a] patriam populumque fluxit.

[a] Inque patres populumque. BENTL.






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